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Jan 11, 2014
Oct 31, 2005
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Jul 10, 1989 (Age: 30)
Home Page:


Ǧ̴͚͠ǒ̳̹̘̄̈́ǫ͚̪͊ͬ̄̿ͮ̍͑ ́͢d̥ ̤̼̈̀͌, 30

Stumpy was last seen:
Jan 11, 2014
    1. fireking77
      Also am trying to get the game ATM so might not play it till ttomorrow
    2. raizen28
      greetings. I posted a vid of Ghost recon Online gameplay though. I meant to put it in the OP but I forgot.
    3. The Boss
      The Boss
      :iria Let me check steam. I'll let you know in a bit. :33
    4. The Boss
      The Boss
      Really? I find it creeeeeepy. :U
    5. The Boss
      The Boss
      During the Steam summer sale got Half Life 1, The Witcher, and Team Fortress 2. Can't believe I never played Half Life when it came out years ago. It's sooo gooooooood!!
    6. The Boss
      The Boss
      Shit yeeear! :datass

      BTW you name isn't as bad as my real name. It's "See." :geg
    7. The Boss
      The Boss
      Well.. Stacy is a cool name. :hurr
    8. The Boss
      The Boss
      Oh shit.. I didn't know you were Stacy. :LOS Why is your name Stacy? :U
    9. The Boss
      The Boss
      Wut? :U I dunno man... there is a lot of you.. why don't you add me? :LOS ID is Shoko86. :LOS :LOS :LOS
    10. The Boss
      The Boss
      Lets be buddies on steam. :zaru I just joined so I have no friends. :ano
    11. mahomy
    12. Vonocourt
      I'm being thinking about buying orange box again just so I could use that hat.
    13. Alice
      could you please disable your sig in your post ;< ?
    14. Alice

      hope I got it all right :pimp
      anyways, have fun, please don't forget to rep && cred ~
    15. TheAkatsukiSlayer
      get the f*ck out of here you stupid sh*t. dont trash ChaosBlazeX just becuz hes advertising a game. ur only doin it cuz you are too adicted to fansite forums and their reason for use. WE CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL WE WANT!
    16. Memos
      Done that for you.
    17. Munken
      mac? MAC?!

      I thought you were a pc gamer :pek
    18. Munken
      Yeah I already did, found it in your profile.
    19. Munken
      I can send you an inv, need a mail though.
    20. Mowgli Uchiha
      Mowgli Uchiha
      gah, ur sigs freaks me out. that movie was fucked up!
    21. Newton
      No worries, I was super late. Thanks anyway
    22. Newton
      Hey, still have the HoN beta key? :iria
    23. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      2 chapters away from completing pro, currently on 5-1

      Ndesu or el gigante was tough, but we actually ended up dying 1 time less than on veteran; so far the hardest part was 3-3 the level where you are on the boat trying to open the gate, we died 12 times
    24. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      dear God, Sheva makes me want to hack the game to input a new button function - Is Dr. Chris gonna have to smack a bitch?
      A. She shot me more than the enemies
      B. When I needed the kills for rankings she killed everyone in sight like ramboo
      C. when i needed here to actually help out she ran behind me and just stood there
      D. when fighting wesker where you need to be on both sides of him i could not get her to stay on one side
      E. she would waste healings right away

      yes she sucked, although jill is more of a stupid bitch, during that fight she would always jump in front of wesker or stand directly behind him and die in one hit, somehow causing me to lose in the process

      i personally think for the next game
      a. we need leon, i like chris, but leon S. kennedy is the man of myth and legend
      b. i agree with you that im tired of the cpu getting in your way
      but c. i would like an optional coop mode to be avaliable
      d. id like to see zombies again, i mean 5 honestly did not have a single enemy that freaked me out, 4 at least had regenerators and iron maidens

      plus personally i didnt like the african setting either

      but my question is what are they going to do , after wesker and spencer, everyone involved with umberlla is already dead, i guess they could use tricell but it wont be the same
    25. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      lawlz i was about to ask you about that , because i figure if you can beat El Gigante on Pro the rest of the pro should be fairly easy with unlimited weapons

      right now im renting it, but i have everything except veteran and pro, im on 5-3 of veteran, i had to return it, but ill probably finish next week; i had a perfect run on 6-3 and managed to get all S's for my last one at the same time as nabbing the diamond for the last jewel

      i like this game a lot, but RE 4 is still a good deal better, and i hope if they do a future coop game you can be somebody else besides sheva - dumbest CPU character in the history of gaming
    26. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      yea im trying to go for 1000, we just did that level on veteran; it wasnt too hard , i ll admit i died against el gigante for the first time, but after a few tries we beat him with green life remaining.

      Actually truth be told, as long as you are playing with someone thats good, there doesnt seem to be a big if any difference from normal.

      One more question i am missing S rank on two stages, but i am only missing one figurine; but supposedly you need S rank on all stages to unlock the last two, so whats the real deal on this one. All I am missing is the figurine right after Jill(RARE)
    27. Kira U. Masaki
      Kira U. Masaki
      Your Xbox username is Nihlity right?
      Question on Resident Evil 5, is the level where you shoot the Majini on motorcycles from the Humvee harder on veteran and pro. Its the only level that you cant take advantage of Unlimited ammo and the like, so i am wondering if the difficult might not have been bummed up as much.
    28. vervex
      You sure like creepy sets :p
    29. Vanity
      OMG you have that thing as your avatar? :uwah
    30. serger989
      Well, if you make an Order character, head on over to Vortex the server is nicely balanced atm :)
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    Jul 10, 1989 (Age: 30)
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