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Last Activity:
Nov 18, 2019 at 7:58 PM
Apr 15, 2006
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October 15
Is being dead sexy an occupashun?


▄█▀ █▄ █▄█ ▀█▀

Smoke was last seen:
Viewing forum, Nov 18, 2019 at 7:58 PM
    1. ̣
      Sup dude!
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ̣
        Yep still in TX and it’s 5:52 here. Time is abstract and whatnot, that’s my excuse. Have you still been the only oldfag to be faceless after all these years? Impressive if so. Yeah, shits will do that, mother nature is relentless.
        Nov 17, 2019 at 6:54 AM
        Smoke likes this.
      3. Smoke
        Yea, still no pic. There's still Mider T, I don't even know his fucking race.
        Nov 17, 2019 at 7:05 AM
      4. ̣
        It seems that there’s still questions that not even time can answer. Fascinating.
        Nov 17, 2019 at 7:12 AM
    2. Elias
      Smoke !!
    3. MShiina
      1. Smoke likes this.
      2. Jon Moxley
        Apr 16, 2019
        MShiina likes this.
    4. Kyoya
      Years later still love your set.
      1. Smoke
        Duuuude!! Thanks.

        I still love it as well. I haven't found anything, visually, that makes me want to replace this, yet.
        Apr 13, 2019
      2. Kyoya
        Can't blame you.
        Apr 13, 2019
        Smoke likes this.
    5. The Quintessential Man
      The Quintessential Man
      Lmao thanks for the rep
    6. pfft
      I’m kinda glad you still have the same avatar and the same Slut written under neath... it makes me believe in my former reality ... I’m not just in the matrix
      1. Smoke
        Someone's gotta be that rock, unmoved by the current of life. And yes, it all seems like a dream. I'm still on here, mainly out of habit.
        Mar 22, 2019
    7. Catamount
      The Fuan No Tane stuff is awesome, I am now officially happy I am taken to the night shift by taxi with three more people:dead
      I might leave the lights on at home this time
    8. Sassy
      Definitely noted I'll have to read it sometime :blob
    9. Mider T
      Mider T
      "How about we go back to my place, eat some pizza, and have anal sex?”

      “Eww. What the fuck?!”

      “What, you don’t like pizza?”
      1. pfft likes this.
    10. John Sheppard
      John Sheppard
      This is a page with more of her stuff apparently, but I get redirected to the front page https://www.weibo.com/p/1005053314883543?is_hot=1#_rnd1541344258291
      1. Smoke likes this.
    11. Mider T
      Mider T
      1. Smoke likes this.
      2. Smoke
        Henkoi is a beautiful manga.
        Oct 25, 2018
    12. Kiseki
      Thanks for the points!
      1. Smoke likes this.
    13. Shark
      Thanks for the rep. Yep Aki Sora is great. :hurr

      Btw iirc you used to post in the NBD/or Collosseum if I'm not mistaken years back, did you have a different username? :hm
      1. Smoke
        Aki-sora is one of those few good stories, that shows true sibling love.

        Also, sorry man, wrong guy.
        Jul 8, 2018
        Shark likes this.
      2. Shark
        Yh the dude was called "Black Smoke" nvm me :lmao

        But yes, Aki Sora is an anime everyone needs to watch.
        Jul 8, 2018
    14. Mider T
      Mider T
      "When are you due?"

      "I'm not pregnant."

      "I meant, when are you due for another snack?"
      1. Smoke
        I needed that laugh.

        I can imagine some "Bender from Futurama," type person, doing that.
        May 14, 2018
        Mider T likes this.
    15. DemonDragonJ
      Some time ago, I asked you about your avatar and signature, and I recently watched the video for that song; although I am not terribly fond of Pearl Jam, or grunge overall, I mus admit that the video was very awesome, and that I would like to see more videos akin to it.
      1. Smoke likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Smoke
        I know the movie exists, but I've never watched it. I should probably watch it at some point in my life.
        Apr 8, 2018
      4. DemonDragonJ
        Yes, I knew about that movie for years before I watched it, also, and I really wish that I had watched it years before I actually did, but at least it is better late than never.
        Apr 8, 2018
      5. MShiina
        I also thought is was from Batman Beyond but never bothered to ask...
        Apr 8, 2018
    16. Millón Vasto
      Millón Vasto
      what cartoon is that creepy ass chick from in your set?
      1. DemonDragonJ
        I asked him that some time ago, and it is from the music video to "Do the Evolution" by Pearl Jam.
        Apr 8, 2018
        Millón Vasto likes this.
      2. Millón Vasto
        Apr 8, 2018
        Smoke and DemonDragonJ like this.
    17. Harard
      Miss that set. Been so long...
      1. Itachі likes this.
    18. Nataly
      Thanks for the rep :amuse
    19. Fin
      That avatar > The physical universe
      1. Smoke
        haha thanks. Yours is awesome as fuck tho. Mememe replaced all my porn, for like a month, at one point. Dem girls:druul
        May 7, 2017
      2. Fin
        dem girlie girls got me like a geyser!!!!
        May 7, 2017
    20. Mider T
      Mider T
      Are you reading Dansan Joshi?!
      1. Smoke
        No, but I am now. Holy fuck!!
        Apr 26, 2017
      2. Mider T
        Mider T
        I know right?! Was hooked since the first chapter. It's like a dirtier version of Mitsudomoe.
        Apr 26, 2017
    21. DemonDragonJ
      Thank you for the +rep; I am glad to find another user with preferences in music that are similar to my own.
      1. Smoke
        Yea, it's rare to find someone who not only shares your taste in music, but also your taste in other things. ;)
        Mar 18, 2017
    22. Felt
      ( . Y . )
      1. Smoke
        Th....that's beautiful.
        Feb 21, 2017
    23. Deleted member 73050
      Deleted member 73050
      Good to see you,

      ▄█▀ █▄ █▄█ ▀█▀
    24. ЯƎWO⅃ᖷ
      ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )
    25. Zetton
      Smoke, you cock. I come visit after 7 years and you disappeared already.
    26. K U N O
      K U N O
      Happy Birthday, you fuck.
      1. Freechoice
        This whole time I thought you were Smoke, you fuck.
        Oct 16, 2016
    27. ez
      noob saibot
    28. Felt
      where did you go?
      1. K U N O, Chrollo Lucilfer and Haze like this.
      2. Zaru
        Oh shit he's actually gone for months
        Ribs Smoke
        May 3, 2016
      3. Haze
        too much sriracha on his omurice u_u
        May 3, 2016
    29. Karasu
      ...and waiting.
    30. Karasu
      :hm waiting for your next epic entry.
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    October 15
    Is being dead sexy an occupashun?
    • Mexico
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Not the one where Jiraiya dies:(
    I'm a master of the guitorial arts.

    Guitaring, x box live, oh and you of course!!!!~wink~


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