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Dec 12, 2017
Oct 7, 2005
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Mar 2, 1989 (Age: 30)
C-137, Multiverse
I dunno lol


<font color="##5262fc">of the Rebellion</font>, 30, from C-137, Multiverse

Sunuvmann was last seen:
Dec 12, 2017
    1. Elias
    2. Fiona
      I commented on my own wall again :defeat
      1. Sunuvmann
        Its fine with the new shitty forum update. Its like facebook now of it being posts and then comment strings.
        Aug 18, 2016
    3. Wild
      Do you still have those variations of :vegeta you made?
      1. Sunuvmann
        I would if photobucket wasn't such shit and impossible to use. :sag
        Jul 26, 2016
      2. Wild
        Know dat feel.

        DMn. Thanks anyways.
        Jul 26, 2016
    4. Raiden
      Hey sunny. do you think it makes any sense to go after a PhD in education rom Johns Hopkins? I was thinking about getting one (the program is four years) and then maybe jumping into consulting.

      another option is to go after a jd in corporate law. but I was told by a lot of people that this is probably not a good idea due to work hours etc.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Suigetsu
        Is Marine biology profitable? in the sense of getting really good pay and such?
        Jun 9, 2017
      3. Sunuvmann
        No clue! I'd imagine the positions are a tad limited and specialized so they would pay well but there's probably a bit of competition.
        Jun 9, 2017
      4. Suigetsu
        I knew it, I should had been an actor.
        Jun 9, 2017
    5. Deleted member 73050
    6. Fiona
      I stayed up playing The Witcher :iria

      So sleepy :coffee
    7. Fiona
    8. Fiona
      You're welcome :tomato
    9. Fiona
      Hi :bye

      I am sorry I haven't been on. Work, Class, and physical therapy has me with pretty much no freetime :(

      I am gonna try and be on this weekend to fix up the RWBY thread so message me!
    10. Kenneth
      Actually I'm surprised at tumblr for being so nice as well
      Granted I haven't gone into the deep end of this particular pool but damn, it's just good art and complimenting the game all over

      Makes me feel fuzzy
    11. Kenneth
      bruh i'm wired on reddit rn
      this fandom is actually a bunch of nice people, didn't expect that
    12. Kenneth
      Hey thanks
      Rushed as fuck but eventually I'll spruce this puppy up

      I can't believe I'm going on a fanart hunt
      Reverting back to Kenneth prime aring I???
    13. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      I figured out the issue. Just started a brand new game and everything makes sense now.
    14. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      There's a bunch of DLC that's 6 dollars or less that let you play all the different religions and what not. Got that so I could mess around and do whatever I please in the game.
    15. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      Ah, I don't have that dlc. Can't afford it just yet. Otherwise, it would be a simple matter of giving my heir (which I only have one) and my vassals all of the excess territory if it wasn't so many holdings and the amount of titles I'm able to hand out.
    16. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      Hmm. Well, that happened at the beginning of the game. It hasn't happened since. It's kinda gnawing at me. Then again, I'm tempted to just conquer everything and dole stuff out as I go. Maybe create duchies (or whatever the Mongol equivalent is) and hand them off as I go. I did let a bunch of vassals go independent, though I'm not sure if that means they're still kinda my vassals or not. :catthinks.
    17. Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins
      I'm confused with how to reduce the Mongols' demesne size. I have like 60 something holdings to reduce and I can't seem to do anything about it because I suck. Do I really need to go through and make like 50 something chieftains? D:

      Edit: Yes, this is CKII
    18. Zyrax
      >that moment when you realise that Obama is the American Gracchus
    19. Mael
      Flowey is the nightmare fuel I need and deserve. Thanks. :awesome
    20. Zyrax
      What are your thoughts on the the Heartland theory of Mackinder?
    21. Morphine
      i'm doing great with the baby btw ;33
    22. Mael

      The heroes we truly need but truly do not deserve...
    23. gabies
      so far they have a mario one, teletubbies one, pharrel williams, and star wars

      ill link themhere

      star wars:
      pharrel williams
    24. gabies
      have you seen any of the screaming sun edits popping all over youtube?

    25. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I thought it fit with my bird motif.
    26. gabies
      came back from the dead

      and also, do you post in the rick and morty subreddit at all?
      ive been active there since i started watching rick and morty last year.
    27. gabies
      this ^ (use bro) .
    28. Zyrax
      What Are your thoughts on Igor Girkin and his threats of Overthrowing Putin like how Nicolas was overthrown and creating an Ultra Nationalist Goverment if Putin fails in Ukraine?
    29. Zaru
      Option 3: Remove Kebap from premises
    30. Zyrax
      Can you make a comment about my Fundamentalism post in the Debate section, man?
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    Mar 2, 1989 (Age: 30)
    C-137, Multiverse
    I dunno lol


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