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Oct 14, 2019 at 5:17 PM
Oct 25, 2007
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Mar 13, 1977 (Age: 42)
Back in Europe


Do something, Naruto!, 42, from Back in Europe

stream was last seen:
Oct 14, 2019 at 5:17 PM
    1. Freechoice
      find mrs right and get monogamous
    2. Kendall Jenner
      Kendall Jenner
      hy, i am kendall jenner, you may know me from the kardashians, but i hate it... especially kim since she's is a huge bitch!! she thinks i am uglier than her.... so please, say i am hotter and rep me in this post please hi hi hi thanks :love <33333 xxx
    3. Megaharrison
      They control all.
    4. Garfield
      u ninja'd me :-(
    5. Mongolia
      Have to spread some rep before...

    6. dorisbaby
      I am Miss Doris, 22 years of age,single(never married).
      I am beautiful and self assured girl with a huge sense of humor.I am sincere, honest,educated,romantic,faithful,kind,caring.
      l just saw your profile and became interested in knowing you more,l will be happy if you reach me(dorisbenzebi @ gmail . com)so that i will tell you all about me and also send my pictures to you.
      looking forward to hear from you soon.
      Your friend .
      Miss Doris
    7. Ryuzaki
      Cause I felt like it...
    8. Mongolia
      Perhaps I didn't realise that the posts were 11? Perhaps necroing a thread was an accident? So now I ask you what function does your neg have seperately from just telling me that I "necro'd a thread"?
    9. Itαchi
      Thanks for the rep, I see you have a sense for humor. :hurr
    10. Garfield
      Goddamit man :D: your post about the London and Tokyo subway system got me reading all I could find on the two cities and the various transit systems online :D: Watched youtube videos even. Wasted like 3 hours so far but still got some material to cover.
    11. Sky is Over
      Sky is Over
      I would neg you for the post you made in the FBI Islam 101 thread for being right and it being personally relevant to me, but personal policy prevents me.
    12. Francesco.
      http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=730796 i need help =(
    13. saprobe
      I also have a 2 year old. :D
    14. moh
      hehe thanks for the rep...
    15. Table
      Just wanted to say that I appreciate a lot of your posts in the cafe... nicely thought out and constructed well :)
    16. stream
      Sorry? What did I answer on my own profile?
    17. Mider T
      Mider T
      Why did you answer that on your own profile?
    18. stream
      I am partly Swedish indeed... Never lived there though
    19. exena
      Love your little My! Are you Nordic origin or just pure chance?
    20. Impy-Chan
      Hey is that a confirmed spoiler? Thank you for it anyway :)
    21. Rakiyo
      Hey stream not sure if you're into rps but mind taking a look at a new stat based rp im starting and see if you'd be intrested in joining

    22. Reptar Kamina
      Reptar Kamina
      god you are so troll'd
    23. stream
      1) Get a dictionary... Actually, I use http://www.nihongoresources.com/ , it's enough when the pronunciation is written.
      2) Buy all the manga in Japanese you can, or download from the net.
      3) Start reading... After the 200 times you look up a kanji, you're so tired of using the dictionary you learn the kanji :)

      I've got 300+ mangas, and I read all of them. Plus, I've been translating 1-2 manga chapters a week for three years.
      I also had a weekly Japanese lesson for two years, it helped a lot with advanced grammar.
    24. Munsu's Light
      Munsu's Light
      Where did you learn.. Your japanese.. I just want to know :p Maybe it will be good for me.. I need some helps with the kanji :yell
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    Mar 13, 1977 (Age: 42)
    Back in Europe
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    studying maths



    Bunny bunny bunny bunny BUNNY

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