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May 6, 2017
Aug 15, 2010
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April 10
USS Enterprise

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    1. Applejack
      Happy Easter!
    2. Xyloxi
      Same here, I find myself coming back occasionally, especially to the Caf?, even though it's somewhat dysfunctional and a lot of my old NF friends are long gone. For me, I feel that this place is something constant in my life, even though I've changed so much since I joined up, being 15 at the time.

      I'm doing pretty well thanks, doing my master's in the Netherlands right now, and in two year's I'll be going on to a PhD. How've you been? Are you in Poland still?
    3. Bakatohunter56
      And you're gone.
    4. Xyloxi
      Long time no see Spock, how've things been?

      I decided to come back to NF after a very long break.
    5. LesExit
      I appreciate your avi
    6. Bakatohunter56
      where did u go? where have u been? have u been well? u like... dissapeared without saying goodbye ;_;

      I was afraid you were married into ISIS or something.
    7. Bakatohunter56
      *sniff* is that you, Spock? *sniff*
    8. Applejack
      Merry Christmas!
    9. Freechoice
      Your sadface rep made me sad :(
    10. baconbits
      I couldn't help myself with that lesbian rights one. I didn't think you'd see it, tho.
    11. Kusa
      Thats great.

      Berlin is awesome.There is just so much to see there.If you are interested in the historical events in Germany (before,during and after the WW2)it will be even better for you.I was only once in Berlin and it was great.
    12. Totitos
      awaken my master
    13. Kusa
      Oh,cool.Have you been in Germany as well ? :wtf

      that looks really scrumptious.I would like to taste that.
    14. Mael
      Spanks indeed.
    15. Mael

      She's Yazidi.
    16. tari101190
      Thanks for rep.
    17. afgpride

      my skype is onthatmangogrind, add me
    18. Kusa
      Sweden ? You are not living that far away from me.

      I always wanted to visit sweden.The chocolate is really taste there,isn't it ?:wtf
    19. Kusa
      Oh , you hate him that much :lmao I don't think we will see him too much in the new season anyway.

      Half iraqi and half turkish.I grew up in Germany though.
    20. Kusa
      He is hilarious :lmao His nickname is very suitable for him.Vic the baby dick would be even better,nah not even a Baby cries that much.

      From where are you from ?
    21. Fiona
      Currently going to school for something in the medical field, but I still have not picked a specific job. :psyduck
    22. Fiona
      Honestly I almost chose law school :hurr
    23. Kusa
      That scene was indeed very funny.:lmao Even Sarah had to laugh.Sarah should have tried to get her out from there, but Sarah also did not want to leave Kira for too long. Moreover ,she probably wanted to avoid getting into more trouble which is understandable in her position IMO.

      Oh, I love Fe.He is so awesome.He is so selfless and compassionate.Puts himself in all those shit for his sister when he could just leave and live his own life.He is the best foster brother that anyone can have.Also the way he talks.:lmao
      I find Donnie funny as well.What i like about this series is that there is not any boring character.Every character is interesting in their own way and most of them have a great influence over the plot.
    24. Kusa

      Helena :<3 I love it when she says sestra xD She is really cute.I love Alison as well especially her voice is funny.
    25. Kusa
      This is true.That makes her quite unique and interesting.You never know where exactly her position stands, but i believe her feelings for Cosima are not a bluff.

      Who is your fav clone ?
    26. Kusa
      I did not like her in the beginning when i found out that she was working for Dr.Leeki but this changed when i realized that her feelings for Cosima are real.
      She has sth really sensual about her.The way she acts and talks is so sexy and this is coming from a straight female :lmao
    27. Kusa
      Nice ava.I really like Delphine.
    28. Mael
      OMFG...that's spr srs.
    29. Bakatohunter56
      Oh, tell me when you are done E7. I have another recomm I think you'd really like.
    30. Bakatohunter56
      At the moment - no. I was thinking of doing a Masters but I am not so sure so I'mma take some time off and think it over.
      nvm not my bsness
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