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Dec 18, 2009
Sep 20, 2009
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on earth
college slave


Fuck every1 here Xcept jeanne, from on earth

slayaddict was last seen:
Dec 18, 2009
    1. uncanny_sama
      whats wrong noob? cat got your tongue?
    2. Monark
      hey, guy .
    3. uncanny_sama
      Oh wow

      not only did you not come with a comeback you completely started talking about something else to avoid it. you truly are the worst troll ive ever seen.
      you want to see my best? Bitch im not even trying and im owning your ass with everything i post.

      Maybe you should get your gay best bro with you again. maybe then you can think of something thats actually FUNNY. ive only seen you write fucking bullshit thats not even related to anything here.

      I fell for your trap?? WHAT FUCKING TRAP YOU IDIOT? no please seriously explain this to me. OH WAIT YOU DONT KNOW? or is your supposedly master plan trap that only you know about?

      Youre making such an ass of yourself with every other reply you give me. But hey its quite entertaining to me. I love telling other people how much of an idiot they are. Especially in this case its fucking hilarious seeing you post on my page first bitching about a neg rep and now youre trying to be this "cool" troll :ryoma

      Tell me cus im seriously curious. what in the fuck were you expecting when you came on my page bitching about rep? seriously? an apology? :ryoma :lmao
    4. Castiel
      don't play anymore, but used to. waaaaaaaaaaay back during the first 3 great wars. before GOONS showed up and LUE roamed the earth
    5. uncanny_sama
      i honestly dont know what hell you and your "bro" are laughing about since i wrote nothing funny other then telling how how much of a stupid thing youre doing. but apparently where you come from people think its funny when they are told to fuck off.

      hell you might even think that you are trolling. and in which case i have to say you are doing a terrible job. Dont get me wrong here, i enjoy a good troll and im not just saying this because i think you are a retard im saying this because you suck at trolling.

      and what is all this analyzing bullshit, you keep talking about it, i have yet to see anything be analyzed. seriously tell me what have you analyzed. that im no fun?
      oh wow captain obvious. hey heres a thought! why dont you go and call dr. phill maybe you can take over his show!

      you and your "bro".. bitch please, you and that fat kid next to you might want to go outside and actually DO some sports. Talk to some girls.

      What is a girl? look at your mother, then imagine that but then not fat and stupid but actually good looking.
      But then again, both of you are probably fat fucks that cant do shit irl thats why youre on the internet on one computer, seriously how gay is this?

      2 men on 1 computer, and i have nothing better to do??
      bitch please, now its getting good. Youre with 2 people and still you cant come up with a decent comeback to anything im writing.


      you know what, at first i was planning as letting this be my last post since i didnt give a shit about you anyway, but now this is becoming fun.

      Im daring you to write a comeback, fuck


      write something that would impress me. heres a PRO tip. It better not be like all the other crap youve written so far. cus lets be honest that was all shit.

      And now youre laughing with your fat friend behind your moms laptop. thinking "lol look at this guy writing a superlong post"

      and then you go and try to write something witty but then you realise its not witty at all and you decide to not post it. you try a few more times but you know it just wont do
      and then youll post a simple "lol me and my gay friend just laughed at your story"

      and by doing so youd have proved my point. you cant come up with a decent comeback.

      Ill be looking forward to what ever bullshit reply you will post. Entertain me dumbfuck.
    6. uncanny_sama

      FFS you stupid idiot, fucking run your text through a spell check or what ever your sentence structure is so fucked up i don't even see how im supposed to take this as an insult.

      i have no life? its sunday afternoon you moron. If browsing the internet on a sunday afternoon in the fucking weekend is considered as "having no life"

      i would seriously like to know what category "whining like a little bitch about a neg rep" falls under.

      take your own advice idiot, and i quote:

    7. uncanny_sama
      You seriously have nothing better to do today then harassing me over the internet about negative digital points i gave you for a poor thread?

      Look kid i dont know what you are trying to prove/do here but seriously knock it off.
      You look like a fucking retard, and quite frankly i dont give a shit about you, which became clear in my first reply.
      I suggest that after you read this you refrain from replying for the sake of your own dignity.
    8. uncanny_sama

      go outside and get a life idiot
    9. scerpers
      go lisn to ur slayur
    10. scerpers
      hay. ur a figgit
    11. uncanny_sama
      the fact that i dont remember you is fact that you are a noob and probably deserved that neg rep.

      guess what i looked through your posts and i found your shit thread. i was right. you deserved that neg. make better threads or get the fuck out. also the section in which i negged you is everything but about naruto, but since you do want to know. yes i do watch and read naruto and bleach and a bunch of other crap series.
      Do what you do best and go whine some more in the music department and the manga forum and stop spamming my page noob.
    12. uncanny_sama
      :lmao who the fuck are you??
    13. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Ah, I don't play many online games or any actually now. I am afraid of my lack of time already, I am already super easy to distract from work.
    14. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cybernations? This is all kind of new to me, and I don't say that often. I'm guessing its sort of a new thing but I can also guess what it means.
    15. Cardboard Tube Knight
    16. Jeαnne
    17. Jeαnne
      see yah <333
    18. Jeαnne
    19. tgre
    20. Amatsu
      Eh I wouldn't say I'm being mean, but yeah you probably would. After all as far as Gen 4 is concerned I'd be an amateur.
    21. Amatsu
      I mostly play it in a regular way. You know win the leagues. Try to catch all the types I can, and at least train my main team to level 100.

      Besides that I don't do all that much else. As far as Gen 4 goes I haven't gotten the chance to play it yet.
    22. Carolyn♥
      i dunno what you're talking about in your first question.
      my favourite anime is dragonball z.
    23. Roy
      yeah .
    24. Roy
    25. Roy
      are you supposed to be the devils spawn?
    26. Roy
      why not fringe huh
    27. Amatsu
      Yes I find pokemon quite enjoyable. Quite.
    28. Elias
      Older brother?
    29. Amatsu
      Hmm not sure.. You're probably someone I know quite well though. So nice to see you again.
    30. Elias
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    on earth
    college slave
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    i like eggs

    breathing watching anime and hellish skoolwok
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