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~ Son of SPARDA ~
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Oct 30, 2013
Jan 31, 2007
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September 7

~ Son of SPARDA ~

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~ Son of SPARDA ~ was last seen:
Oct 30, 2013
    1. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Get on MSN dude
    2. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      You're horrible... getting online at a time I was at home, writing a vm and deleting it =__=
      You can't suck more than this :/
    3. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      pffffffffffffff.... i had to put this in a new message since i reached the limit to the other one.

      I'll play sum... Harry potter and the goblet of fire. Just downloaded the game :]. I guess this is the end for now :LOS The end of the message, duuh.
      See you around when you get online :] <3 Take care you plushie!

      /yawns again/
      wtf man :D:
    4. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Ugh.. so I decided to skip. I'll study today the previous and the lesson we were supposed to have today, I promise. Besides... it's the first time i miss this class so it shouldn't be much of a problem. Now back to your messages :]
      Anyway, like I said, because of the hurry i wrote mouth instead of mouse @__@. You should've guessed and ignore it instead of making me facepalm hard :C.
      Heh, now that was a funny thing. You used the emote too, and yes, i'm happy =)). But that cute kitty face expression... I guess every guy has a female part inside them, and your feminine side just got out with the need of saying those cute words. Hehe... Hm... I also think things are not just mere coincidences, and it's probably God who's got a role in our lives but... I don't really want to believe that I have a fixed, decided destiny. I'd like to think I have the power to pick what i want, to make the distinction between good and bad myself, that i can have a second option...
      Oh? You were not feeling so well? I get those feelings too, once in a while. It's probably the necessity of being listened after such a long time when we kept ourselves locked. I have times when I don't want to talk to anyone, but times when i feel like talking for hours with any human that's willing to listen and answer me back. Also, you don't have to say that you feel better because of meeting me... You feel better because you decided yourself to do something about the situation you were in. You were the one who decided to talk to me, otherwise you could have remained the old you and we'd have a few "boring" and "cold" conversations and that would be all. So see? It's not because of me, it's because of you.
      Sure sure... i guess anyone who's checking the internet is crazy at least one time because they all laughed at at least a funny picture seen there. Hmm... I only rememeber her severe look. I don't remember what exactly she did to make us scared but it was probably some menace with "no one will pass the french class if...". I don't remember having a teacher to question us about every little thing like your republican one. Though there were some of the "enthusiastic" ones that would keep talking to us about their object even during breaks, till the next teacher came. Bleah.... isn't it?
      Um.. yeah.. I thought it would be Humanistic (Human), i don't know why i used it with U. Well here we have Umanistic (Uman) so i guess this word is one of the similar ones we have :D. You might be able to understand a few words in romanian if you hear someone speaking. Because some are exactly the same but the spelling is different. like umanistic - humanistic, complex, telefon - telephone, dialog - dialogue, conversatie - conversation, minority - minoritate. There are so many i could say here. I didn't even have to think much, they all came to my mind.
      Hey hey... I don't like French.. though i would feel proud of myself for speaking it though. The accent isn't quite easy so it's definitely a bonus for me if i'd speak it. I like the way it sounds, really. Point is... I got some notes at the exam, and i kept talking all the time because if the teachers would interrupt me it would be a dead end. So fight for the mark! that was the motto. Never let the teacher speak or you'll be lost. lol.
      Hey, yes. 10.000 characters silly. That's the characters limit here on NF :/.
      Hm... well it's kind of complicated. I generally... don't dare to talk to many strangers on microphone, or if i do send any voice clips, i NEVER ever listen to them. My voice would be so facepalm and embarassing that i'd feel the need to throw myself on the window. Or... not that much but a similiar thing. Even though some friend told me he likes my voice on the microphone more that irl sometimes. lol, eh?
      Sarah Palin annoys you? I remember seeing her face but i have nothing to do with American politics. Nor with romanian. Nor with any politics in general. ktnxbay.
      Ugh, i don't answer THAT fast... see? it took me a while to answer now. And yes, i did many things in between, i even slept last night. So what? You do similar things in between too. pff..
      Oh, new laptops... I called my cousin's cousin (complicated indeed, but i'm not talking about the cousin i stay with, another one) not too long ago. He's working on a cruise and travels around the world (which is amazing, i hope i'll have him find me a place somewhere in the future). He returned recently and the last place where he stayed was Japan, so i thought of asking him a few things about how he was, when he'll go back, stuffs and stuffs. I ended up talking... from the total of 44 minutes spend at the phone, probably... 35 were about his laptop. That he got a last-generation laptop, Mac whatever... I found it silly but i didn't make any comment :lmao. Actually he was the one that could barely pronounce some of the things in English about the laptop, though he wanted to give me those details about how awesome his laptop was, and... yes, i decided to be polite and shut up. It might have been different from Vista or Windows but... I don't think it would be too hard to understand it, if you know English. So he even bothered to explain how it looks when he clicks right and makes a new folder... like i was the 6 year old and he was the expert, when he actually didn't even know much about computers... oh well. So discussion was laptops. What Laptop did you get then? Mine's a Fujitsu Siemens, and you might guess why I picked this brand ;).
      *gets something to it and brings it here planing to keep writing*
      My cousin got her baggage at school, so she will go straight home without returning so... All the place is mine. Feels so good man :D
      Ok so even though it's almost 12pm, this is my first meal so it's counted as breakfast. Ah... done :]
      I think i'll... pass the discussion about the religion for now because I'm aware that my knowledge in this domain isn't enough and all your additions will be like new things for me. Even though many people (especially those to whom i talk about religion) told me that i should read more, and get more info on other religions so i can create my own opinion on that regard, i never had the curiosity to read about other religions. I know enough of the differences, so reading more about it would be in vain for me. Like... reading a history book without believing anything. With religion all those arguments they come up with start looking like arguments that have the role to shaken your own belief. I'm not afraid of that but... i simply can't get the interest to read about them, that's all... Which reminds me, i picked the extreme part once, and decided to read about the "church" of satan but i regretted imediately because... at the same time the invocations were scary enough and the stupidity of people who chosed that, or their idiotic arguments. They would just get the Christian Church's beliefs and put the reverse to get their hymns :sag. You had any curiosity to check on that? I had... and stupidly, it was one night, quite late, and i couldn't sleep for a while :/ I'm such a scared chicken.
      "Remember me", eh? I'm glad I had you smile those days. You know, people's minds are quite unexplainable even to us and... don't try to understand why you felt that way because you won't find an explanation. You just did, so it's good you enjoyed the moment. Also, just as i said, most of my feelings are unexplainable. Most of the times i feel comfortable with being alone, actually i feel great doing whatever i want. But there are times when i feel the opposite way, alone, scared, sad. Don't try to understand how because... I cannot even explain it to you. And don't worry... I never judge people that fast to call them cheesy. Not even if it's about a guy. I'm not the person to laugh at a guy who is expressing his feelings even though clumsily, so... don't be afraid of me. I don't bite. Maybe :LOS.
      Indeed i was smiling all the way while reading your message, it made me feel happy. Thanks <3

      "You know, that statement of yours forced me to ask myself a very honest question... Would I comfort a not-so-attractive (I don't like using the word 'ugly') girl? The answer is both good and bad, because I would but I'd damn sure hate it. Does that make me a horrible person?"
      I don't ... well. I don't know from which point of view you looked at the situation. When you say comfort, i don't think of a boyfriend or a girlfriend, i think of friends in general.
      Like I said... no one judges you for your decision. If it's about the person you want to spend your life with, or the person you want as a girlfriend, you have the right to be picky. To like x thing about her appearence, or the way she thinks and so on and so forth. You also pick the friends you like, that you consider fit for you. I don't think i ever categorized my friends as in ugly or beautiful. And I can comfort an ugly friend as good as an attractive one. I don't think about the person's appearence itself i think about the problems they have and try to give the best answer i can. You probably thought of girlfriends when you said comforting, right? It's your right to pick the person you like so... i don't think anyone can judge you in that case.
      Eh, i could discover the things you like by myself, don't worry =)). Devil May Cry, haha... I don't think i've been... liking a character/person whatever for a long time i mean... even anime characters are replaced by new ones, games by another ones and so on.
      Also, that simpson's pic is funny. Take it as a compliment that i sent you, i didn't want to offend you or something. Ah... why the hell am i yawning already? I even plan on reading soon so... i'd fall asleep most likely... damn... I'm such a failure. Instead of doing something interesting, i'd fall asleep in my free day.
    5. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki

