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Jan 19, 2019 at 4:16 PM
Dec 7, 2008
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Mar 31, 1952 (Age: 66)
Sunny Florida
Retired Nursing Home Activities Director


Venerable Sage, Female, 66, from Sunny Florida


:teenylove Dec 11, 2018

SoulFire! was last seen:
Jan 19, 2019 at 4:16 PM
    1. Midaru
      You should sleep well you got a cold :hug and don't worry my dear any time you want to know how to do something ask me maybe I know how to do it. :nod
    2. Midaru
      I was about to tell you what to do next, but I see you already posted it in the FC :iria

      You're cute!! :yay :naruko

      If you want you can post a bigger version of your pic, resizing the original picture (the one that was too big) then choose another percentage like 50% (instead of 20%) this time I want to see a bigger pic of the one you posted :wtf
    3. Midaru
      To resize a picture! :33

      STEP 1

      STEP 2

      STEP 3

      STEP 4

      Once you have saved the pic in your computer, once again please upload the picture in the album you created following the screeshots in the previous message. :nod

      Let me know if you could sweetie, don't give up!! :argh
    4. Midaru
      Don't give up :cry

      You can resize your picture, now upload it here I'll take screenshots so you can see how. :argh
    5. Midaru
      the error it's because the picture is too big for this website, is it possible that you have a smaller picture of you sweetie? :O
    6. Midaru
      I just read your second message, that means your picture is too heavy for this website it is possible to resize it to make it less heavy, but also I want to know maybe you have a smaller picture so you can upload it :D
    7. Midaru
      Click on these links I'm giving you and look at these pics please :)

      I named this album Naruhina 2

      Then click here

      Finally click here

      Once you see your picture in the album you just created let me know so I can help you out to post said pic on the FC :)
    8. Midaru
      Just add the title, a word would work for the description and then click on the button that says "sumit"
      Then I'll give you a gide sweetie. :)
    9. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      That is good, I'm glad you are doing great in your life and keeping yourself healthy and I'm doing my best to keep my self moving.

      I'm glad they are gonna continue the anime after war arc for development for hopefully action and NH as well for the other characters as well.
    10. ane

      hey, sorry, but I need you to tell me which one of the three cathegories you're voting for :sweatdrop
    11. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Hello, I heard your like over 60, I'm amazed. Do you do something good outside the forums? I hope you been keeping yourself healthy.

      Especially Naruto anime will continue after the war arc with new story development. The anime team can think of good things even make strong opponents like beings from another dimenision.
    12. LesExit
      You're welcome :33 Oh ya buckets of fun◔_◔! I had to just stop though...because the moral police thing is just ridiculous (/゚Д゚)/

      I'm liking the profile colors by the way >u>
    13. Mael
      Uh huh, I see...
    14. Mael
      You really do like hanging around my neck of the woods don't ya?
    15. Amanda
      Thank you. The new opening is great.
    16. ch1p
      we don't agree on hinata and deva pain being planned, but i enjoyed your last post and the feint you gave. i wanted to rep, but i have repped you recently, so i can't.
    17. Josh
    18. Josh
      There ya go. Ideally you should save it in your own image hosting to avoid this happening again.

    19. Josh
      Please leave your sig as it is. Will try and look into this as soon as possible.
    20. Josh
      Just grab the direct URL by right click on that bandwidth notification image to save the sig on to your computer, then upload the sig into NF gallery. Then use the direct link from the gallery as your sig.

      I can sort this out tomorrow when I have my laptop if you're having issues.
    21. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I say that the game is more canonical, because Kishimoto created Mecha Naruto for the game which possible he might have given him a personality and better story about him. I just hope that after the game comes out the animators realized how it was stupid of them creating a anime before knowing about Mecha Naruto's character.

      I would think that Mecha Naruto in game story maybe canon because its possible took place after the war, which I don't see Sasuke or Neji, yet. Though I haven't seen the complete story so I will wait.
    22. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I'm completely bothered by the Mecha Naruto episode, I mean the personality in that episode made Mecha Kurama as mindless savage robot while in Ninja Storm Story Mode Mecha Naruto has a personality that smart with great strategy also see's Naruto as his rival like Sonic and Metal Sonic rivalry.

      Unlike the anime, Mecha Naruto showed more of wanting people to accept him and wished to be like the real Naruto and throughout the story Naruto and Hinata went through all the trouble trying to help Mecha naruto from losing himself and in the end Mecha Naruto gets saved and gets a Mecha naruto doll body. That had a better ending than the anime.

      And Naruto and Hinata were inside Mecha Naruto mind and faced Mecha Kurama to save him similar to how Naruto faced Kurama in his mind.

      This makes me wonder that the game story takes place after War arc since Neji hasn't shown in the story mode, right?

      I admitted that I was hyped up for Mecha naruto anime since the game story but I never thought anime would screw things up for Mecha Naruto's character. I mean I feel Ninja Storm series given a more appealing than in the anime itself due of its epic fight scenes and story mode.
    23. Trudo van Wezemael
      Trudo van Wezemael
      Edit from last Nardo chapter :LOS
    24. Baccano805
      Thank you for the rep soulfire! Thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say.
    25. Ether
      Thanks for the rep SoulFire!
      Good to see another samurai jack fan around. :D
    26. Swarmy
      At least the beetle had a nice lunch :lmao Never say that, I'm 24 and I have yet to take on biology and entomology :sniff Nice! I live in a building but we have a small garden full of all sorts of bugs :hehee I grew up watching jumping spiders catch mosquitoes, flies and moths :iria

      Never been to such a thing but I've explored insects in the night, I live in a big city and aside from a nearby forest there's not much of a wild life :lmao
    27. Swarmy
      You can always get a nice insect pet or even a tarantula or a scorpion :iria I have a centipede :nod
      Paper wasps? I've heard those are pretty docile. Mantids are truly amazing, I had one some months ago but made the huge mistake of giving her a carabid beetle... he ended up eating her despite being smaller :lmao
      Have you ever wanted to take up entomology?
    28. Swarmy
      No problem :nod

      Wow really nice to see more people like that :iria It's too bad that so many fear and hate insects, spiders and other arthropods :(
      Do you own any insects right now?
    29. Majin Lu
      Majin Lu
      I'm. Neji will appear in the next one.
    30. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I never watched the episode due because all the annoying NS bullshit, I've seen in manga. I snuck in the NS fc.

      She better be embarrassed for hitting his son like that while he was still injured. I wonder how Kushina will react to this, i doubt she will approve of Sakura.
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  • About

    Mar 31, 1952 (Age: 66)
    Sunny Florida
    Retired Nursing Home Activities Director
    Relationship Status:
    In a committed relationship with my 2d husbando
    Favorite Character(s):
    Uzumaki Naruto (of course!); Hyuuga Hinata; really like about everyone else as well!
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Good action sequences (love taijutsu!) and everything NaruHina!
    Live on a mini farm with 1 spoiled orange cat, 1 American Bulldog, 2 mini horses and many chickens and my first and only hubby. 1 daughter currently living in Orlando.

    Naruto; flea markets; writing; biking; gardening; animation


    Spoiler: NH Forever

    Credit to hinaxnaru

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