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Aug 6, 2020 at 11:37 PM
Oct 4, 2012
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Forget what objects you have before you, from Somewhere.


Ava Mar 12, 2020

Snowless was last seen:
Viewing thread, Aug 6, 2020 at 11:37 PM
    1. Scizor
      One of my favorite arcs: I like how Law turns out to be a Shichibukai and starts an alliance with Luffy, Luffy's moments were awesome, Doflamingo :gar, the body swapping plotline was surprisingly funny, the setting (surrounded by deadly gas) was cool, I was pleasantly surprised to see dragons, PH being the way it is due to Akainu and Aokiji was nice, the children added to the story too (though they were the least interesting, they surely maked the ending of the arc better) and (though this is controversial as far as I've read) I didn't think Smoker got humiliated. He had really strong opponents who pretty much had to beat him to make the story go the way it went. And being beaten by Doflamingo isn't a humiliation at all, even if Smoker wasn't worn out already.

      Also, PH set up Dressrosa in a great way.
      And there was probably more that I liked about the arc that I'm forgetting; I REALLY liked it. I even bought volumes 69 & 70 (in japanese).
    2. UchihaSasukeSama
      I guess it's because of my shitty connection. I view two episodes at the same time so I can watch an episode and the next one would finish loading, but sometimes, that spinning circle that would go on forever shows up, which means I will have to refresh the page.
    3. UchihaSasukeSama
      I love it.

      I'm at episode 56. I'm watching it in WatchOP, videos load a bit slow in that site. Can you link me to where you watch OP, please? c:

      I guess it's because my connection, it's being a dick as of late.
    4. Scizor
      I will!

      I'm loving it so far.
    5. Scizor
      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your opinion in such detail =)
    6. Scizor
      Hey man. I'm currently at the Punk Hazard arc (the beginning) and I'd like to know what your opinion is about this particular arc. Without spoilers please.
    7. Moeka
      loool, a guy named Okabe joined a while back ;P
    8. SacredX
      "Bonney has an interesting backstory hinted at both by Oda in the SBS"

      Do you happen to have a link to this SBS? Just curious about it.
    9. DeathPony
      I thought you were cool but your just another sarcastic a-hole. I guess you got comfortable in the OL and decided to be a douche like 99 percent of the OLers
    10. Halcyon
      Tanks for the rep :brofist
    11. Louis-954
      Anytime dude.
    12. Louis-954
      No problem man. If you're ever unsure about authenticity ask If you could see a picture of the front top right corner of the box, or in GLM's case, the top of the box. If there is no Toei Animation license sticker or FUNimation sticker(these are usually on the back of the box) then you should steer clear and take your money elsewhere.


      By the way, Play-Asia is having a summer sale on some of their POP, FAZ, and GLM.
    13. Louis-954
      Hey Snowless, sorry for the late reply!

      I just clicked the link and it says that their business is temporarily closed. I don't want to accuse another shop of peddling bootlegs/fakes but I will say that I have never heard of this shop before. Rule of thumb: If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. GLM aren't too pricy, but you won't find many pops selling below the $60 mark. If you have pictures of the figures you are looking at I could tell you right away whether or not they are authentic.
    14. Dove
      Yo snowless let me know what you think http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=935345
    15. Roƅ
      Thanks man.
      Hope it all goes well.
    16. Magician
      Mmkay, fair enough.
    17. Magician
      Just try it out, see if you like it.

      It goes by 25 episode seasons. Once this season is over, it'll probably be like a year or two when the next one comes out.
    18. Magician
      -Animation is badass, some of the best I've ever seen in an anime.
      -Music fits perfect and is fucking epic, the best OST I've ever heard
      -The characters are realistic and believable, steers away from the Shonen cliche.
      -Sense of danger is always there.
      -Story is believable and impactful.

      Trust me watch the first episode. If you don't like the first couple of episodes you probably won't like the series, but it's my 3rd favorite anime/manga series behind One Piece and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

      It's epic. :pimp
    19. Magician
      Nooo dude. Watch SnK it's fucking epic as shit. Rica doesn't know what he's talking about. :pek:gun
    20. Rica_Patin
      The art isn't very good at all.
      The main character is really edgy and emo and gets on my nerves.
      And the manga just uses gore and character deaths as a gimmick to make people think that its some super original masterpiece when it is really just an incredibly overrated generic battle shonen that just happens to have a lot of gore. Maybe not as bad as I ranked it in that thread, but it is easily the most overrated series running right now.
    21. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      Yeah I know. I want to go to community but I want to try for a university.
    22. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      Thank you...this helps alot you have no idea.
    23. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      I have a 2.6 and I'm trying hard to get into a univsersity. I'm a thespian and I'm going to be apart of the chess club. I'm doing credit recovery for atleast two classes so I can bring it up to a 2.7 atleast. I'll be taking sat and act soon. I don't know my gpa is killing me.
    24. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      9.5 out of 10. My favorite manga series.

      I was wondering because I'm applying for colleges soon. What was your GPA if you don't mind me asking.
    25. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      1000/10 :maybe

      Hey you got to FSU?
    26. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      Basically the same as a noob.
    27. Scizor
      It really does sound great. Thanks again!
    28. Scizor
      Sounds great! =D

      And yes: even though I don't really like it atm, I have faith in starting to like it.

      I have some trouble with liking some character designs though =P
    29. Scizor
      I agree on Nami's flashback; it was really touching and good.

      And I understand that the worldbuilding/plot needs to be developed, which is one of the reasons why I still have faith in me liking One Piece.

      But no, I do not like the feel of the manga at all =(
    30. Scizor
      Thank you for the recommendation!

      I'm currently at the end of the Arlong arc (Arlong's already defeated), but it hasn't gotten me 'hooked' yet.
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    Anime, reading, science, tennis, pottery, music, FSU football.
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