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Spirit King
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Jan 19, 2019 at 10:24 AM
Nov 9, 2008
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Sep 29, 1992 (Age: 26)

Spirit King

Nice going Fodder #1, 26

Spirit King was last seen:
Jan 19, 2019 at 10:24 AM
    1. D.Va
      If you're looking for a good place to discuss DmC you would be better off in this fanclub.

    2. Fujita
      Yo, I'd rather not derail the Akame ga KILL! thread, but I was curious about something you said there.

      What hints do you see towards Luffy dying at the end of the series? The Roger parallels? Or something else? I was interested because I've honestly never thought of that before :scrooge
    3. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but do you want to join this create a fatality game?

    4. Soul King
      Soul King
      Our names are dangerously similar. :argh
    5. Nello
      carriers are pretty good together with mothership
    6. Nello
      sorry I didn't see u there, log in again please ^^
    7. Spirit King
      Spirit King
      My favourite is dark templar or void rush, considering the noobs i'm starting out with it works like a charm. Also is it just me or are carriers like a lot less useful in this game.
    8. Nello
      add Colonello 776
      fast banshee :hurr
    9. Nello
      I've just played against like 5 zerg in a row on ladder :twitch
      Lets play, protoss buddy! :ryoma
    10. Mastic
      WH is fucking pimp. :datass
    11. MvCforumsucks12
      Hey man I just want to ask I saw your post on the mangaka vs mangaka thread

      and you said Oda never cared for part 2 of DB where did it say that Oda said hes a fan in db in all plus Oda does do major boost of powers but its nothing bad about it

      Oda said hes a fan in all of DB but Im just asking where did he say that
    12. Sayaka
      set done ~
    13. Sayaka
      the stock sucks i could not do anything :argh

      please give me a different one :ano
    14. Taikou
      Come to ryner vs shiki thread!
    15. Bender
      Love Kekkaishi :del
    16. ^Vegeta^Two^
      wanna join my forum
      -__- none wants to join a new vb board
    17. Mider T
      Mider T
      Want a VM?
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  • About

    Sep 29, 1992 (Age: 26)
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:


    Hyoudou Issei: ?I?m going to continue fighting until I blow away girls clothes just by looking at them!?

    Irina: ?To be able to fight just for those motives! Something is definitely wrong with you!?

    Hyoudou Isse: ?Shidou Irina! Sexual desires are a source of power! It?s justice!!?
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