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Jan 23, 2013
Sep 10, 2005
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Jan 23, 2013
    1. Bolt Crank
      Bolt Crank
      M/U/K/R-Tsukasa, U/K/R-Natsumi and M-Yuusuke just from the preview. Also whats up with the final form ride? Maybe Den-o has two different ones?

      The newest FFR is Agito's Bike in Slider Form.

      With a small homage of KR: G3X's Drive By Shooting.

      As for Den-O...UP in the air.

      But I really liked how Tsukasa smirked at the Picture.

      He knew this world was awesome.
    2. Nahima
      I really hope they do keep the same guy, but what I think is going on is, the world will crash at the end (thats why there are these different stories) and when they do crash, they will create the stories we have come to know. Its just a hunch as to why they are different.
    3. Nahima
      'Maybe at the end when the worlds are "a lined" they will. But the only originals I have seen so far have been just the voice acting. Though I wonder what they are going to do with Hibiki. They brought the Hoopers back but only their voices. I know the guy who did Hibiki ended on a sour note with the production company. I doubt he will be in it.

      BTW I see its your B-day (if thats correct) Happy Birthday!
    4. Nahima
      So far I have come to like the arrogant guy, and the rest of the acting has been really good. plus my favorite suit actor is getting reply alot of roles I liked him in again. But I am not fond of all the stories, but I am being kept interested if nothing else.

      The music I think is really good, but its supposedly going to be really short. Its only going to be like 30 episodes.
    5. Nahima
      All of the heisei era. I am watching Decade as we speak. I have seen Black as well.
    6. Nahima
      YAY Kamen Rider Blade.
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