      I said mouth instead of mouse :/


      ugh... umm... err... >>
    6. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Second Message
      You can't stand fruits?... Man, i had a delicious fruit salad last week. DELICIOUS. I can't stand vegetables much in return @__@. I'm also glad you're considering my suggestion. It's good for your health. Hm, did you ever get the impression i'm a smoker/drinker? I think I'll have you answer this question and give you details in the next message.
      Heh don't take it as a bad thing but out of curiosity i checked your messages with that riku. It looks funny lol. I also took the test that gave you these results (Type: I - Introverted / 44% (Moderate) N - Intuitive / 75% (Distinct) T - Thinking / 12% (Slight) J - Judging / 33% (Moderate)) My results were Introverted 44 Sensing 25 Feeling 62 Judging 33. Not so sure if you care much about these results but it was a bit funny way of getting a break :D. We have 2 similar results ;).
      Oh... I like thar JayZ line... it's true indeed. We have a lot of sayings in romanian about fools but i can't properly translate them so i'll pass. True, I don't care much about NF. It was as i said, a moment of annoyment, nothing i bear grudges over. You funny man, you even said your name on Vm :lmao. And yep, as i said, you make me proud, but not mother and child like proud :pek. But that I also have another intimidating friend just as i.

      Oh? you've been to Miami meanwhile? :D Why? How was it X3? well not that i'm quite attracted by that place since the name makes me think of sun and high temperatures, which i hate @__@.
      ... I'm really glad I'm not the only one who's different, otherwise it would be too hard to bear it. My best high school friend is a ... different person too but she's more on the... extreme side. I don't like to see only the bad part of the world. I am pessimistic but not to that extreme. Welcome to my band ^__^ <3
      I told you I always prefered the real you but I also have to say that your pompous way of speaking was a good practice too for me, sort or a challenge. I may be advanced at English but I don't use to read books in English, and you know in literature there are many expressions that i could learn and old/specialised words. Though I never liked that... Maybe I should try it.
      Hm, so you have a passion for reading as i have for drawing. In high school i used to write some poems, that my romanian teacher appreciated. There were times when i would just wake up and have parts of the poem in my head, and imediately start writing. Though... I'm not the type to write about happy things so.. I stopped showing people what i wrote or i'd be taken as a depressed person, which wasn't true... I was putting my feelings and fears into those poems and... even showing it to a person who know me wasn't a thing i would have liked. People just judge too fast. They don't bother looking beneath it. I remember one of my poems was called "What is...", it was my teacher's favourite and even recited it to the other teachers :lmao. That was more of an objective view and questions of a young person regarding this life. Maybe i'll translate it to you if i get a hand on the notebook where i wrote it.
      I don't like fanfics much... and i have to say i never read any on the net. My best friend used to come up with some short novels that included characters that were alike us, and we used to plan the subjects for hours. I enjoyed reading those. But like I said, they were depressing at times.
      Eh, I had various discussions about... well i don't agree with the legalization of homosexual marriages for example. I think of them of some abnormalities but... it's not that i would condemn them for their orientation, even if it is condemned by religion. I think our society creates them, so it's not their fault. When children grow in a world like ours with either nothing, no parents, on the streets, or with parents that offer them everything, they can't say by themselves what's wrong and bad when they see people doing a certain thing. They consider it normal, "like everyone does". Still... even i'm against homosexuality i have to say i kissed 3 girls in my high school years. Not having a doubt about my orientation, but i guess i just did it out of curiosity.
      Dali was... you know about his controversial life, so I'm not really surprised by hearing that. Also, an actor plays his role so i don't think Robert Pattinson should be classified as gay because he had gay roles, lol. He's quite a nice pal.
      Oh, so you're the big bro with the young brothers. Haha, your sister's 20, just like me :D. I think it's normal for brothers to argue, mom told me that when she was young she would make her brothers do many stupid things since she was the oldest. They argued, they fought, but she and her sister is so close right now, they have no secret and always count on themselves when something bad happens. I think that's what a sibiling means, so excluding the arguments. I get along good with my parents. I told you mom is the cold type so i grew attached more of dad, since he let me do everything. But for them... financial matters are of the greatest importance. Or almost. I was the type of kid that was offered anything i asked for, books, notebooks, school stuff, but i had to learn and do everything by my own. And almost... no emotional support which sucked. I remember in... 2007, or 2008, when i had my high school finals, i was a wreck, stressed out with so much studying, i felt like the sky would fall on me, and i'd start crying from everything. I remember of a scene i made like that, and instead of a hug and "everything will be ok" i got them... quite distant, asking me if something hurts (physically :/), and almost yell because i wouldn't tell them faster what was wrong. I guess they lack that parental intuition.. or maybe they think i'm never feeling mentally bad... which sucks. I was forced to rely on other persons when it came to my feelings... sad but true. Though they're really good parents. I guess they are just unable to understand more.. maybe because they were quite young when they became parents, so they don't know how a "child works".
      Well mom tells me often that she prefers the way i am over the way my cousin is. That i'm more understanding, and mature. Though... My cousin is that type of a model-girl, that plans on working at a bank, she fits so nicely in those formal clothes, she's smart and good at the theoretical part... she's got pretty much what a mother expects from a daughter. Except for her stuborness, arrogance and way of fighting her parents. She makes some bad decisions in her love life -she's 20 with an almost 30 years old guy for 3,4 years- and her parents consider him totally unfit for her.
      On the other side... mom would like me sometimes to be like a puppet. To wear all those fancy clothes, and COLOURFUL, which i dislike... I tend to prefer wearing darker colours. I prefer black, red, purple, blue sometimes... but not pink, orange yellow, green. If i go shopping with mom she'd look at the craziest looking blouse, with rainbow colours that would make me facepalm. Like i'm the mother and she's the child. Besides, i never really cared about the way i look, spending hours in front of the mirror before getting out. And as i told you, a reason why i'm "dieting" now is that i have some extra kilos and even though this is sort of embarassing and more of a girl talk i dislike that it's like.. the sweets i'm eating go on my boobs, hips/thighs/butt. Not surprising i assume but it also depends on the body type hmm. So because i have a big butt and boobs (that might not look bad in the eyes of a guy but shut up), i'm obsessed with wearing larger clothes to hide it, and i feel like a guy's staring at my boobs when he talks to me :/.
      So i have to do something about it, and if i don't like working out, i must work on the alimentation then. *starts whistling* let's change the subject.

