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sukker monkeez
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Sep 6, 2009
Aug 4, 2008
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Under Your Bed Where The Dust-Bunnies Are
Writing. Pissing people off. Etc.

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sukker monkeez

Member, from Under Your Bed Where The Dust-Bunnies Are

sukker monkeez was last seen:
Sep 6, 2009
    1. Yαriko
      I asked only if you want

      if you dont it;s ok:amuse
    2. Yαriko

      can you vote here for the rubber chicken with a condom on its head please?:wtf

    3. Ice Prince
      Ice Prince
      Haha oh. Well if it makes you feel any safer, I've done it many times lol.
    4. Ice Prince
      Ice Prince
      Kicked off? What you mean? :P

      And thank you. I'm glad you liked my myspace haha. ^_^
    5. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Here you ares mai darling~:awesome
    6. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Kyaa! Dittosss!:iria
      I lurves him so vry mooch!:wtf I'm glad a found a fellow Sai cosplayer! You have to send me pictures of yours! I will likewise fo'sho~, you in teh Sai penis FC?:canttouchthis
    7. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      AUK.HF RHU;MYUH7TY!!!!
      Are you serious?!? I'm going as Sai as well!:iria
      Thats so cool!:X3
      Les see....I'm going with a Lolita Hinata, an Itachi,
      a Fai-(Tsubasa)-, and a Sasori~♥
      -(Loveless...:LOS NatsuoxYouji FTW~:ohpek)-
    8. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Oh! You cosplayin' as anyone?:iria
    9. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      I noes rite?D:

      They could be screwing with you, or you won't be able to tell who they are!:argh
    10. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      I haven't found anyone on here going to mine yet.:pek
    11. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Its this January somewhar in Pheonix AZ.~:awesome
    12. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Gettin ready for Comicon 09~!:X3
    13. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      So whats shaken thar bacon?:D
    14. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Hmmmm? A present you say?:LOS
      Well I'm uberly delighted that it was a good one!:wtf
    15. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Kyaa! So how was it?:LOS
    16. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      O good!:sweat
      I hope you enjoy it~!:hurr
    17. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Gaaah! Happy late Birthday!!:argh
      ~*slaps self*~
      I'm sorry I didn't know:ano
    18. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Me toooo~!:wtf

      Are you having a vry Merry Christmas?:hurr
    19. DattebaYAOI-chan♥
      Awwww! Your sweet comment really made my day!:wtf
      I'd totally love to be friends~!:flop
    20. Narutard in footeh jamas
    21. Narutard in footeh jamas
    22. Narutard in footeh jamas
      Narutard in footeh jamas
      Haha, you hate all these people...
      That's 'cause you egg them on, dearest.
    23. Narutard in footeh jamas
      Narutard in footeh jamas
      Jeez...you're cocky!
      I LOVE YOU!
    24. Smash_2451
      You beg me to argue it? Fine. And hey, this whole argument began with you giving the neg points and going on the name calling when you could've kept your feelings to yourself.

      But sure, you want a counterpoint? Look at immigrants. Do you think that if the ones were losing something that went "against their rights," would win the fight in the end, why would we still have immigration restriction laws? Why would we still have massive protests unless the problem was solved? Same goes with marriage. If it's allowed in California, it will be banned somewhere else. It won't end. Eventually, some other state will restrict it.
    25. Smash_2451
      Hm. You really must be confused. Aside from your sexuality, of course. First you say to stop messaging you, now you want some explanation. Make up your mind.

      Fine. And you know what? My answer is going to be up in plain view for your little friends to see and laugh and taunt at, but I don't care. You and your kind have taken what was fair in matrimony and turned it into foul. I'm not going to fall back on religious justification, the slippery slope argument, or regurgitate what rabid fundamentalists have said. You all make this ridiculous claim that somehow you found an affinity for the same gender at birth and that being...as you are, is determined at birth. If it is, it must be a defect. Honestly, what kind of filth is put in your head when someone tells you "It's OK to be gay" and you accept it. If it was natural, everyone would be like you people, but they aren't because they realized what their reproductive organs are for- the opposite gender. And none of this "they can still adopt" crap. If you're so confused about your sexuality that the only way you can have a child with someone of the same gender is to adopt one, you don't deserve to be a parent.

