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  • Dear mein bruder, hope you and the family are doing well. Take care of yourself, and all the best.

    Oh sweet, thanks :iria I was told to read Horus Heresy :lmao

    Hey better than just collecting :hehee I have tons of bug miniatures and plushies :hurr

    Too bad I can't try any of those... No one here plays tabletop games, I don't thing it ever was a thing here :oh I know about Warhammer only because I'm a huge monster lover and I came about the Tyranids some years ago.
    I see, so it's still good to get into the lore and spin-offs? I got worried that it's a dying fandom :lmao

    Too bad, the lore is pretty good :awesome

    Have you tried the Starship Troopers tabletop game?
    I decided to VM you instead of spamming the 40K FC :lmao

    I'm really new to 40K and since I can't collect or play the tabletop game I can only enjoy all the video games, movies, comics etc. What I want to know is if the 40K is dying right now? I mean is it wise to get into it at the moment?
    Dear Friend,

    If you are reading this, try to stay away from Munich for a while. There is a terror warning that was just released. Avoid large crowds and train stations.

    Be safe, and I wish you a wonderful and happy new year!

    How is life as Uncle Slice? And how is the 33rd year of life thus far? As always, I am hoping that you land a dream job, but hopefully all has been well with you. I miss our interactions. I've been travelling like crazy for work, so I rarely have time to post until the weekends, if that. But I have some vacation coming up, so hopefully we can interact some more.

    Skype told me if was your birthday ... so I'mma just say it early. Happy Birthday. :catsalute
    lol Yeah the rank in the title's is a nice touch. Every book is basically a level up from the last.

    Now we can officially call you Uncle Slice, and it will be appropriate for both your family status title, and your age.


    And fuck yeah, it's their God damn loss. :pek

    Don't worry, everything happens for a reason. There will be a bigger, better opportunity on the horizon. Believe in the me, who believes in you.

    I just finished my latest playthrough last night. Mos' def', man; game's an undeniable masterpiece.
    I played it a couple times back when the DS version came out in, like, 2008, but I'm currently playing through it again. I already thought highly of the game, but I'm enjoying it even more this time. :lmao
    a little of both lol

    my general forum activity has taken a slump because I recently moved into my new campus apartment (classes start back in a few days), and I've been chilling with my roommates and whatnot, but I'm sure my posting will pickup soon

    as for the rate thread, I "abandoned" it, but unlike Vault or Para, there's a chance that I'll likely end up posting again at some point, if only infrequently :lmao
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