      Thanks... actually i think that's a bad part of me lol... being so... open. At least people generally say that... But I guess it's not that bad if you consider my intuition of meeting good people. I never had incidents with the internet privacy or something, because all the friends i got around are amazing. I look forward to meeting everyone in the future. Well i guess that's the good part about openly talking to a person. It makes you feel like you talked face to face. I actually consider my zodiacal sign because you know? Every little trait fits me perfectly. Not too long ago actually, mom called a Numerologyst. A specialist with numbers and indirectly with astrology. That guy could tell precisely details about your life just by knowing your birth date and the hour when you were born. I talked to him a bit too, and it was amazing, it's like it he showed me in a mirror the way i am. Same was for mom, so she said. Too bad though, that for a full "astrogram" or whatever it was called, you had to pay. So... but he told me a few things about my future. And my past of course. He said that my ambition will take me high in a short time and i'll be successfull in everything i do. Did i do bad to believe him? I guess not since all the other things he told me were true :].
      Oh man, don't let people discourage you. First of all no one else is capable of knowing how capable you are, but you ;). People are stupid. And most of the times you don't even have to consider their opinions. Do your best, ok? :3 <3
      Eh... i'm glad you thought i did good about my cousin. Hopefully when we'll be on our feet we'll change opinions about eachother and get along better. Hopefully :). Ah... it's passed 12am now, i should go soon since... i plan on reading on japanese tomorrow morning before going to school, so i'm afraid i'll answer to your last message tomorrow evening.
    7. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Ah, you're sorry for not answering my messages but think of how much it took me to answer -__-'. I kind of feel guilty :/
      Still... i have no internet in weekends, otherwise i would have answered for sure and during the week time I share myself between school and other extra activities and some friends that "abuse" me for not talking to them much... It feels so tiring at some point...
      Well, at the moment i find myself in an armchair, at the apartment in Bucharest. I skipped school today, like i did lately... hm, i should go next thursday though. I skipped enough. And i'm also slightly annoyed... I cooked today, while waiting for my cousin to get home and apparently she brought again, without even notifying me, a classmate of hers, that has the train in one hour. The girl doesn't bother me much but it bothers me the fact that I'm still in pajamas, i have a messy hair and like a clumsy girl i am I even dirtied my tshirt a bit during the cooking process :/. What's so hard to tell that "hey, i'll bring my classmate too, we'll be there in 10 minutes"... Well nevermind... I shouldn't bother that much after all.
      Today passed quite fast. I woke around 11, kept reading the last book from the Twilight series, and finished it, I plan on reading Harry potter, the last book as soon as possible. But i have to study at japanese too, for tomorrow, prepare some kanji, read the lessons and stuff. And i'm not really in a mood for it but... the night's resonably long and i have some time tomorrow too so i shouldn't worry. I suppose.
      Eh, now that i got to the introduction, time for answering your message which is... quite long so i can't promise i'll be able to finish it today. Maybe tomorrow night or saturday before i go home. So sorry about it.

      Oh, don't worry about answering late to the messages. As you see i do the same, haha. There are some real life activities that take more time than the internet ones, you know ;). Oh? answering my messages asks for both time and energy? Haha, i guess you're right. When I answered your messages last time I got really tired after spending more than an hour on them.

      Oh about skipping eh? Well japanese literature was my first class. From 10 to 12. So i stayed home and got to school at the lesson from 12? I usually skip the first or last classes. If it's in the middle, i prefer reading, or drawing if i find the class unimportant. I don't have the habit to go to x place and have a drink with some classmates.
      Ugh... your weather doesn't seem too attractive to me :/... I mean... it's pretty similar. Summers are really hot, we get rains too but not exaggerated thunderstorms. Winters are usually cold and we don't get snows all the time like we did this year. In the past was different btw. But... The hurricanes, tornados and other stuff from America makes me want to stay away from your country. Nothing unusual or that dangerous happens here. Not even earthquakes. My country seems like a nice place to live. And safe.
      *gets a break to eat* My own prepared food. Meh, actually it wasn't much of a big deal. Compared to other "complicated" things i could do, this isn't much.

      Oh... out of your songs Fukai mori is one of my favs too ;). I'll listen to the others when I get the headphones, my cousin just got home after going with her friend at the train station. And I'm not quite in a mood for music now.
      Oh, I tend like falling asleep while listening to Mono. It's so calm... even if it has the "loud" part.
      Btw, I'll try to answer more on brief this time, this way it won't take you so long to answer back. Hope you don't mind. I know you enjoy reading my long messages, I do too but it somehow takes too long, and this way it takes a while to answer. For me it's like a week.

      Oh, don't worry about it. I have that sort of "gangsta" songs, those with lots of swearings and stuff... I have to say, I like some of them, especially those with "real life" references. There are some with "patriotic" meanings, when the guys make references to the politicians and the people's indiference and poverty while others use our money on useless things. I like those songs, even though the guys swear a lot. Don't worry about it... I guess. Even if i'm a girl, i heard a lot of swearings and I'm used to, sort of indiferent. Many people just swear all of sudden while walking on the street for example.
      Now you're just silly. About sharing me with my shop or Jacob or Edward lol. I finished the book as I said above :edu. Last one... I'll kind of miss it :/. I hope i'll find some other nice books to keep me busy :x

      Haha, you're a really funny one. Just because I said me and my cousin we're so different that doesn't mean she'll tie me up with a garlic necklace. That was a really funny view. Besides she's just a common human. Living with her is just testing my self control, since i didn't kill her yet. Also, at the end of the books, vampires and werewolves got along really good you know. And i suppose it's not much of a control from my part. She just doesn't seem that delicious to me ;)

      Well... about your bad eating habits. I hope you'll at least consider taking my advice in the future, if you'll have classes again or get a job. Ok?

      Hm, Dimitrie Cantemir is an important historical person of my country. And don't say I picked a christian school because of laziness... Indeed i wouldn't have been able to bear the stress of another weeks of preparatives. Remember I already told you i almost got gastritis after my first year exams because of the stress. I'm not commiting suicide dude :/. True, I am paying for it indeed but even the non-private universities have a tax if your grades aren't big enough for the scholarship :/. And I have friends there and their lives is like... 80% studying 5% reading the load of books needed, and the rest of the time resting. They practically have no life ever since they started university... My best friend from high school got there and she never has time to get out with me, she always complains about how expensive the books she needs are and the stress around the exams is... :/ unbearable. So I'm fine being in a private school, thank you. Ah... uni's hymn? Seriously... we had to sing the Romania's hymn every morning when i was in 1-4th grade. And yes, i mean i wouldn't switch schools now. I would switch the place to stay too, I told mom i'd prefer staying with a classmate but she's like "Don't say that, you don't even know how it is like to stay with a complete stranger." Sure sure, I guess... But at least that girl won't come up with someone without even telling me. (just now she went down without telling where she's going and came with her boyfriend :/. I'm still in pajamas but... I guess she doesn't count him as a stranger since i know him for a while. Still, for fuck's sake, would it hurt telling me before? I even told her that :x)

      Your second message
      Oh lol. My philosophy teacher was interested in telling us about the poems and books he wrote. Veeeeeeeeery philosophical :awesome.
      Lol I agree. It's like talking to a new person. I never imagined you'd be this funny :lmao. You just had to act natural, pff... Also, I don't know how you read only the times when i was being serious and putting the guys in line. I make a lot of jokes there, I'm not as strict as I used to be. And people exaggerate with the praises, as i said :pek.
      ... Why are you being so hateful against my Edward? He did nothing to you :C. So draw him nicely, it's an order!
      Lol, evil laugh. You stole that from me! I see how i'm easily getting your true self out, that is a great success indeed. And btw, i totally hated the other way you were writing, seriously. I told you it took me a while to understand properly what you said with that pompous vocabulary. Pfff... Also, again :C. Make Edward right! And cute :3 Hot :iria. Damn, i didn't use emotes at all and you made me use so many at the end of the message.
      Hm, so you're not jealous, eh? Rabies infested whore :lmao. I liked that you know. I find Bella quite idiot so... we finally agree on something Twilight related. Ah, I have to say it scares me too nowadays, that shop list... Because i didn't have time for any lately and people kept requesting and it's so long again D: I'll do something about it... sometime ;/. Hey.. I'm not a die hard type. It's just that I keep myself out of trouble and there aren't any natural disasters around my place to wash myself out of this planet. Lucky eh?
      From what i know, trust me i haven't seen sunkist around. Nor wendy's. Anyway, told you i'm not a fast food fan. Nor that crazy over pepsi like you are with Sunkist. Nor ever getting the chance to be just bones, or fleshless as you said :lmao.
      Eh, I don't know what you mean but... I never thought of skipping exams. That would just complicate even more my student existence. Yeah... I also experienced the staying up all night to study and ended up feeling sick during exam. it wasn't even necessary. Instead of reading all the book, read some part. Because trying to memorise everything means it's very likely that you won't know it too well, so a little is better sometimes.
      .... huh.... O___O You called me tiny, cute, kitty-face and so on and... That made me facepalm hard. I doubt girls in US are as tall as you are so does that mean you think like this every time you meet a girl around my height? Seriously... It's like you described a kid, not a 20 years old person, wtf man :lmao. Also, having this height is convenient at some point... I can easily kick you in the stomach or kidneys >:]. My favourite part Mwuhahaha!
      You got the wrong idea about my appearence dude, change it! *kicks*
    8. ~riku~
      what job do you want?
    9. ~riku~
      what course did you do?
    10. ~riku~
    11. ~riku~
      are you in Uni?
    12. ~riku~
      I'm 14 there lol. Though I look pretty much the same. What's your occupation?
    13. ~riku~
      hmm, okay.

