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Aug 23, 2018
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Well-Known Member, Male

    1. Samael
      Your profile page is hilarious
      1. Santoryu and DANG0 like this.
    2. Juub
      MaruUchiha is my dupe not the other way around. At least get your facts straight before calling me out. :drake
      1. Soldierofficial
        Nah, I've already learned the truth, both are Sage light's dupe, he confirmed it to me, I'm surprised because you two are not at his level.
        Jun 11, 2019 at 10:43 AM
    3. dergeist
      I've already reported your ass, I hope you've enjoyed your troll times because they've finished.
      It's your end, any last words?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. MShiina
        Yes, but I was the first to copypasta that back to him :owosmug
        May 20, 2019
      3. Soldierofficial
        Whatever you say, Maru.
        May 20, 2019
      4. dergeist
        Lol, still thinks I am Maru ^^ :rotfl
        May 20, 2019
    4. Artistwannabe
      I've already reported your ass, I hope you've enjoyed your troll times because they've finished.
      It's your end, any last words?
      1. Soldierofficial
        Stop trying to be like me, Maru.
        May 19, 2019
        Artistwannabe and Sufex like this.
    5. MShiina
      I've already reported your ass, I hope you've enjoyed your troll times because they've finished.
      It's your end, any last words?
    6. X III
      X III
      Thanks for the rep.
    7. MaruUchiha
      Thanks for the good laughs today
      1. Santoryu likes this.
      2. Soldierofficial
        I also laughed a lot, I cant believe there are people who havent read the DBS manga lol.
        Feb 25, 2019
    8. Mider T
      Mider T
      First of all, you negged a 2 and a half year old post.
      Secondly, you're still wrong! Roshi's PL has always been 139 never 165, it never changes. Even when he fought Tien (who was at 180).
      Third, Goku's power level was 10 at the beginning of DB, when he turned Oozaru he went up to 100. After his training with Roshi he got vastly stronger. In their Tenkaichi Budokai match they were matched at 139.
      1. Soldierofficial
        What are you saying? I hope you're trolling, do not you understand that the power levels that you invent are not official?
        BoDB Goku has a lot more than 10, and you should see the series, Roshi was not always as strong, BoDB Roshi is much weaker than when he fought with Ten Shin Han.
        Feb 21, 2019
    9. MaruUchiha
      That's not Part 1 Kakashi in your signature so it's not proving my quote wrong..
      1. Soldierofficial
        I dont understand what you say, what I have written in my signature is what you have said, you think Kid Naruto & Kid Sasuke> P1 Kakashi, something absurd, it is not necessary to prove that you are wrong, it is obvious that you are and everything on the forum agrees with me.
        Jan 30, 2019
      2. MaruUchiha
        Part 1 Kakashi who struggled against Zabuza and pissed his pants face to face with Orochimaru? Base Kyuubi Mode Naruto shit diffed Haku who Zabuza said is stronger than him and 1 Tail Naruto negs 3 tomoe Sharingan precog on panel.. CS2 Sasuke has both Sharingan not just one plus senjutsu amp unlike Kakashi, real absurd
        Jan 30, 2019
      3. Soldierofficial
        You're right, that's why Kid Sasuke is much stronger than Adult Sasuke, since CS2 Sasuke> Base Sasuke, VotE1 Naruto and Sasuke are Ōtsutsuki level, Kid Naruto can use the power of Kurama so he is stronger than any Kage in history, we are talking about a Top Tier level fighter, between both could defeat Kaguya, since they were stronger than at present, KCM Naruto fodderstomps Haku (Kage level).
        Jan 30, 2019
    10. Everlong
    11. Izuku
      Go away.
      1. Hussain, MaruUchiha and Luci like this.
      2. Soldierofficial
        Oct 10, 2018
        Luci likes this.
    12. Luci
      1. MaruUchiha likes this.
      2. Luci
        Smells like it.
        Oct 11, 2018
      3. Soldierofficial
        I dont understand what you say.
        Oct 14, 2018
        Luci likes this.
    13. Shark
      You've already given 100 Disagrees...

      Oh, and here's your first VM
      1. Sufex, Santoryu and Luci like this.
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