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Aug 17, 2019 at 11:31 AM
Nov 21, 2008
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Apr 16, 1989 (Age: 30)


Well-Known Member, 30

Sorin was last seen:
Viewing thread ZzzZzZzz, Aug 17, 2019 at 11:31 AM
    1. Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Gin Ichimaru's Shadow
      Thank you for reputation. I have many avatars and sigs that are quite funny, because I want to bring joy and make people laugh.:)
    2. Pocalypse
      Nadal's rank is #10

      Ohh boy, either of the top 5 seeds can face Rafa during the 4th round of Wimbledon!
    3. Pocalypse
    4. Pocalypse
      Me too man, me too :lmao

      I want Novak to win so badly, it's now or never. Nadal's already got 9 RG's, pfft :lmao Hoping Novak in 4 but head thinks it's Nadal in 4 or 5. They are gonna play on Chatrier too which is an advantage for Nadal, hordes of space all around.
    5. Pocalypse
      THIS IS IT!!

    6. Pocalypse
      If Novak beats Nadal then he'll prolly play Murray which will be another physically draining match. If Nadal loses in the QF then he goes out of the top 10 and the QF between Nadal and Djoko is on Nadal's birthday too, stakes couldn't get any higher :lmao
    7. Pocalypse

      Nadal and Novak are in the same quarter and could end up in the QF against each other. Thoughts on the RG draw? You got Novak, Nadal and Murray all in the top half. Fed's got it easy at the bottom.
    8. Pocalypse
      Nadal's switched back to his old racquet for the Madrid Open, maybe that was the problem :maybe
    9. Pocalypse
      The new generation of Tennis players are quiet slow though, there's no young guns these days. It's the middle aged ones that win slams now. The Raonic/Dimitrov/Nishikori generation haven't been able to step up, yet anyway, should have had 1 slam by now. Whereas like Federer, Novak and Nadal won their first slam at a very early age. Maybe the Holy Trinity was just that good to lock away everyone else.
    10. Pocalypse
      Nah man, Novak's clay peak in 2013 and got beat by Nadal in 5 sets. At RG, Nadal leads 6-0 against Novak and that's quiet a massive H2H...not something like 2-1 or 2-0.

      There's a big difference between the clay at the Masters and the one at RG, dunno, either it's the surface or the weather. If it's sunny then Nadal's topspin is unstoppable as hot clay gives of a higher and faster bounce.

      I used to be a super cocky Novak fan and a Nadal hater once but for the last 2 years, Nole always beats Nadal at clay masters and fails at RG :lmao You can have the US Open, give the RG to Novak then call it a day :lbj

      Bro, even Federer at the age of friggin 33 is playing great these days lol I don't see Nadal and Novak even lasting that long.
    11. Pocalypse
      I'm a Djokovic fan and it's sad to see Nadal starting to fade away bit by bit. I still think he will win the RG this year, he was losing matches last year as well and still won the RG by beating Nole in 4 sets :lmao

      Nadal's comeback was good in 2013, he won't be able to repeat that anymore. But yeah, his prime and peak are gone. RG is still there though...he's put up a big schedule for the grass season as well. He's playing about 2 minor grass tourneys before Wimbledon since he's had abysmal results at Wimbledon for the last 3 years.
    12. Pocalypse
      What do you think of Nadal's slump this year?
    13. CA182
      Dunno if I'd call em epic.

      But that's definately me. :lmao
    14. CA182
      Oh shit. :lmao:lmao

      That was 2 years ago! :rotfl
    15. CA182
      Hello mystery friendlist person who I probably shouldn't have forgot. :skysun
    16. blackguyinpinksuit
      Yes! It was a really good panel now we just need to see it in action :gar.
    17. Shark
      Sorin, what's good man, been long.
    18. Shark
      "3-4 months heaven, then one month hell"

      That's exactly how it is. :lmao

      You mean the match will be tough for me? Not really lol.

      For me Man Utd are like that girl you have always loved irregardless of what she does, that one that you will always be thinking about and never forget. Real Madrid are more like the rebound chick.


      Yeah lol Real been playing like shit, even in the last Classico no matter which side you support you can still see the massive difference in quality between the two teams, and this is coming from a guy that dislikes Barce.
    19. Shark
      Yeah man, been busy with uni. Just finished exams and all.

      RM been horrible man, and Barce have been crazy good. Though my team is Man Utd and they're not doing too bad as of now.
    20. Shark
      Sorin man!

      Been like a year and half since I talked to you, how have you been?
    21. blackguyinpinksuit
      ohohoho rep! thank you sorin! =).
    22. LostSelf
      Thanks for the rep Sorin :).
    23. AlphaReaver
      LMAO the saddest shit is that they amp up Hashirama for the sole purpose of wanking Madara lmao

      Yup. They are shameless. They are pussies with shit bodies who wish they had magic eyes to handle their butthurt in real life. Smh. Dat Fan Pun, I peeped it! *_* lol

      I always think about it, but then I remember that if we don't counter the bullshit, people may very well end up believing it. I won't have it, fuck dat wank. I think I am probably THE most prominent Madarawank curber in present time. I really need to start recruiting for the Madara = Failure FC though. It's been years since we went on our tours :)
    24. AlphaReaver
      :D I love when I find a fellow comrade in arms against these tards. The new shit is them saying Naruto w/ Kurama ain't shit, as if Madara was using GM as a LifeSupport/GI/UmbilicalCord/IV smh. Funny thing is, Madara is not even the problem. He's a Failure, it's FACT, the issue is those cocksuckers that wanna dispute that & then use his feats of bitachassery as if they are honorable feats of badassery. Makes you wonder how "badass" they really are in real life lmao. I've noticed a lot of Uchiha fans are bitchass, dishonorable maggot types. & I don't mean the ones that like the characters, I mean the bitchass ones that wank super hard for no logical reason. Madara got wood up his ass & was forced to retreat & hide for decades & they claim "survived against shodai & fooled ninja world, while outliving shodai" I'm like "really?" I can't fuck with niggas on that bullshit. Now they on da bandwagon cuz he got a few powers. That ain't gonna make him any less of a failure, lmao. In fact it makes him look even worse when he fails despite all his accumulated perks, lmao
    25. AlphaReaver
      Thanks for the Rep! I try to be as logical as possible, but the Madara wank is ridiculous. They be jockin da shit out this scrub. It was bad when we had 2/3 uchihas but this shit been gettin crazier lately lmao
    26. Algol
      Hahahaha. But it was well deserved though. Well deserved.
    27. Achilles
      Thanks for the green, ese.
    28. Francesco.
      Ad1IjwkGKEQ Nostalgy...
    29. Francesco.
      Very bad news, Max Biaggi retired =(
    30. SuperSaiyaMan12
      Does it seem like Kishimoto is actively trying to ruin his manga now?
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    Apr 16, 1989 (Age: 30)
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