      I'm 16 years old.
    14. ~riku~
      curiousity .
    15. ~riku~
      Just a personality type test.


      Here, try it if you have time
    16. ~riku~
      Would you mind if I told you that later?

      have you ever taken the MBTI assessment?
    17. ~riku~
      No, I live in England lol.
    18. ~riku~

      It wasn't supposed to be a compliment. :3
    19. ~riku~
      you seem intelligent. and feel free to question me back.

      where do you live
    20. ~riku~
      nothing. I just hope you won't run away as I'm going to bombard you with questions now, until my insatiable curiosity has been fed a little :(

      how old are you
    21. ~riku~
    22. ~riku~
    23. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      My previous post had precisely 10000 characters. HEH.
      HAHAHA, cute and now adorable. I see you changing day by day! What's next i wonder. And why getting depressed about not being able to hear me? *huh* We don't live in the prehistorical age, i have a microphone and we both have MSN so how would it hurt me to say a few romanian words :/. Man, you're suck a kid! *evil laugh*
      Oh... now i see the reason why you picked latins. I feel quite safe with japanese, I rarely meet japanese people here. Chinese people are met more often but not Japanese. But oh well, i don't have to worry about getting mad and swearing so... And you're exaggerating again. It's not like all people know a little spanish, pff.. That's more available for English than spanish, silly.And btw, I also want to hear you "yelling" your German one day :lmao. Lol, i just noticed i write so fast that i don't even add capital letters to the languages i mention, or to I... Of course, you know I know how to write it, and i'm writing like this only for the sake of writing faster. I already did so many things while writing these messages and it took a lot :lmao. Had dinner, watched tv, listened to music, had a shower, had snacks in between... :I. Wow... i actually spent some hours on it. Well not practically, i didn't write all the time, had breaks and stuff. My fingers hurt a bit :LOS.
      Oh, about the languages thing... I have the languages option on my computer, and have the japanese too. And romanian of course. I just press alt-shift simultaneously to change from a language to another, and get those special letters. Uu, your sister speaks it eh? :lmao. I'm glad i don't have brothers to annoy me with things i don't like then. Though support her as you can, she would feel better if you say you appreciate it, instead of telling her to shut up. Well... it's not like you're the type to say that :lmao. Omfg, i'm actually the type to say it!
      OMG, you learning romanian? I agree, it is damn similar to latin but... i would friendly tell you it's a loss of time to learn romanian. You wouldn't have what to do with it. Maybe you could learn some swearings, I'm sure you won't meet people there to know it. Or.. you could meet a few... But seriously, it's a no to it :/. Memorise important things, not the useless ones ;).

      Eh? we got to talk about religion again. I'm glad i could do so much with just a few words but... that should've come from you and not after hearing what other people say. You know, some friends tell me i should read more philosopy books or seek the "knowledge", the illumination they talk about or whatever. You know what made me... think for a while? Someone told me "You believe in God and say God is the only right and fair one. All other "gods" are demons or whatever the Christian church calls them. Why can't you think of Buddha as being the God you believe in, but with another name? or *inserts another god name*. And besides, what do you think? Don't you agree that you would be born in Turkey you'd believe in Allah? How would you know if the god you're being raised to believe in is the right one or not?". What do you think about this by the way?
      Well... thanks again. For the kind words. I'm sure i said it before and I'll keep repeating it because I can't help it ^__^. You're a great guy too, otherwise I doubt I'd be talking this much with you after just a few... conversations. You deserve more praisings than I'm giving you. I'm just as bad at giving compliments, as well as receiving.
      Oh... I'm sure you wouldn't want to hurt someone who's your friend intentionally, but when you get in a friendship, indirectly speaking, caring about someone brings you pain or sufferince too. Thanks (again) for being so nice. It helps being told that and just as i told you... hm, i don't think i told you this, funny. You probably guessed i stayed at home for... almost 3 weeks, just went to exams and returned, so i stayed with my parents, mom was daily at home and i got used to their presence. It's been a while since during school I'm always gone and home just in weekends. Well on monday when i left, mom wasn't home, and i woke up being alone, packed my baggage, dad passed by and went to business so... It started to rain. As i waited for the hour when my bus would come i started listening to that song, Mono - Ashes in the snow. I put it on tv, so the song was all loud. I looked on the window, bored, not being in the mood to watch tv, I had no net, and laptop was packed, and i also played a bit with my cats that were... in bed, on the armchair, sleeping (I don't think i mentioned, but i have 5 :3. Big animal lover, I am). And the song got to my favourite part... (if you check the link from the first vm, the part starts around the time 5:25). I walked around the house again, in circles, watching the rain, and fighting with some tears that wanted to get out without reason. I thought i'm stupid, being so emotive, and felt the need to talk to someone about anything, no matter what was it. A friend of mine from Romania came to my mind, but i didn't really want to call him and then i felt like talking to you like we did on vms. Silly, isn't it? ^__^
      Oh oh, you're not the first to think it's nice when a girl cries in the arms of a guy. I think guys like to comfort as much as girls like to be comforted. It fits like a glove!
      Hey, what are you talking about sets and spyware things? I didn't do anything :I. Feels nice man... being told that your intuition is so good. Though you're... partially wrong. I only used my intuition to guess you're 24? Did i do something else? *confused silly face*

      *Your last VM*
      Omg lol, i'm at the last!
      Lol, you don't skip? Hey, you don't look like a nerd, you know? But you might be, just as you said I might be an introvert. But pff... i don't call myself introvert because i don't go clubbing or come home late or go in bars and so on. I have friends, and i enjoy going out, but i like my own companion more than someone elses sometimes. In the end, only one "annoying person" is better than 2+ ;).
      OMG, Goddamit :lmao. You made me laugh loud again. "It seems like you're not the only one who's intuitive, so you better watch out, because I'm gonna start guessing YOUR age and doing stuff YOU want me to do before you even tell me you want me to do it and... Wait, your age is listed on your page... Ok, I'm gonna listen to my intuition and shutup now because that's probably what you want me to do before I say something else stupid, but just haven't told me yet.". That was... totally Epic. EPIC man, EPIC. You know how epic like? THIS EPIC LIKE.
      Oh well... speaking about names. Your intuition was kind of... half right this time. About "Speaking of my name, thank you for not saying it over VM... Or is that just gonna make you say it now? (Sighs) Me and my big mouth...". I said partially because I already said it somewhere in these messages but i don't think you'd want to put me to work and search and delete it, right? :3 *makes cute face*
      Like you said. Who will bother to read our messages? So why so serious C.... ups :LOS ChupaChups I mean :LOS.

