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Feb 19, 2018 at 2:54 PM
Apr 24, 2007
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North Pole.

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Obaa-chan, from North Pole.

Subarashii was last seen:
Feb 19, 2018 at 2:54 PM
    1. Ava
      Come online more often :fangirl
      1. Rai likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Ava
        Dont report me ever again grandma :)
        Feb 5, 2018
        Subarashii likes this.
      4. Subarashii
        Can't you see grandma is busy applying her neck rejuvenation cream?!
        Feb 5, 2018
        Ava likes this.
      5. Subarashii
        Feb 5, 2018
    2. baconbits
      Can you draw it?
    3. baconbits
      Hey, I didn't believe it at first because they are so good. A lot of people will steal someone's pics and just shade or color it a bit. That's some awesome artwork, tho. You think you could do a signature pic of my boy for me?
    4. baconbits
      Did you draw that pic on your deviant art thing yourself? Its pretty good.
    5. EJ
      K, I just sent you a /tell
    6. EJ
      What was your character name on a RR?
    7. NaS
    8. EJ
      but yeah yeah yeah go ahead and add me on a friend's list or something. It gets boring playing with complete strangers at times haha.
    9. EJ
      Thaisie Jeness

      Intana Sherro

      Vhan Lonx

      I was grinding with the female elf at first. There is so much to do in the game.
    10. EJ

      I created the characters on Exodus after I renewed my subscription.
    11. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      Faith in humanity restored! Thank you! :WOW
    12. baconbits
      I guess we've gone full circle then: why do people do it? I think they either think its funny or they get off on having people either be disgusted or see them aroused.

      You ever try posting in the Plaza?
    13. baconbits
      Lol! I just saw this sentence out of nowhere, forgot the context and just died laughing.


      Back on topic, I still wouldn't want to see a pic of either, lol. Breasts and full figure shots are tempting; a straight v-shot isn't appealing.
    14. baconbits
      I can't understand it. I'm out of touch, maybe, because lots of people are doing it. I remember even Brett Favre did it to some woman that worked for the Jets.

      I would not want random vag pix, lol. That would just sicken me. People look best with some clothes on. Besides, how could you tell one from another?
    15. baconbits

      What's up with dick pix? My boss was just telling me a story yesterday about how one of his former bosses lost a 200,000 dollar job because he started sending dick pix to his office staff. What about that is appealing to anybody, lol?
    16. baconbits
      How can they not? Its mentioned like every other post, lol.

      I remember that when Spock used to post in the convo she told me there were a number of users always trying. Even after rejection they never stopped, lol. It was pathetic but probably super annoying to be on the receiving end of.
    17. baconbits
      I keep laughing at some of these guys. Do any of them secretly try and ask you to send them pics and stuff?
    18. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      I wouldn't say muscles function exactly like rubber bands. But, the amount of explosive energy a muscle produces could be inversely proportional to the distance it contracts, which could be related to range of motion.

      Ha. I've seen a lot of people like that. People who run up and down stairs and go all out with no warm up, trying to be hardcore. Not realizing they might be doing other things to maximize their gains.
    19. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      No cold stretching for me. :maybe

      Its based on the concept muscles could be analogous to rubber bands. The longer and further a rubber band stretches the more *pop* or explosiveness it can deliver. A muscle that can stretch further could be like a bigger rubber band with a little extra kick. It wouldn't translate much to static strength or weight lifting. But, in terms of explosiveness there might be an added bonus.

      I think proper stretching does reduce injury. It could be a basic fundamental of injury prevention.
    20. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      Well, have you ever wondered what factors define the strength of a muscle? Or what effects flexibility, stretching and range of motion have upon muscle contraction? A muscle that can flex further and has a wider range of motion could in theory be stronger. Based on that concept, a person who does the right type of stretching could develop muscles that are stronger than someone who doesn't do it.

      Some might take a simplistic approach in believing lifting weights and protein intake is all there is to strength training. But, I know some cultures included forms of flexibility training similar to yoga as well as massage therapy and other approaches.

      Some went so far as to claim they could influence muscles to grow stronger with better endurance by using the right massage therapy as a person grew from adolescence into adulthood. Its a legend rumored to be like a type of lost art.

      Sometimes, when I get bored I try to do things that are impossible that I don't have a prayer of achieving. Just to see how far I can get. So, I tried to develop my own system of fundamental stretches (yoga) to see if I could see any noticeable gains.

      Its probably a bad idea. I think a person who stretches incorrectly can damage their body, joints, etc. Knowing human anatomy and having a good grasp of what is healthy or unhealthy is probably a minimum starting point. Which I lack. But, I did it anyway.

      Falling asleep, yet? I can go on if you like. :awesome
    21. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      Wait. If I'm not allowed to watch you do yoga. And... you're not sexy when you do yoga. Is it really a restriction? I still need to try yoga, sometime. I tried to invent my own system of yoga awhile ago. But, then again, it is tough for me to invent something I know nothing about, huh?

    22. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      I wasn't aware yoga Suba is a sexy Suba. Now I feel like I'm missing out on important things in life. :lmao

      I never hit on anyone from NF. No worries. :noworries
    23. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      Aye. Different timezone. :pirate Well, I wish I could be your super fabulous gay work buddy. But, I'm not that fab or gay.
    24. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      Sounds like me. :lmao I'm cutting into my work out time, being on NF. :sniff Going to make breakfast, bbl's. :zaru
    25. Sanity Check
      Sanity Check
      Your big girl job... isn't special? I never said that. I feel like... I'm being thrown a curve. :sniff

      I wouldn't pretend to know. I feel guilty when I spend a lot of time on NF. I feel like I should be doing push ups as penance or something.

    26. Bakatohunter56
      Only if the world was perfect. :pek
    27. Bakatohunter56
      Hahaha, for the most part it was just a joke accusation, but most people here are pretty immature (especially when they are being serious).
    28. Bakatohunter56
      No, they are being tsundere. Much like how as kids, boys use to pick on girls they liked or girls use to be rude tot he boys they liked.
    29. Bakatohunter56
      BY WHAT LOGIC????

      AND NO!!! We cool.
    30. Bakatohunter56
      No, baby, that's as real as it gets. :smoke
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