      Yes, heterosexual marriage is plagued with wife/husband beatings, divorces, broken promises and families, but letting you all get married won't change anything. If anything, it will increase what's already wrong. And the other problem is that you all attack virtually everyone who disagrees with you. Sure, most of those who agree with you are either out there, closet cases, or just liberal, but that doesn't change anything. You call anyone who is against it a Nazi or something generic like "the KKK," but you never want anyone calling you a poof, queer, rug muncher, or fruit even though that's what you are. Yes, me insulting you doesn't make it better, but neither is your people insulting those who are against it. You all claim to be all about peace, yet attack people and interrupt services for no reason other than to flaunt your so-called unrequited love. And all I can say is be proud that the Court decided to hear your case again. You all found judges sympathetic enough- or closeted enough- to give you another shot, and if they overturn it, it's just a sign that you all are spreading like a bad virus and infecting everyone that used to think rational before getting a case of the gay bug. Yeah, you may find this funny, but no funnier than some of the rants some of your kind have conjured up around here. If it's not overturned, then we still have decent people in the world.

      And your movement is nothing like Civil Rights. Blacks were fighting for basic freedoms, you all just want marriage. No one's denying you housing, forcing you to the back of buses, or driving you from cities in major epidemics and I challenge you to say otherwise. You're using the Civil Rights Movement as a mirror because you have nothing else to fall back on. Your kind does not deserve the same types of liberties.

      You're a parasite, and so are all of the others. You want marriage? Leave the country or find a sympathetic state to admit you, but don't place the blame on those who voted Yes because they have every right to.

      End quote.
    26. Smash_2451
      Again, putting words in my mouth. Not once did I say "fruit marriage is wrong." I disagree with it with a passion just like you love it with a passion. Get the facts straight.

      And I love how you completely avoided acknowledging that I proved your faulty logic that you wanted me to find. I love how you spent this entire time thinking your arguments had no faulty logic, and now that you were proven wrong, you try to laugh it off without accepting that you made a mistake.
    27. Smash_2451
      I can tell you several. And before I do, I'd prefer that you get a backbone as opposed to running to others like hammer. His grammar is already poor. Don't expect him to help your arguments.

      "Ah, but you have to, my friend! We embrace being black! We embrace being white! We embrace being millato.... We embrace being straight!! How about we embrace being gay??!!"

      (Mulatto. Spell check, maybe? You're almost as bad as hammer.) Again, this comparison between fruits and race is ridiculous. First off, we don't embrace it. That's ethnocentrism and only involves members of that race. Society as a whole doesn't embrace; we tolerate it. You tolerate someone being of a race different than you and accept it- by embracing it, you give the impression that you want to be that person. And as the passing of this proposition has shown, the majority does not want to embrace a case like you, no matter how many multicolored flags you wave.

      And then.

      "We all realize that women are raped. Hell, we all realize how high the numbers are. And yeah, I agree, the numbers are way too high. But people are being KILLED! Becaues they like the same sex! What if you were killed for liking the opposite sex? What if your parents were? What if your brother (not saying you have one or whatever. Im no stalker) was killed because he was gay? Would those "low numbers" mean something to you then? Probably not right?"

      Problem here is that you're trying to tie in a measly 1,200 deaths of people who were probably acting out and had it coming in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of people who die because of who they were. Fruits die. Wow. The motive for killing them is that they were fruits in the same way a woman is raped because she's an easy target or an immigrant is killed because he's a waste of space. Trying to turn it ob a "What if it was someone I knew" scenario never works, so don't even try. People are being killed. Some random fruit who died because of their orientation is no big deal in comparison to those who die for far more important reasons.

      Anything else? If you want to get married, either leave the country or realize that you- as a woman- are just a vessel for a MAN to fill, not your female lover. So don't you dare accuse me of being "anti-gay" and get your facts straight.
    28. hammer
      na my days are pretty freaking dullD= jsut ignore him its not worth are time. and when prop8 gets turned over we can laugh at him in the thread
    29. hammer
      hey monkeez how was your day
    30. Smash_2451
      Again, you're just putting words in mouth because you're too angry. Go back and carefully read what's posted- possibly your own too to find the faulty logic- before assuming you know what I think.
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    Under Your Bed Where The Dust-Bunnies Are
    Writing. Pissing people off. Etc.
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    All together. =]
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    I am a writer. I am bisexual. There is nothing else you need know.

    Writing. Pissing people off. Etc.


    i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear; and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)
    i fear
    no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
    no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
    and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
    and whatever a sun will always sing is you
    here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
    higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
    and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart
    i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
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