      Ok ok, you're enthusiastic too about my messages. Well i didn't think you're... not. No man would be crazy to write me so much if he didn't like it :/. Especially when it's about one's will. You're doing it willingly, because I doubt your French-ace sister wants you to talk to me more so i make you... like french *is random right now*
      What you're going to do with me? With me... hm... Answer my messages? I think that's what you're going to do about the situation.
      I wrote a bunch too lol. It's torture time next time you sign in :lmao.
      See ya :D <3
    24. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Continuation 1
      "Me against the world" type... I like the sound of it you know? Though it's not like I decide and say what/how I want to be, my actions and thoughts take me to that. And I don't think I'm against all the world. I'm probably one of the countless people that cannot be understood from the rest. When I look at me and at the others, at what I want and what they want, at how I think and how they think... I can't help it but notice the differences. It's not my fault I'm this way but I don't want to change for the sake of the world. World just doesn't deserve it :D
      And I think that even those friends didn't make me change my mind, I'd still be "this" me to an extent. I'd like to talk to people, help them if they need help, be their friend but in my own purposes just consider myself the player, no allies. Also, did i tell you until now? I'm glad I met you <3
      Your second VM
      You're a funny one, you know? I think your true self couldn't wait to get rid of the "old one" and get to this new you who jokes and smiles and thinks things are cute and fluffy and so on. Yeah, I am lazy, but who isn't sometimes? I'm just enjoying my free time the way i think it's... better. Actually not better but... hmm. You know what my motto is? A motto my friends laugh at when they hear it. "Why in this life, would I make my life harder instead of making it easier?" Therefore why getting into all sort of scholar activities or programs where i have to work, when i can just make my life enjoyable? Isn't that true now?
      Also, thanks for sharing my thoughts, I intend to keep being serious with the languages. And it's not quite... a laziness, the thing that i don't want to start learning the animation program yet. I need, as i told you, the right mood for it, otherwise i get bored and give up easily. You know, I have days when I draw or make sets for hours with no breaks, I feel so inspired, and the desire to improve and make things right is so woah, that I even amaze myself. I need those moments.Otherwise i won't do it right, as i said.
      Yeah lol, but i think i speak pretty nice french, being forced to have it for so many years. Oh... yes, I'm still studying English -_-. I was really talking to my cousin a few days ago about how stupid the system can be. At Foreign Languages Universities, we have to be advanced at our first language, and know a bit, and it's fine if you don't know at all, the second language. I was forced to take English, because if I had French, all my courses would be in French, and I'm not that good to take that.
      Uuuu... Salvador Dali :love.I re-watched a movie based on his sayings, about his... relationship with the spanish writer Federico Garcia Lorca. He told people about this in his last years, about his student-years romance. Apparently this Federico guy was a declared homosexual that was killed by the civil guard for sustaining the revolution and being gay, of course. He was attracted by Dali but he refused him. Dali has some paintings dedicated to the guy, and Federico got some Ode and poems dedicated to Dali so... It was nice, the movie. General culture I guess. And it had "Edward Cullen" in the role of Dali :lmao.
      J. M. W. Turner, google this. He's into landscapes and some are pretty abstract/difficult to understand, but i like the style. it's something different from the all picture-clear paintings. I don't like the clishee, if things are new, then they're new.
      Eh... parents speaking time. Yes, I'm an only child, no little bros or sisters. I'm happy and sad about it sometimes. I wanted to have a big brother. Probably that's why I tend to get along with guys so well and I discovered that the idea that a guy and girl can't have a purely friendship relationship is false. Because it's possible.
      I do admit my parents are worried about me and want the best but sometimes i just wish they would trust me more and stop letting me down. I told you how I usually am, and it's unintentionally, but if for example dad or mom tells me something while we're having dinner that disturbs me, I can't stay at that place or keep eating, even if i didn't have anything. Speaking of that, it happened a few times... And my cousin isn't the best example to give me. Besides being good at maths and being beautiful, and smart she's quite immature and arrogant, and thank God, mom notices that, and even tells me she's glad i'm not like her.
      Speaking of "being mature" now, this always comes to my mind. I've been at a party... one year ago, a the boy of our family friends got legal, and at the party some of the parents were invited too. I was in my first year. I got into a discussion with a really nice man, and ended up talking about university, how it is, how it's life in the biggest city of Romania, and so on. He told me something like "I sometimes wish my daughter would be at least half as mature as you". But he said it in a way that made me realise how early i became to think as an adult. At the same time, i'm a "contradiction". I'm mature but at the same time I'm one of the most childish adult. Like 2 people would meet in a room and say "A: Emilia has such a mature way of thinking, did you notice? / B: What are you talking about? she watches tom and jerry and other silly cartoons as well as drawing and losing time in the most inadequate way for a student".
      Ah dammit. I feel so... narcisist like. I'm talking too much about myself @__@*changes discussion to ponnies and unicorns* :3

      Oh... about my languages. I might sound arrogant again but i can't help it, i'm a capricorn and sometimes the place under our skin isn't offering us enough space. I'm not worried about the future... I am worried when i think of the details, as ... first job, getting along with co-workers, sometimes "am i good enough to do it?" but overall... I'm confident. I might be some little Dali that recognizes his genius and claims to be the saviour of the modern art :lmao. I am confident. I'll do well, and have a successful life, and I'll get what I want :] *inner Emilia: That's the way to think girl! *yell**
      Eh... I do get along with this cousin of mine but our relationship is problematic. I told you how close our mothers are and they wish for us to get along the same way but... it cannot be. I told you we're different like water and the oil in every little thing. I want/ed to be best friends with her, i felt saddened thinking she probably talks about her problems/things with other girls than me, and I wanted to be her best and confident friend. Though it was a situation lately... when she practically pretended all the way to be "the friend i wanted" but actually speak bad things at my back. She got a sort of crush on a guy, who was a relative from his father's side, and us living in the same apartment, it would be impossible for me not to notice when he got here. So she pretended to be how I like so i'd hide her things while calling me and her actual boyfriend retards or "she's not as stupid as she looks" in the conversations with that guy. I thought she passed the limit, she didnt sleep at the apartment for a few days things she never did, and of course hiding all these from her parents and lover, and go to that guy. I told my aunt about the situation, and she tried to make the things right without revealing the fact that i told her about what my cousin was doing. Her parents ended up coming here at 12-1am one night, and they had a fight and... i thought my cousin wouldn't talk to me at all after that but she does. Though we're still keeping a distance. That's the latest history between me and my cousin, eh.

      "I don't know why you told me all of that and I don't really care, as long as you tell me more. No, you show me what you're made of every time you finish a set, now you're telling me why you're made of it, much to my pleasure because I really enjoy finding out what makes you tick."
      Nicely and funnily put ;). I never imagined my sets would speak so much about me ;O.

