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Nov 7, 2014
Mar 7, 2006
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Enjoying life.


is unfazed.

Sogeking was last seen:
Nov 7, 2014
    1. Darkhope

      Hi. :pek
    2. Darkhope
      to the big apple! ;D

      oh yeah? i remember when you left memphis, you showed me the tshit with all your friends who signed it xD aww true, it must suck starting over all the time. ive never had to start over in my life so i wouldnt know...

      what heat? lol its freezing in winter, perfect in spring/fall, and hot in the summer. i mean, hot as in 80 - 85. thats hot for me. xDDDD its 75 at night by the end of august - beginning of september. :)

      RYU-KUN :tem
    3. Darkhope
      have you been back there? xD

      is this like the longest they've stayed put? lol. ahhh well cant you live in nw cali? i mean... yeah northern summers are the best! thank god we only get up to like 85 degrees at most. well, aside from a 3 day heat wave or something

      good luck :thumbs its all about connections these days. and LOL i know. remember when we would complain about it over IMs and the night before the test haha

      REED :tomato
    4. Darkhope
      cause its so dirty yo! :yell

      we will in time! I know, im poor too lol college students ftw

      moving again!?!? jesus! yeah, go to cali! Its one of the bigger states xD theres probably alot to do there too, like new york! id love to visit california...

      oh damn... that might be a long shot dont ya think? but good luck :) speaking of history... lol AP U.S.

      REED :ohpek
    5. Darkhope
      lmao i loved our joke back then... you called it "dirty south" :p but i swear ive heard that before... oh yeah and the one time you came here we didnt meet :[ next time!?

      ahhh! im graduating in december, cause im a semester behind -_- where do you think youll go?
    6. Darkhope
      hey hey welcome back ;D glad you arent in the dirty south anymore
    7. Sayaka
      just remember to cred :ano
    8. Arya Stark
      Arya Stark
      Can I take the Riza Hawkeye FC?

    9. nanni
      ur set. :hmm is it from Worst?

      Merry Christmas.
    10. nanni
      I can see why ur not active while being a owner.
    11. suga
    12. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Don't forget. Draft is 4 PM EDT.
    13. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Dude, the fantasy baseball thread is open.

    14. Mitarashi Anko
      Mitarashi Anko
      Sniper Island exists in my heart! :iria
    15. Michi
      Ryumoo ate my shoe - is a who? is my boo, likes to poo and ate a kangaroo. {:
    16. Bisuke
      Haha. Fail.
    17. Bisuke
      Bababa ba? Bababa.


      That's a real Tagalog sentence, btw.:noworry
    18. 【Temari】
      oh thank you! thank you! thank you! oh my god, you all are so kind. anyway,even my average grades in english is 78... I'll try so hard using grammars and spelling better here in NF. hehehehehe :laugh :laugh :laugh :amuse
    19. Darkhope
      plz do then we can talks at night :wtf
    20. Darkhope
      hey reedo i miss you <3
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    Enjoying life.
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    Temari/Shika (together.)
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