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Jul 15, 2019 at 10:06 PM
Dec 7, 2008
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Mar 31, 1952 (Age: 67)
Sunny Florida
Retired Nursing Home Activities Director


Venerable Sage, Female, 67, from Sunny Florida


Am I supposed to be keeping an eye on you for some specific reason? :ahmm Jun 18, 2019

SoulFire! was last seen:
Jul 15, 2019 at 10:06 PM
    1. kuruizaki
      Heya! :D
      the guy still doesn't get it. :rofl
    2. BiggsDarklighter
      Hey Soulfire. When I first saw the final climax part, I must have misunderstood it to be for the ending instead just the arc. Thanks though. There's plenty of manga left to go.
    3. SoulFire!
      Oh! Dayum!! :faint Guess I didn't see that as it was deleted before I came online!!:laugh Off to rep her!!
    4. HK-47
      Hahaha no no, you owe a rep to someone else. :lmao

      I didn't write that, I was simply quoting Inuyatta for her post. She's the one who wrote it.
    5. HK-47
      What's my problem with what now?
    6. thoughtful1
      Thank you! Your encouraging words actually help a lot!
    7. XxStormxX
      Thank you for the rep!
    8. Megilien
      Happy belated birthday! ^_^
    9. Alexdhamp
      Shyness isn't a problem in small quantity, right? To me, that's just introvert vs extrovert.
    10. shery
      You can participate with us in toptitleweb
      And solicit opinions on the relevant subject areas of romance and happiness, is also all about women's makeup and hair and skin, we hope your stay with us at the following link

    11. GrandLordAtos
      Okay, just making sure you got it was all. (b^^)b I've had issues with the PM system on this site in the past - sometimes it says messages are going through when they're not. >.<
    12. GrandLordAtos
      Erm...just wondering, did I send you my fic? :ano I forgot if I did or not, it was real late.
    13. GrandLordAtos
      :> Okay! I need to make a few modifications first, but I'll send it as soon as possible!
    14. GrandLordAtos
      Hey SoulFire! :ano Would you um...mind looking over what I have for my entry later tonight? I've been asking people for feedback, and I'd really like your input.
    15. SourGrapes101
      Yeah, I think I did say that'd there would be a second chapter in my Author's Notes, but that probably isn't the most visible place to put information like that, heh. Next chapter won't have any flashbacks though, so the focus will be more on the garden itself.
    16. SourGrapes101
      Hi SoulFire!, I just wanted to thank you for the review you gave me. Getting feedback that's both encouraging and constructive is always great and I'd say you're absolutely right with the critique you gave as well - I'll do what I can to amend those little points as best I can. The gardening theme taking backseat thing in particular is an issue, but hopefully when chapter two comes out that'll be a little less of an issue (as originally it was all gonna be one chapter, but it was starting to get too long so I decided it'd be better to do in two chapters instead, which probably did shift the focus of the reader more to the flashbacks than the garden itself). Anyway, thanks again, I really appreciate it.
    17. Black Sheep
      Black Sheep
      I know. OMF is becoming dull anyway.
    18. Black Sheep
      Black Sheep
      Thanks. I didn't know some OMF members were members on here.
    19. Black Sheep
      Black Sheep
      Psst! SoulFire. It's me, Dark Sasuke_101.
    20. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      ?Merry Christmas SoulFire! :hug
    21. Artful Lurker
      Artful Lurker
      hello, hello and hello
    22. thoughtful1
      Thank you for the Rep!
    23. Hydro Spiral
      Hydro Spiral
      Thanks for the rep Soul :gar
    24. Onihikage
      Oh, well - make it top of the list for the next time you visit NYC! :beardthing
    25. Onihikage
      While you're in New York, be sure to check out a STOMP concert! Those guys are awesome :risu
    26. Kurama
      LOL yes, I've gotten several myself. Apparently viewing Naruto's crush on Sakura as anything other than the most purest selfless genuine example of romantic love is a crime, despite evidence showing its simply an attraction that never grew into anything of worth, while he grew to treasure her as a precious person simply as a member of Team 7, not so much for being Sakura outside of her affection for Sasuke.
    27. Hαnnαh
      Don't think I can't see you out there. :pek
    28. Don-kun
      Well how to put it I really like Hinata and I will be ok with nh
      But my 1st choice will be ns. is like the underdog naruto train to
      Prove everyone wrong.
      The the other reason wy ns is 1st is because
      I hate sasunaru sasusaku or any sasuke pairing I hate Him
      From the start off the manga He is 2 arrogant for my liking
      But then what happen with hinata she really love him
      And he will not be fearfor her character
      She really love him she very deep
      I don?t hate any one NS or Nh I like I like Ns and I like NH.
    29. Onihikage
      Interesting. I've seen you post many times, but somehow never figured out you were a girl. Because I didn't look at your About Me section. :geg

      I also never added you :awesome
    30. Alexdhamp
      Hey, Soul!
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  • About

    Mar 31, 1952 (Age: 67)
    Sunny Florida
    Retired Nursing Home Activities Director
    Relationship Status:
    In a committed relationship with my 2d husbando
    Favorite Character(s):
    Uzumaki Naruto (of course!); Hyuuga Hinata; really like about everyone else as well!
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Good action sequences (love taijutsu!) and everything NaruHina!
    Live on a mini farm with 1 spoiled orange cat, 2 mini horses and several ole hens and my first and only hubby. 1 daughter currently living in Orlando.

    Naruto; flea markets; writing; biking; gardening; animation

    Saving Disdainful Deku here:


    Spoiler: NH Forever

    Credit to hinaxnaru

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