      3rd VM
      "Wow you have your artwork on DVDs? A high-tech artist"
      Hey hey hey... you're going too far here :/. I only have some stocks I liked a lot and some of the sets i used in the past. As well as of course, some colourings I made with a mouth for the first time. What is high-tech to that? :C Who's the kid now, lol.
      Tch... I almost got you close to using the facepalm emote. AHH, i'm so close to succeeding. Dammit man, use an emote already!
      You're right... friend as friends but till it comes to God. Again, I'm happy I got to meet you. You prove me you're special every time we talk. And we're alike again. God debates lead to nowhere. I wouldn't be flaming, but i'd get sad and eventually other close-minded would start.
      :lmao. Did i just compare you to a happy meal? :lmao Omg, you made me use 2 emotes and in just a single line. I imagined your face while you'd say that and for a few seconds I felt happy i'm alone, otherwise people would think i'm crazy for laughing at a laptop screen. Kinder is... a chocolate egg that has a small toy inside it. For your knowledge ;P.
      Nonono, wait. You got some things wrong. Umm.. the teacher was indeed severe but it wasn't like she would torture us... well she was, mentally... somwhow.
      And i didn't have any philosophy frensh test exam @___O. I said... philology. That was my... well profile. i think it's different in US so you don't know about it. In a Philology class, our most important classes are Romanian, English, French language, History/geography. We have it categorized into Umanistic profile and Theoretical. Umanistic - foreign languages and history, Theoretical - maths, physics, chemistry. And being at such a profile i had an oral and written exam. I picked English for written and French for oral. I could pick latins for written but i didn't study much about it, because as you know it's a dead language and wouldn't help me further. So i spoke in french for some hellish minutes =)).
    25. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Man, this time you surely surpassed yourself. You wrote so much! *is excited about reading and re-reading things*. Besides, there's not much i can do now hmm... I should've had classes from... 10am to 6pm. I skipped the japanese literature from 10 to 12, had japanese from 12 to 4 and the last course was canceled. Thank God, I wanted home :D. Hm, my cousin left today, she went home with her parents. I decided to get home tomorrow so I'll be home tonight. So spending my time reading and answering your message is one pleasant thing to do :D. I ate something and yeah, I got a 330ml dose and a Marx. I don't think it's bad to have something sweet once in a while. I had a glass of coke on monday. It's not like I'm drinking daily so it shouldn't affect me much, hopefully. Now I got in bed and listening to music at tv. Feels so good man... OH btw, it started SNOWING here, again! 2 days ago it was sunny and nice and now it's damn cold and snowing as if it's middle of winter. I got my scarf full of snow till i got home from the subway. Did it snow there? This winter at least? I don't know much about weather in Georgia. We had a lot of snow this winter btw :]
      *turns off tv* Sometimes it's good to listen to your own thoughts too XD. Oh, speaking of music. Actually we didn't speak about music yet lol, so i don't know what you like or this like. But I dare to send you something I like in a special way. Mono - Ashes in the snow. It's a japanese post-rock band. Song has no lyrics, no voices, no yellings, just instrumental. I liked their concept a lot "We make the music and every person creates the lyrics in their own way". Hope you'll like it. I couldn't stop listening to it in the past few months.
      Now... I guess this was my small introduction. To get to your message...
      Haha, now the serious guy makes jokes and picks on myEdward and Jacob. Pfff *makes ugly face*. Though to be sincere... my "little" crush on Dante couldn't be compared to Edward or Jacob or Nero =). So don't worry about it. Besides You get more attention than them. I read the book in 2 days or something, though I talk to you almost daily. And this much. So stop being selfish you cheeky boy :D.
      Well yeah, my home is like... a hour away from Bucharest, and usually I come by bus. Though I rented an apartment (yep, with my so perfect cousin) and we share the bill and stuff. Our parents insisted, since mom and her sister get along so well and wanted me and my cousin to get along better too. Though it's absolutely... almost impossible. We are so different like water and fire. We rarely find any common point, so it's better if we keep the discussions to "What did you do to school today?/What do we need to buy for this week? When do we have to pay the bill." You get the point here.
      Man, it's not right to go to university and starve for 9 hours till you get home. You'll f*** up your stomach :/. Can't you get a sandwich or something from another place/home? Or at least a fruit or two. Lately I decided to do that. it's quite much to spend 6-8 hours at university and drink just some water. Besides, this way I wouldn't be tempted to go and get a "snack" in between. You should do the same. Take it as an advance.
      Oh, Morehouse. I checked a bit and saw it's a private traditional college. My university is a private one too, though don't google it or something if i tell you the name. It has a site I quite dislike, which is probably made by the alien-head perv and nerd teacher i had in the first year -__-'. My uni is called "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University. I picked this private university because I was fed up with exams at that time, and i had the entrance exams shortly after my final high school exams. So I picked this where i could enter only by the high school and high school exams results. And it's great. I love my teachers, and I wouldn't move even if i had the occasion now.
      Hm.. where did you read about my interest in philosophy? No, i don't like it either :/. I had a course in the 12th grade but the teacher made me dislike it from the start. So i don't bother about it anymore. Mr Pepper? You know, I never tried that :D.
      It's good we both feel the same about reading/writing long posts otherwise it wouldn't work if it was "one-sided".It's funny how things are after you start talking to a person more and more eh. Hah, you're drawing Bleach characters kill the twilight one? Now you have to SHOW me that, you know. Even if you said it jokingly, now you have to draw it! *Evil laugh*
      Oh... are you a little jealous because i, a vampire, like some other one of my own? :LOS. Things are seen different from this point hehe =)).
      Hm, and don't think that of me. I stayed a few days without any sweets *just had some coffee eventually*. I can resist without a drugged-like crysis. Damn, I almost had you *pek* me. Gee, just use an emote or two already. You know how easy it is :D. And just as I said, you're wrong about me making sets daily. There are some days when i don't even check the shop at all. It would scare me to see the long list =)).
      ... your death experiences are... well quite rare I think. It's not normal to have seen that much. I never saw someone dying, and I only went to... 2,3 funerals in my life, but had no close relatives. Sorry for you though and... Don't worry about me ;). I might get sick but I'm the "die hard" type.

      Man, now that's an offence, pff. I don't live in Antarctica, i guess those people don't have fast foods there. Just because i don't know of fast foods, doesn't mean they don't exist here. Again, never heard of this Wendy's or of your orange soda but... I hope those pals should have it around there or you'll do some pretty bad damage :lmao. And I don't want to see at the news "Young man in Atlanta goes Berserk and kills people for Sunkist soda. Number of victims is still unknown"
      Also, again, don't worry... There's no chance for me to ever be a skelet :/

      Silly boy. I have 9 exams every semester, which makes 18 exams during a school year. I worried to much in my first year, eh, noob, i didn't know how things were, i took everything serious. It's good now. I got used to it. I only concentrate on what's important, without caring much about the rest.
      You used the word cute again. It sometimes make me wonder if i have a cute kitten appearence because kittens are irresistible and all the people say they are cute. Now the last thing i need is to call me tiny and cute. I had a friend around, one of the admins that would call me that just because he was around 2 meters or something. I proudly have 165cm, and this is the medium height for women so i'm neither tall or short. How tall are you? ;o
      Sigh... you should more careful about your eating habits than i do, or you'll get sick. Don't play with these things, ok? Yes, i know, I'm so great at giving advice, but i suck so bad at considering my own advice. You know the saying "Do as I say, not as I do".

      Speaking of blender. People who act like elitists don't have to be smart, right? So this is the phenomena from the blender ;). You're accepted there if you're dead dumb, pretend to be gay/lesbian, stroke their egos with fanfics or drawings. They are stupid enough and get along with everyone who's asskissing them. Nevermind, let's not talk about it.
      Oh. My repseal. Well i'm not a plaza or ex-chatterbox regular, but sometimes i go there and drop 1,2 posts when it comes to a birthday or another thread that catches my interest. And it was this came that didn't really catch my interest, it was quite stupid actually. A member-elimination game. You vote every 20 minutes and take one point from a member and give to another. I got in a fight with zaru. It's a long story about this guy, but on brief... he was one of my best friends from the begining, he suddenly decided to break friendship (not only with me), had an account pretending to be someone else, then he came back and he was so sorry for what he did. I decided to forgive him but he did it again shortly and from then i totally kept the distance. We were quite the good friends, so i thought but meh. So i concentrated on eliminating him there because i thought he had enough fangirls and he would be "dangerous" for my favourite member. After I took him out, i started randomly taking out from the girls, one of them being his sort of girlfriend/bestfriend/whatever. He negged me saying he understood and didnt care that i voted against him all along, but then after, i started voting against his "girl" and i'm ... envious and butthurt? Something like that. Yeah he used that butthurt thing and without thinking i negged back, realising only after that it was just a bait, since he reported me imediately for "revenge negging". I got some mod friends give me some advice and trying to help but it's not like it mattered much. Repseals wouldn't bother me much but it's amazing how some people "friends" start to appear out of nowhere and ask "omg, why are you sealed emily?/why so repsealed emi?" and i have to give explanations and bleah. I wonder why i bother so much in the end. They can think I repwhored, or revenge negged and flamed, I realise just now i'm the silly one in the end. Meh. It doesn't matter anyway.
      And about this "new you" maybe you shouldn't call it that way, or change to this. Maybe you can be your old self and just have Cedric talk to me, Son of Sparda talking to others if you consider it this way. I have to say the old you was intimidating and "asking for respect" as well, so I liked that. I like serious members that show they're above the regular members. :} But at the same time i don't want you to be forced to write in a way you don't really like.
    26. Shock Therapy
      Shock Therapy
      i know people have been pming me like where's biggie?!!! it's not that i don't like him, it's just I didn't really feel like putting him in. don't get me wrong, biggie is an inspiration to me along with these three.
    27. Kirsty
      Lion king never gets old :del
    28. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki

