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Last Activity:
Mar 25, 2014
Nov 26, 2005
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King Slime Scane

slimscane was last seen:
Mar 25, 2014
    1. Azure Ihrat
      Azure Ihrat
      come back CMX

      come back slimscane

    2. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      Apparently, I'm not.
    3. Ssj3_Goku
      man long time no see Slime. Still cannot believe this sites still around. Though the ads keep piling up lol.
    4. slimscane
      I missed my one AND two year anniversary log ins! Sorry to let you down, guys. :tomacry
    5. Chamcham Trigger
      Chamcham Trigger
      Wow. Last activity was on my birthday.
    6. CrazyMoronX
    7. CrazyMoronX
      Tomorrow's the big day. You gonna show? :sniff
    8. CrazyMoronX
      Almost a year since you've been around, bro. One year anniversary NF sign-in? :wtf
    9. CrazyMoronX
      I heard that same rumor, though my sources are a little less reliable than yours (I presume): about 150 stark-raving teenage and adolescent lunatics on the Internet. One of them told me Godzilla did it, so let me know if that's true. I want her autograph.

      No, things just aren't the same anymore. You need to be locked into a basement with nothing but a computer and the Internet and an infinite supply of Pizza Pockets. And the entire internet is filtered out except for Narutoforums.com--basically I want you to move to China.
    10. slimscane
      I never thought my absence would cause such irreversible damage! I am so ashamed! :'(

      Japan is pretty cool. This may just be some rumor, but my sources tell me there might have been a horrific earthquake and tsunami. I'll keep you posted if it turns out to be true.
    11. CrazyMoronX
      Yes, I had forgotten all about Wolverinscane, though I still have that picture. It's an ever-present reminder that Wolverine would be so much more badass with a tree-trimmer, or whatever that thing was.

      They upped their game because you left a whole that couldn't be filled. They tried with smilies and I suppose it is the best they could do.

      So, what's new with you and your Japanese adventures? Have you hooked up with a gaijin-loving hottie yet?
    12. slimscane
      I think I have seen maybe 3 or 4 people I recognize from way back. You can't actually believe I would let something bad happen to me, I am far too strong and intelligent.

      You are definitely right about the smilies though, I love this new tomato guy! :tomato Why wasn't he here when I was active?!
    13. CrazyMoronX
      Well us spritely young folk need babysitting from time to time, that's for sure. A lot has changed around here though. I still don't know anyone since my own hiatus, but now I don't knw even more of anyone since all those people I almost kinda knew when I came back changed their names. :C

      For a good while there I was certain you were just busy living it up in Japan, but at the same time I was worried it mght be more... sinister. Fatal, even. If nothing else maybe the new smilies can make you stay. There are a ton of them. :maybe
    14. slimscane
      Haha, my bad! Well, I recently got a new cell phone, so that probably has something to do with it. Also, I was busy being in Japan, then being in America, and now being in Japan again. The important part of the story though, is that I remembered my old buddy CMX and though "I wonder if he still exists?". Sure enough, you did... do? Do. In any case, I won't be incredibly active, but I'll try and stop by fairly regularly to help babysit the kids. :ho
    15. CrazyMoronX

      You've been back since Thursday and you "pulled a slimscane" by posting a reply to me in your own profile? The minute I knew you were back I signed in, not wanting to risk missing my opening. I wasn't going to come on for another day since I have some time off work though.

      I thought you were dead, man, why didn't you return my calls?!
    16. slimscane
      Huh, what's this all about?
    17. CrazyMoronX
    18. Ephemere
      Slimscane, I aggressively miss you ;_;
    19. CrazyMoronX
      I see you were on the other day, slimscane. You failed to reply to my detailed and heart-felt user message! :wth

      I was thinking to myself today, surely you'll have to be back some time. But then I realized, this is America, you can do whatever you want. After that I realized that you were in Japan, not America, and you couldn't. Directly after that I realized that Japan was a democratic nation now, not the allies of the Nazis and insane kamikazi pilots of the 40s, and that you could, in fact, do whatever you want--as long as it doesn't include watching porn without the genitals blurred out.

      Long story short, when you coming back? :wtf
    20. CrazyMoronX
      I know you're probably busy fending off the hordes of angry Japanese school girls trying to find out just what an American Johnson feels like, and I assume you "accidentally" let your guard down from time-to-time, but I hope you don't forget about us and give us an update every so often. Maybe in the form of a hilarious video blog featuring a random girl each week, or every other week.

      Also, here's a little trick I picked up from Bob Sapp: wear a jock strap backwards--perfect Kancho defense.
    21. slimscane
      Thanks non-explody :redface

      Sorry guys, it seems like the only thing you can count on me for is to fail at foruming :cry

      BUT, I will try and be more active from now on. In case you didn't know, and how would you, I went back to Japan for a second semester (of hot Japanese love), and have been pretty busy with that. Furthermore, I am also supplementing my Japanese studies with an online history course, of which I have to post in an online forum. So when I do manage to break away from all the Japanese girls trying to grab at my Johnson, I have to ask myself "do I post where it will affect my grade, or do I post where a small handful of people will love me unconditionally like an abused dog and most everyone else won't care". I think we all know now that I've made the wrong choice, and for that, I am truly sorry. :(

    22. buff cat
      buff cat
      You've vanished again, but Happy Valentine's Day anyway. :3
    23. sadoode
      Signing very beautiful

      We have won the admiration
    24. CrazyMoronX
      A day late and a dollar short.
    25. CrazyMoronX
      Hey, slimscane! :kaga

      That's one of my new favorite faces as well. What gives? WHERE'S THE LOVE?
    26. buff cat
      buff cat
      great. grab all the kids and let's gather round
      we'll sing a song and get high on life
    27. slimscane
      it might... you know, I think it IS my new favorite :ho
    28. buff cat
      buff cat
      I am not sure! like, maybe....a week or two?
    29. slimscane
      Oh god, how long have we had that face? :uwah

    30. buff cat
      buff cat
      If I had a plaid sig, I'll mos def switch back. :kaga
      MOS DEF
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