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Feb 13, 2016
Sep 27, 2004
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May 3, 1985 (Age: 35)
System Administrator (DISA)


Hey dood!, 35

Ssj3_Goku was last seen:
Feb 13, 2016
    1. Death-kun
      Hey there, I've added you as a friend on my 3DS. Here's my FC in exchange.

    2. PlacidSanity
      Can't see the image from the BH section you posted. Are you talking about the LINDA project ones?
    3. Malvingt2
      Is from Bardock Special. got an anime of two episodes..
    4. CrazyMoronX
      I guess it's time to move then. :C I hate Colorado anyway. Maybe I'll moonlight as a superhero or something. :hmm
    5. CrazyMoronX
      I'll settle for a better job. :wtf I can do computer stuff. :wtf

      The wife part I have been working on myself but with pretty limited success. I did ask a girl to marry me, once, but she declined.
    6. CrazyMoronX
      Yeah. :( You're living my dream, bro. You should probably get me a job and a wife.
    7. CrazyMoronX
      I wish I had a cool job. :( And a life. :( And a fiance. :(
    8. CrazyMoronX
      Maryland, eh? What do you do exactly?

      When you get back are you going to post 24/7 until you catch up? Make things exciting again. :jackal Otherwise I'll have to bust my hump and catch up with Zaru for a rival. :(
    9. CrazyMoronX
      I got more than 10,000 posts on you, what happened to my post count rival? :scry WHY???????????
    10. pajamas
      what's up brah
    11. Outlandish
      hey mate long time no speek "it's me Makenshi" if you remember me you still pimping owt the games ? i was wondering if you could recommend a good DDR game + mat for the ps3 ? i don't care if it's wired or not

      thanks in advance *adds to friends*
    12. NinjaM
      Look at this guy with his education e-peen hanging out in his sig! :zaru

      I've got a B.S. in Computer Science w/ a minor in Business Administration too but you don't see me bragging about it. :gar
    13. Kaitou
      Here's a question...I want to make a thread of this game that has online..so what should I do?

      Make a main forum and make the matchmaking on the online section, or make the Discussion + Matchmaking in the online section?
    14. Kaitou
      Haha, yeah...I think it was a good idea to make that thread.
    15. Kaitou
      I did used the search feature...but I said it showed me no results....Well thanks for informing anyways.
    16. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      yea i went ahead and got everything except the stuff you need to do at the last fortress; ive stopped right before mechat game 3; the others im missing are wrap, barrier - both inside of nene's fortress, and i have to pick up a few monsters and items in the last dunegon but i havent missed anything that i need

      and although i guess technically its negative achievement you still need both the flee and run to get 100 %, so i got them both, i mean i honestly think nobody could play this game and get them if they tried to avoid them
    17. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      hey whats the best place to get the 100 monster fight achievement

      btw whyd you stop at 890 did you miss some of the missable monsters and items?
    18. bronzhawk
      I do what I can. Thanks for the rep. :grin
    19. menoo limit kitha
      menoo limit kitha
      thats better :nuts

      *cuddles* *hugs* *mwuahs*
    20. menoo limit kitha
      menoo limit kitha
      Yeh, but youre not invited, sweety :nuts
    21. menoo limit kitha
      menoo limit kitha
      elllo goku, nice to see you in the "naruto" forum :nuts smile-big

      ........welcome sweet chan
    22. silly
      Okay, thanks :)
    23. SakuraPaine
      thank yu =D
    24. Prince Leon
      Prince Leon
      Just added you to XBL :D
    25. chrisp
      thanks for the info..I have RE5, it was too easy imo

      I heard much good about Bioshock, so I'll get that. I'm thinking about Dead Space and the new Naruto fighting game as well.
    26. chrisp
      hey man, do you have a PS3? What games do you recommend?
    27. Jeαnne
      hey, if you dont have any party in the cafe, could you vote for the rubber chicken party please :B?


      ty <3333 :B
    28. CrazyMoronX
      Good, good. I'll post in there again, some day. :jackal
    29. CrazyMoronX
      Too lazy and busy to post in the Sony FC?! :yell
    30. CrazyMoronX
      I'm viewing your profile.
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    May 3, 1985 (Age: 35)
    System Administrator (DISA)
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    Computer Networking, Anime, Video Games, Music, Saxaphone Playing


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