      Also, I am HAPPY you decided to do what you like. You would regret it later if you didn't.
      OMG Bleach. My fav's Halibel so do her! or... Grimmjow :D. Or... Renji. But Halibel is a must :D. I had some ... colouring i made you know. One of my first colourings was a halibel sketch. A really old one. I might show it to you soon, it's on one of my DVD's. I'm.. happy you decided to draw. it's unexpectedly nice XD. Can't wait to see it! Oh, seems like it's time to pass to my next vm, or i might meet the "1000 limit soon"
      Oh... I already passed LOL

      *your second VM*
      OHHH, Phelps. I remember now. So many people spammed the forum with his pictures for a while :x. Oh wait, how did we start talking about Michael Phelps? :headscrat Oh well, not like it matters!

      OMG again... wow just wow... how the hell did i... just find someone so alike me on such a big forum? Besides, I never noticed someone so similar :lmao. Man... I am... speechless again.
      Most of my arguments... I have good friends but good till it comes to religion. I often have arguments with people on that. I'm.. saddened/mad when i hear bad things so... sometimes I avoid talking about religion. Thank God, you're here to talk to me about it. It's been a while since I talked to someone about it.
      I'm also... more than pleased about your languages thing! It's like... You got a kinder hoping you'll find a regular small toy in it, and you discover it has 2 awesome toys instead of one :lmao. I can't say how pleased i am dammit.
      Well.. if we're talking about languages now... I said it briefly in the other vm too.
      I started studying french from a young age, 2nd grade it was i guess. At first i had a teacher that had me learn because i was scared (lol), then i had like... 5 years with a teacher that let us do as we pleased, then i was forced as a philology student to pick french for the exam, and learned as much as i could in my last high school years. I'm not so sure why, i think I LIKED French once, but... as I grew up i totally disliked it/hated it. Maybe though, because i know the basic things, after i finish the japanese part, i'll get better with french too... but... it's a big chance i'll pick another language.
      So. First I have my romanian language. To say something as you did...(oh damn, i like this font btw) Cred că nu ai avea multe probleme să ?nveţi limba rom?nă, av?nd ?n vedere că latina este limba de bază - I don't think you'd have problems learning romanian, since latins is the mother language of Romanian. Oh, I understand some spanish as well, i understood everything except for Catracha. Spanish, Italian, Romanian are romanic languages, and Latins is their mother language ;). Oh, I've had interest in German a while ago, I still do but i doubt i can handle the accent XD. Same problem with the accent is available for arabian too, it's too much for my throat, lol. えと。。。私の日本語はよくありません。でも今二年生です,まだ勉強します。- eto... watashi no nihongo ha yoku arimasen. Demo ima ninensei desu,mada benkyoushimasu. My japanese isn't that good. But I'm second year, I'm still learning. Je peux aussi parler francais un peu - I can also speak some French. Puedo entender que tu me dices en Espanol ;). I also had latins in high school but i didn't pay too much attention because it was considered a dead language so eh... I still remember how to conjugate some things i gues :lmao. (laudam, laudabas, laudabat, laudabamus, laudabatis, laudabant) Actually to prove you how similar they are... Laudamus - to praise. In romanian we say *Laudam, Laudai, Lauda. Laudam, Laudati, Laudau.* Lauda = praise. Just the endings are different ;)

      It's... weird, yeah. Sometime ago we only talked about signatures and now we discovered we have so many common things to share.
      Oh... It's nice you know quotes from the bible, I'm not disturbed by them silly. I just have to shamefully admit i didn't read the Bible. I had some interest after some religion course in high school, about the description of the Apocalypse but... I am a believer but at the same time I don't read religious books, and don't go to church as often as i could but nothing, no proof or thing in the world would make me stop believing in God. Thanks for being so nice and understanding with me, and praise me more than i deserve and make me feel good and so on and so on. I also have no interest in that "one woman army" girl, bleah. I'm not into girls, you know :lmao. <3
      Also, about this "Are you the type of woman who cries at the drop of a dime? " I don't really know the expression drop of a dime so care to explain me sometime? I understand you asked if i cry easily probably but I was still curious about a valid explanation of that term.
      There's nothing wrong with using cute words :hmpf. I'm a lady so you should use those type of words around me lol.
      Hm... well no matter how much I usually hate myself for crying so fast, I kind of cry really fast. Sometimes I'm that stupidly sensitive that I cry if someone uses a harsher tone. I hate that me who cries so easily but i also dislike the me who's like "i shouldn't care about what they say, i should ignore the things that hurt me". I don't want to become an ignorant for Christ's sake. So.. Sometimes i'm caught in between.
      Oh, it's really weird. To feel so bad for a thing that happened when you're 8? I know guys are sensitive but... looks like someone is as sensitive as i am, isn't he? Also I noticed you told me just now to write something in romanian. I'm quite intuitive, and guessed you want to know some of that too, hehe.
      *hugs* Sorry you had to pass through that.

      Ok ok, sorry i gave you the impression i'm too perfect but... i like skipping :D. Unlike others i think, and don't skip important classes, just those i can handle myself.
      Also, i can't give you many infos about Romania's city life. You probably guessed i'm not the type to go out at night or in the clubs or go to parties weekly and so on. It's... i think every country has some "night life" or "nice" places to go if you search.
      Oh, and I already said yes, i want to see your sketches no matter how they are :pek. So it's a must, you have to show me. About the marks, yeah, 10 is the biggest here, 1 is the smallest. You got it right :].
      Also, again, the interpretation you gave to my name is subjective so... maybe only you see beauty and elegance and so on in my name. Maybe some people think of that ugly bird Emu when they see my name or... at Emo :lmao. It's highly subjective, you silly boy! Just as it happens that i like ..... your name a lot XD

      Hm... you should try and fix your sleep program. don't take afternoon naps no matter how tired you are and also, go to bed around 12, 1 am, not later. It is wrong to sleep that way man :/. It's not impossible so work a bit on it, pff.

