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South of Hell
Last Activity:
Dec 10, 2013
Nov 24, 2009
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Mar 23, 1992 (Age: 25)
University Student

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South of Hell

Undeniably Awesome, 25, from Australia

South of Hell was last seen:
Dec 10, 2013
    1. Soul King
      Soul King
      Oh yeah. I was quite involved with it, until I found this forum. I like Naruto more than Pokemon.
    2. Soul King
      Soul King
      Extremely, I <3 Pok?mon:wtf

      You have a Serebii account?
    3. Soul King
      Soul King
      Is that Reuniclus in your sig? :33
    4. Summers
      Your sig reminds me that pokemon could be so badass if they tried.
    5. iander
      Yeah, its my favorite Dream Theater song. So epic :D
    6. spiritmight
      What Pokemon is it? All these new ones confuse me too much :zaru
    7. spiritmight
      That's a baller ass set. Where's it from?
    8. Cuntacular
      your set is pimped
      rep + cred .
    9. Chaos
      I'm not a gamer :P I only play sometimes with friends, but I'm afraid I don't really give a shit about it.
    10. Rakiyo
      :lmao Didn't think you'd be interested, My bad Your always welcomed to rejoin :awesome
    11. Chaos
      Np man, the game is just not complete without you :zaru

      Or maybe it is, but I think you're awesome.
    12. Chaos

      Get back to where you once belonged? :3
    13. taiga
      my sig is kuroshitsuji II
    14. Chaos
      Sounds epic.
    15. Chaos
      Oh yeah, you saw me :LOS

      Truth is, I saw you looking at the thread and then decided to post myself too :zaru

      Awesome, what will it be about?
    16. Chaos
      That's always the most fun thing in threads :LOS

      As for the adult section, I'll meet you there in somewhat less than a year :awesome
    17. Chaos
      Thought the metal thread was kinda dead :P They actually got posters there now?

    18. Chaos
      Yea man. Ain't see you posting in the RP section for a while now :P Where ya been? Pokemon?
    19. Chaos
      Hey South. Sup?
    20. Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious
      Right. It's all good. :P
    21. Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious
      You posting?

    22. Amrun
      It's certainly true that wide spread destruction is made of win, I must admit.

      But he has a mouth in his chest. And two in his hands. :(

      I don't know why that's a sticking point for me, :lmao
    23. Amrun
      Hahaha, if I do make shirts, you're sure welcome to buy one.

      I like Deidara because he's funny, but his mouths kinda gross me out... :lmao
    24. Amrun
      Actually, other people gave me the idea to put it on shit because they said they'd buy it. :geg I checked it out legally and I can't be sued, so I'm considering it.

      Deidara, huh? Are you a secret Deidara fanboy?
    25. Amrun
      Hahaha, I wouldn't really wear that. It's lame.

      But I think I am going to get my sig printed on a shirt or hoodie! :awesome

      Like that's any less lame. :lmao
    26. Amrun
      Girls Can Be Aggressive Too! Fighting For The Right To Be A Bitch.

      Can I get that on a t-shirt?
    27. Amrun
      Burst my bubble, why don't you. :pek

      It's cool, yo. The boys that aren't intimidated ... like it, if you know what I mean. :ho
    28. Amrun
      All Hail Lord Zetsu! :quite

      Some people see my profile, see that I refer to myself as a girl, and still insist that I'm the ultimate troll and I'm secretly a dude. Apparently I have this insane studly aura or something.

      Either that or I'm just aggressive. :ho
    29. Amrun
      Nah, they're not all funny. But being funny enough that people remember me as that funny dude on NF is flattering anyway. :awesome (I'm actually not a dude, but everyone is convinced I am here for whatever reason, so I let them think whateva they want.)
    30. Amrun
      That's really nice, seriously. Thanks. I'm flattered.

      Don't worry about rep debt, yo. It's not like I'll ever know. It's just nice to know someone thinks I'm consistently funny!
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  • About

    Mar 23, 1992 (Age: 25)
    University Student
    Favorite Character(s):
    Deidara, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Hidan, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Kisame, Anko
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Chapter: 360, C4
    Im from Australia, I love Heavy Metal music and I love anime/manga, especially Naruto

    Music, Guitar Hero, Anime, Manga


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