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  • Oh now it makes sense. I don't blame you for that. Art can really be hit or miss.
    Oh I see, just sounded like a graduate class. I don't think we any undergraduate classes like that at my uni:hmm What do mean you'd rather sell out?:lmao Hope you don't mean you want to fail:rotfl
    Have you decided how long you'll stay? Sounds like you have everything planned out. What kind of course is this? Sounds like nothing I've heard of:lmao Are you a grad student by any chance?
    How long will you be there? Employers for what?:hmm Thanks, bookmarked. I might try that if that's what I decide to do.
    I want to study in Germany, England, Japan, or South Korea. What sucks is I'd probably have to minor in one of the foreign languages to do one of those countries that doesn't speak English and I've already had 3 Spanish classes since my community college didn't offer anything else. I was considering minoring in Spanish because I've already had those classes so I'd have to do a Spanish speaking country which I'm less interested in, although I'd still love to go, just wouldn't be my first choice. Also it seems like most of the programs are only for 6 weeks in the summer, I want to do a year which further limits my options but there are so many programs I should be able to do one for a year.

    You said you're going to study in NY right? Do you know when?
    Remember when we talked about studying abroad in the kpop thread? Last week there was a study abroad fair at uni so I got a lot of info on it. I'm definately gonna try to do it next year. My apartment lease is for a year right now so might as well use it lol. Seems the most likely places to go would be Vienna or somewhere in Germany since they go with my major and I could take German there while doing my other classes.
    Hiya, Spica. I was using one of your cute Asian gifs posted in the cute Asian thread. I heard you worked really hard on it, so I wanted to make sure it was alright if I used your work. (the member Lucky told me it was yours.) I will shower in you green rep for eternity.
    Yes. :33
    I also speak Italian. xD Have you tried learning italian though?

    I learned Nynorsk. Nynorsk is also an incredibly ugly language ;P . As a historic language... I mean real traditional nordic language... it is the Viking language, still spoken as main language in Iceland. Oh yeah I saw that one.. really funny!

    Er hun koreansk? Hun ser veldig pen! Hahaha du er veldig hyggelig ? snakke med, her er ikke veldig mange mennesker som snakker dette norsk! :sniff
    I was awful with it too.The first one i bought was three years ago and back then I couldn't do it at all.This summer however I thought I should use it,and since then I always use it,almost every day.You will learn it automaticly if you use it frequently.
    Wow.thank you for comparing me with such a beauty :hug

    I am sure eye liner would look great on you.
    Pizza, spaghetti and lasagna are delicious. :druul

    Yes, that's true!
    I've learned swedish and norwegian at school.
    I am learning Finnish by myself and a little French. :amuse

    Some thing in norwegian? Hvordan st?r det til? Hvor bor du? :ho

    Jeg vil snakke med deg ogs?! hvem er den jenta i avatar din? :ohpek
    Whoa, you speak quite lot of languages spica.. I can speak Norwegian and swedish as well. and russian ! :hurr

    ?g er fegin a? tala vi? ?ig! :iria

    Have you tried to learn italian?
    Correct. XD

    Then can you speak Thai? What languages can you speak? :33
    I was looking forward talking to you in italian. damn :p

    I'm actually half italian too. :hurr
    You are welcome. :wtf

    Wow really? That's a nice mix! :33
    Can you speak italian?
    oh did you have german lesson ? Thats really cool :33

    Wie heisst du ?
    Oh thank you,you are very pretty as well.Maybe because my name and my profil looks like one from a dude ?:lmao
    Wow.Sounds really interesting.I somehow guessed you would be half thai :lmao bur i was not sure.
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