      Ah, i tried to get this second message more on brief, i already wrote a lot and spent a lot of time on it. Man, we always spend so much time on this. Some people will think i ignore them compared to how much i write to you :x
      .... hmm... you talk to me because it makes me happy and enthusiastic, and not because you also enjoy it? :pek wtf.*stops being so enthusiastic*
      You deserve that. Maybe it's your turn to be enthusiastic, pffff

    29. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Oh, hello :]. It's been a while indeed. I had no internet for the whole week which made me read like... crazy... Twilight, New Moon and the Eclipse in a week. It's been a while since I stayed up till 3 am reading eh... *I'm telling you a few of the things i've done while staying at home in this so called holiday*.
      Yeah, Bucharest is the capital city of Romania too, and it's like 50km away from my actual home but i stay with rent in an apartment in Bucharest with my cousin. I don't think i told you this before, hm.
      And I guess... life at home is terribly boring, my uni life isn't so awesome but it's much better as long as you can call some friend anytime you're in the mood and get out for example. That's the idea. Oh... I think I have some interest in philosophy, even though I didn't have the curiosity to read some specialised books. But I like debating things, when I'm in a mood for long conversations :] *lately YOU get me in a mood for long convos*
      And nah, actually i've always liked sweets so it has nothing with meeting you, though... i'm seriously thinking about giving up on them for a while and dieting a bit :x. Hell no is in refference to... the fact that i don't have any right to tell you "Get online more often and answer my messages". That's the thing. Oh... you think too much about my shop :I... people wait sometimes... even weeks till i finish their set. It's not like I make sets daily. You silly.
      Ahh... I liked biology more than anathomy. I actually liked the object because i liked the teacher, if it makes sense.. Though I'm not much into anathomy... What do you've been exposed to so much death? Care to explain? I HOPE you didn't have situations in your family, even though... seeing people die it's bad enough anyway -__-

      *also, as an addition, I wrote this yesterday but stopped reading/answering to your message since I found you on MSN, copy-pasted the message in a doc and saved it so i can fully answer you today =))*

      Oh hey, I'm not a junky :I. I go to KFC... once a month or sometimes even more than this so I don't think that can be called junky :pek. I drink pepsi sometimes though, and no matter how things are, you know my preference for sweets so I'm seriously getting on a diet now ;[.

      Well... I think I exaggerated with the bad immunity, actually as I grew up it's not that bad anymore... Even though... by the way, these days when I've been missing I had some.. stomach ache and some pain in my left side >>. I went to doctor last year around this time of the year too, acusing the same pains and i ended up with a "start of gastritis" because of the exam stress :lmao. This time was different though, so i assumed, because amazingly I wasn't stressed at all with these exams. Though during the holiday... oh well... I had dinners for example around, 7,8 pm, went to bed around 2,3 (i read a lot), woke around 10am or something and had my first meal at 2,3 pm :lmao. It's a lot of time, I didn't drink many liquids either, nor ate food so... stomach ache again + possible start of gastritis again D:
      Lucky I noticed the thing fast enough, I started drinking a little and often, and drink like 2 liters of water a day and the pain disappeared now. I should be careful with my alimentation :/. Sometimes I think I'm my worse enemy -_-'
      So yeah, don't worry, I'm fine now :lmao.

      Hm... about the me being an elitist part... Like I said, I don't think people expect me to use emoticons or something, even though sometimes (i also agree) a person who uses emotes quite often seems playful, open to a discussion/silly sometimes. When people don't post emotes, they are thought to be serious about what they write and I doubt many people look for serious convos on the forum. So yeah, people told me I am/was intimidating them, which makes me... seriously, laugh, then feel good as well. But don't tell them that =)). Also, they tend to exaggerate because of my artistic skills too. You know, practically because I'm known as a good (yeah right :lmao) set maker, I could go anywhere on the forum and be treated with respect. For example blender. Well i've been there too, but long ago, and even now, if i go and i face many of the elitists there, they won't dare to say something bad or treat me bad because they consider me... "above average/respected" because of THAT skill. Which is funny. I didn't know people price so much the artistic skills.

      *eats an orange* They're really good, and grapefruits as well. Best natural resource for vitamin C, strengthens the blood veins and indirectly reduces the vascular accidents, so i read somewhere. Plus they're sweeeet and i can replace them with the unhealthy sweets :lmao.
      Umm... I see, so no dominatrix (well i added that as the LOL part of the convo, if you get what i mean). And... I think i'm not that... bad when i get mad, at least not as bad as you imagine me to be. Men can survive easily pff... I just get pissed off, feel the need to slap/punch for a while, yell, then start to cry because i'm frustrated by the situation. That sounds like girls commonly do =). And... usually when something bothers me, I'm not the type to run to someone and talk imediately. I tend to think the problem myself first, get a clear head and... Not too long ago I was the person to say that You can only trust yourself, you're your best friend, and you can succeed by your own forces. Some people changed my mind and i don't regret that. So... don't ever get scared because i might give you an internet slap or yell. When I'm mad I avoid people because i do/say things I'll eventually regret later ;P.
      And... thanks... I'm not out of the ordinary for myself but.. I'm glad you consider me good enough to talk so much with me :}

      Oh... well... i don't know but I guess I didn't need much patience to learn english. I mean, tutorials seem impossible compared to making exercises or checking a dictionary. Besides... I'm frustrated when I can't get good fast, i want the impossible in a few hours, that's why i gave up on those. I didn't think much when I had to learn languages. And English wasn't such a pain in the *** compared to japanese now *big-smile*. Oh, I'm glad i know someone else who doesn't know how to react when he gets compliments. I'm fed up with things like "Jesus Emilia, I just complimented you? Can't you take a compliment for Christ's sake".

      Ah man, you're... just exaggerating again. People tend to exaggerate most of the times if they don't have much knowledge in the domain you know. You are doing that right now. I'm not half as good as i should/could be and with photoshop more awesome things can be made. Seriously.
      And... I asked not too long ago if it's complicated to work with those animation programs and i didn't like what i heard :lmao. I'm quite lazy to learn new things lately. I need to be in my inspirational mood to want to give some effort ;P.
      Also... eh... I don't know if it would be that good if i ended up doing something with art. I would be happy indeed since i like it but .. still. Maybe i'll get some extra lessons and do something about my web design thing. And sure sure, I'll show you if i get something done, promise =)).
      Well... about the languages. I studied french in high school and hated it. I studied English too, since 5th grade, and I still am. And I also picked japanese as... 2nd language in university. Dunno, maybe after i'll be good enough with japanese I'll give a try to something else too. Depends. On my moods again =)).
      PS: I don't like DaVinci much for not being a believer but I think my fav so far is... Dali, and after him Turner.
      Anyway... things can't be changed now. I am aware that my parents work so hard to offer me a good, decent living but I'm ... saddened when they actually forget about the most important things and get their lives be fucked up by the monetary problems. I sometimes wish dad would stop worrying and smile happily or do something he likes. Mom is a bit different but again, she's still concerned of that matter too, and they often tell me i have yet to know the real life's problems. Ah come on. I find myself telling her many times "Just stop thinking about how much money you'd spend and go in a trip, with your sister with whoever you want. You'll wake up being 70 one day and you'd look behind and see what? That you did nothing". It's sad people stopped dreaming, wishing to become what they like not what's necessary for money. I had a time in high school, dad also wanted me to go to a maths class instead of literature/ philology class as i wanted, because he was like "what will you do with literature and language, maths is more for the future etc etc". Lucky me i had mom, and she let me pick whatever i wanted. And that they didn't pester me too much over my Japanese language university. I'm lucky in that case, you see. I do what i want now. I wish other people would do that too...
      Hah, i just remembered how... most of my relatives compare me to my all-so-perfect cousin, who's my age as well, and studies economy/maths whatever, i have no idea what. They say she'll get a good job, working at a bank but "what will you do with your languages?" they ask. They get in mind what kind of jobs we'll have and compare them as in "which gives more money". People are funny sometimes, aren't they?
      I'm still considered immature because i draw or watch anime or paint or i'm dreamy. Who cares? I like dreaming. My dreams are way better than their completely awake state where they have to worry about money, duuh. I try to be just... a realist dreamer ;). Combine my happiness with my needs. Man, why am i telling you this much? :lmao. It's like i'm showing you what i'm made of. Somehow :D
    30. Kamishiro Yuki
      Kamishiro Yuki
      Omg you're online :iria

      I didn't get to... answer your message yet
      I got "stuck" with people messaging me on msn :lmao

      Hello btw :ruri

      Weird, but today before leaving home i felt soooooooo bad like talking to you >>
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