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Nov 7, 2014
Mar 27, 2005
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November 11


Active Member

Spirit was last seen:
Nov 7, 2014
    1. Revolution
      I added more. I'm shocked people dont get it.
    2. michiruu
      thank you for the rep+, and for the welcoming :D
      (i was born on a 12th november btw)
    3. ximkoyra
      Public Usergroups:
      18+ Members

      Naughty Boy :maybe
    4. ximkoyra
      You're Alive!!!! :yes

      Eid Mubarak to you too! Eid here is also on Sunday GMT+5

      Oh gosh, I have so much to say about fasting this year. I'll give you a fuller report after Eid, but I will say that this year was the first time that I legitimately felt hunger pangs. At the start of Ramadan, it was from around 4:20am to about 9:10pm. Today was the last fast and it went from 5:15am to 8:30pm.

      And no, I don't recall any food bazaars being mentioned :sniff

      What is your job anyways? Do you think I could get your email address? I'd really like to stay in contact with you, if for nothing else than for annual Merry Ramadan Greetings.

      I promise not to ask for money (at least not initially :hurr)

      Seriously, it's really great to hear from you.
    5. Hebe
      Thank you for the warm welcome :33
    6. ximkoyra

      Still lurking around somewhere? :sniff
    7. steveht93
      Lol....شكرًا لك . Thank you
    8. steveht93
      إنتا بتحكي عربي؟
    9. makeoutparadise
      thank you gonna have fun tonight!!!
    10. makeoutparadise
      oh Spirit you so awesome!!!
    11. Stalin
      Because of the way islamic extremists claim they don't want images of muhammed because that would be idol worship, yet they riot and threaten to kill people when someone draws a picture of him or something.

      To me, the way they react, its like they treat him like an infallible god.
    12. Stalin
      Do you feel like that a lot of muslims treat Muhammed like he was a god?
    13. Al-Yasa
      :mad stupid mods. God knows what tekkaman did, hope he isn't banned forever.

      Man i just been busy looking for jobs. It sucks being unemployed.

      Are you torn because they went hajj ?

      I wish i could go hajj. rather complete it now when am young and able.

      i apologise for the late reply :( just been so busy as stated and also one of my relatives passed away so things been rough.

      whats life like now in Malaysia? is it winter or still summer ?

      The answer to your earlier question (What line of career are looking into?)

      Any for now lol. i need money for bills and just some experience.
    14. Toroxus
      Thanks for the rep. :suave
      However, you will never out-do my pictures :datass

    15. Santeira
      Saya orang Perak, Tapah. sekarang kat Kuala Lumpur.

      My views may be controversial at times. I;m not your typical Malay girl. ;)

      Oh Mael, he's just being cute. :maybe
    16. Santeira
      kamu orang melayu ke? tak sangka pulak.
    17. ximkoyra
      Eid Mubarak! There's nothing quite like 16 hour fasts. Really makes one feel spiritual. Or crazy. . . .it's all about the right point of view, I guess :laugh

      Wish I saw your message earlier. Sorry! I still have Ramadan in Malaysia on my to do list :p

      Take Care
    18. Ƶero
      haha yeah man I'm good thanks
      I know what you mean, trolls trolling trolls trolling... :argh
      The fasts this year are really long over here though, Iftaar is at like 9:00pm and suhr ends at 3:00am :eek:
    19. Outlandish
      Khayr insh'Allah.
    20. urca
      Ramadhan mubarak :).
    21. Ƶero
      Yo TJ im guessing that's you? Name change confused me a bit :0

      It has been a while lol, how've you been bro ?
      Yeah I'm pretty much dead here, I come to lurk from time to time when a a new Naruto/One piece chapter is released but that's prety much it, nice to see you're still chillin here :)
    22. The_Unforgiven
      lol. i didnt recognize the new name is all.
    23. Al-Yasa
      Ramadan mubarak

      i havent even found a women yet so i doubt ill be getting married soon :rotfl

      One of my close friend is already married, kind of makes me feel old now :(

      I was away due to uni but now i have finnished it. Now i have some free time due to me being unemployed LOL.

      I have been good. How about you ?

      I like the idea that greet each other for ramadan :D it shows great unity.

      LOL one of our non muslim friend is gna fast with us during one of the days too see what is it like. I bet he will go crazy lol.

      how do you pass the time during the month ?
    24. The_Unforgiven
      Ramadan mubarak to you too. Did you have a name change bud?
    25. Al-Yasa
      i go away for several months and come back to see ur name changed lol

      long time it has been . hope all is good.
    26. Evil Ghost Ninja
      Evil Ghost Ninja
      You're welcome. :)
    27. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      Oh many pages back must I read in the debate thread? I read them all the way back to the last post I made before. Is there a page you had in mind that I might have missed?
    28. brolmes
      Damn someone agrees with one of my retarded drunken rants in the philosophical forum, that's rare as hell. :sanji
    29. ximkoyra
      What are you doing up so late old man? Don't you geezers need to take power naps every 30 minutes just so you have enough energy to keep running to the bathroom? :maybe
    30. emROARS
      I say start with newwho then go backwards. :3

      New who started in 2005 (there was a barron age between the 7th and 9th doctors, there was a really bad movie for the 8th.)

      I say look on wiki for the doctor to get a good understanding of him, it'll help you understand regeneration, the TARDIS, his species, how old he is, his enemies etc. Because despite what people think, the doctor is an alien (non human). So far he's undergone two regenerations during newwho (9-10 and 10-11) and there's been five series.

      There's specials every christmas too so cheak them out. UM...yeah. so when you've done newwho, cheak out the old episodes.

      best thing you can do is google the episodes or get a torrent of them.
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