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Aug 6, 2020 at 11:37 PM
Oct 4, 2012
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Forget what objects you have before you, from Somewhere.


Ava Mar 12, 2020

Snowless was last seen:
Viewing thread, Aug 6, 2020 at 11:37 PM
    1. Roƅ
      Thanks for Rep man.
    2. Gibbs
      You are an active member of the One Piece section I see. I am looking for quality and active people. Would you be willing to check out my forum, and possibly join? A link is in my signature.
    3. Gibbs
      Snowless :brofist
    4. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      It's a contemporary translation.

      For translations on Thus Spoke Zarathustra, the Graham Parkes translation published by Oxford is suggested. Failing that, then the Adrian del Caro translation published by Cambridge.
    5. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      Dude am messing around in that thread, but props for not acting like an ass.
    6. Ender
      FSU = florida state? :hurr
    7. Dove
      Hey Snowless, because of your thread in the OL, I wanted to show you something I found, and see what you think of it.

      I think that this song describes Prime-Old Rayleigh/Young-Prime Mihawk very well, telling the stories of their rise to prominence, and decline to old age. oncmL69ZEJ8

      It fits Rayleigh and Mihawk better because of parts in the lyrics like:

      "I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word(describes Rayleigh in his Prime), now in the morning I sleep alone' sweep the streets I used to know"...

      "I used to roll the dice(Rayleigh when gambling), feel the fear in my enemies eyes(Mihawk being feared throughout the Grand Line by numerous pirates), Listen as the crowd would sing, "Now the Old King is dead, long live the king"(Young Mihawk witnessing Roger's execution)"...."And I discovered my castle stood(his castle)", "Be my mirror, my sword, and shield.."

      "Once you go, there was never, never an honest word. And that was when I ruled the world(Rayleigh being past his prime and waning with age)"...

      Third Verse:
      "Revolutionaries wait, for my head on a silver plate(logically, the Revos would want Mihawk dead, since he is a major Government asset), "Just a puppet(his status as a shichibukai and "government dog") on a lonely string(Mihawk's theme of solitude/being lonely at the top), oh who would ever want to be king(his apathy and disillusion of the world after reaching his prime and gaining his title, as if it was no longer interesting)".
    8. Sedaiv
      I don't use Epic commonly because great has lost almost ALL meaning, I'm trying to redeem that one. But One Piece has a REAL epic feel to it due in part to it's lore and attention to detail.

      Yes, I can admit FT is sterotypical because THAT'S HOW MASHIMA TREATS IT. If he can treat his work like a joke, why can't others? I'm aware some people don't find it funny. I do on the other hand, it's like the movie A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. When you watch it, it is a REALLY bad Stephen Spielberg movie, however when you do your research, Stanley Kubrick wrote it and it was a Spielberg movie he ALWAYS wanted to write but couldn't do it. After Stanley died, Stephen took it on himself to finish the project so he tried directing it the way Kubrick would have. It's an attempt to pay homage and Mashima can enjoy the tongue in cheek humor.

      I look at this way: Unless Mashima, Kubo or Oda are Japanese for "Robert Kirkman" no one has a reason to bitch.
    9. Sedaiv
      I can understand your point of view. It has some very well developed characters, incredible lore, and even an epic (epic applies as it pertains to an ocean) kind of feel. I happen to like Fairy Tail more. Some of the OP Superiorists feel OP is better to everything period. I'm not saying FT is better period, i'm just saying comparing the two is really unfair.

      Still, I'm enjoying my ride on OP so far.
    10. Sedaiv
      It's the reason why I'm watching 9 & 8, abridged versions of the arcs in between. Minus any filler.

      What chapter does the time skip start? After Ace & Whitebeard are buried, I'll ATTEMPT to read it again.

      I'm slowly starting to enjoy One Piece. I just hope the Anti-FT fans aren't going to flame my topic & get it closed because I still like Fairy Tail, Bleach & The Walking Dead more.
    11. Sedaiv
      I had to take a break, just got busy in my life. I'm returning to school to be a bartender. So I've JUST finished the Baratie (SP?) Arc, I gotta give it more time.

      Don't get me wrong, I see why there's a fandom. The Funimation dub is VERY good and holds true to the original, as Funimation actually CARES about the fans. Sanji is starting to grow on me as a likable character, jury's still decided that Nami's a cunt, Usopp is about as interesting as Yamcha, Zoro is WHY I keep returning. I've been busy as of late but I do plan to get to the end of Loguetown, watch movies 9 & 8 (in that order) then start at Water Ennis/Water 7 (The Arc where Rob Lucci is the villain) to decide if One Piece is for me or not.

      I'm already decided on the manga, it's just not me. I tried several times to read it, but I cannot read it long enough to do it justice. The art isn't me. I know that's saying A LOT as I do read Bleach, Fairy Tail & The Walking Dead. But the comic is not me, but the show so far to me has vastly improved from the original 1/10 to a 3.5/10, it's going up. At least I'm out of East Blue holy crap was that arc dreadful.

      No offense intended. I plan to put in a my full review when I get to the end of Rob Lucci VS Luffy Round III (I read ahead he fights him multiple times)
    12. Rica_Patin
      Eh, we aren't sure how much the series has left, but I honestly would only say about 3-4 arcs left judging by the amount of plot threads still open. The 2011 anime is great though, it doesn't use the different art styles as much as the manga does due to the fact that it's an anime. but it still does it to an extent. The story and characters themselves are god tier though.
    13. mihawkzoro
      Can You Tell Me Where is should Discuss an Amv about one piece
    14. TaskMaster
      Hey I was wondering if you wouldn?t mind looking at my story ?So Called Heroes? and giving some feedback on it. It?s going to take over the Manga World!! It?s in the Konoha Literature section in the forums. Here is the link: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=881626
      Please and thanks!
    15. Zorofangirl24
      Lelouch sucks, are u gay man?
    16. Pyro
      Cool. Welcome. Beware of trolls, and don't feed em after midnight or they get nasty.
    17. EndlessStrategy
      Have you read much of Stone Ocean yet?
    18. Roƅ
      Thanks for Rep :D
      Oh yeah man, go for it! It's a great series.
    20. Undead
      Haha, no worries. :amuse
      Ever check out Game of Thrones? It was from the third book in the series :)
      thanks for the reps :amuse Did you get the reference?
    23. Undead
      Quick question. In the Darui or Omoi thread, what did you mean by "His unique techniques, his (although slighty trope‐ic in terms of a shonen) "?
    24. EndlessStrategy
      So...have you started reading Stone Ocean yet?
    25. EndlessStrategy
      Sounds good to me. Granted, it takes place later on in the series, so you may be somewhat confused.
    26. Mider T
      Mider T
      Want a VM?
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    Anime, reading, science, tennis, pottery, music, FSU football.
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