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Mar 19, 2019 at 11:15 AM
Oct 4, 2012
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The ever-firing synapses of my mind.


Forged from cosmic furnaces., from The ever-firing synapses of my mind.

Snowless was last seen:
Viewing thread Alley Agony VIII: RISE OF THE MACHINES, Mar 19, 2019 at 11:15 AM
    1. Chaquo
      I feel sorry for you. You're so miserable and come here just to release your pent up anger. Not that I'd expect more from a 21 year old on a Naruto forum :/
    2. Daisuke Jigen
      Daisuke Jigen
      Thanks for accepting the FR.
    3. Zorp
      Thanks for the rep, man. Appreciate it.
    4. SacredX
      "It's one of the few I haven't read.
      What happens in it?"

      Didn't see you replied to me. If you didn't look it up yet, basically Spandam blamed CP9 for everything that happened in Enies Lobby. CP9 could no longer go back to the WG and were jobless, using their Devil's Fruits to get money. Near the end Lucci calls Spandam and informs him he'll be back, likely for revenge. Spandam calls his father, Spandine, and they plot the "obliteration of CP9."

      Overall CP9 is extremely likely to be against the World Government.
    5. Kuma
      Roger that
    6. Kuma
      Awesome. I'm going to watch
    7. Kuma
      Your set, if I'm not mistaken, that's Steins Gate right? How is it?
    8. Freechoice
    9. Freechoice
    10. Badalight
      WSJ was going to run Shingeki, but they wanted him to change a few things. Isayama turned down running in the biggest manga magazine because he didn't want to compromise the integrity of the story. It made him extremely popular in the community because people are sick and tired of mangaka bending over to their editors.

      Recently however, in an article he said due to the popularity of the anime he will be changing the original ending that he had planned. Pretty lame, and it's obvious the success has changed him.
    11. Badalight
      Dude it's fine if you disagree. I didn't expect any of you to agree with me. Teaching literature theory to people on a random forum is akin to teaching long division to first graders, it's too much to get across in just a few posts. There's a reason it's only something you can hear in upper level university classes.

      I simply wanted to illustrate that something can be read in a different light and that action is completely valid. I don't agree with the "straight" reading of Toriko, but I understand why people read it that way. I just wanted to show why I consider Toriko a parody, and that it's not radical to consider it as such.

      I used to think along the same lines as you guys, and sometimes still do at times, but there has been a definite shift after educating myself.
    12. Roƅ
      It's cool dude :lmao
    13. Mizura
      I understand you though. To be honest, 90% of shoujo romance are stereotypical crap. It's even worse than Shounen. >_>
      If you liked Oresama, you can also check out Warau Kanoko-sama. It's another lighthearted series with a hilarious protagonist, that's not too saddled down by romance.
    14. Iskandar
      Ah, good to know.
      Thanks for the tip.
    15. Mizura
      Did you choose that one because of the "ex-delinquent gang head, not saddled down by romance" part? xD
      But yes, Mayufu is hilarious.
    16. Shinthia
      Sorry bro. I dont know the exact source of the pic. I googled it. Then cropped for the set.
    17. BlueDemon
      Thanks for the +rep! :)
    18. Senzairu
      Hey I like your signature/profile pic! I was wondering what anime/manga they're from?
    19. Rapidus
      In response to your rep comment, I tried to get into One piece, but at the time I did, there was just something in me that didn't feel it. Or rather I didn't get a good feeling from it. However, last night I watched Toonami, and now I might just start get into it. I know i'm gonna have to download a shitton of episodes. xD
    20. Kira Yamato
      Kira Yamato
      The panel is from this series.
      Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
    21. Halcyon
      I didn't answer it, actually. I just checked out the names people suggested.
    22. Halcyon
      You're welcome!

      I had to find it earlier.. I figured it would be the one with the most likes, but it wasn't for some reason...

      So I just went to Funi's FB page and got directed there from a post about the contest.

      It's not as easily found as it should be.
    23. Halcyon
      Thanks for the rep! \:awesome/
    24. Bitty
      who's your top ten?
    25. Bitty
      damn right.....that's more than enough reason :lbj
    26. Bitty
      you're my new best friend :lbj
    27. Scizor
      Yeah, I agree.

      And I'm loving Dressrosa. The Colosseum is really exciting imo and I can't wait to see what Oda has planned for the characters in this arc, namely Doflamingo. And the mera mera fruit can also turn out to fall into interesting hands.
    28. Scizor
      One of my favorite arcs: I like how Law turns out to be a Shichibukai and starts an alliance with Luffy, Luffy's moments were awesome, Doflamingo :gar, the body swapping plotline was surprisingly funny, the setting (surrounded by deadly gas) was cool, I was pleasantly surprised to see dragons, PH being the way it is due to Akainu and Aokiji was nice, the children added to the story too (though they were the least interesting, they surely maked the ending of the arc better) and (though this is controversial as far as I've read) I didn't think Smoker got humiliated. He had really strong opponents who pretty much had to beat him to make the story go the way it went. And being beaten by Doflamingo isn't a humiliation at all, even if Smoker wasn't worn out already.

      Also, PH set up Dressrosa in a great way.
      And there was probably more that I liked about the arc that I'm forgetting; I REALLY liked it. I even bought volumes 69 & 70 (in japanese).
    29. UchihaSasukeSama
      I guess it's because of my shitty connection. I view two episodes at the same time so I can watch an episode and the next one would finish loading, but sometimes, that spinning circle that would go on forever shows up, which means I will have to refresh the page.
    30. UchihaSasukeSama
      I love it.

      I'm at episode 56. I'm watching it in WatchOP, videos load a bit slow in that site. Can you link me to where you watch OP, please? c:

      I guess it's because my connection, it's being a dick as of late.
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    The ever-firing synapses of my mind.
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    One Piece: Sanji.
    Bleach: Gin.
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    Anime, reading, science, tennis, pottery, music, FSU football.


    Whether time is slow or fast, depends on perception. Relativity is so romantic.

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