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Last Activity:
Nov 11, 2013
Mar 14, 2007
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Sovereign Slayer

Sylar was last seen:
Nov 11, 2013
    1. Judas
      Aaaaaaaand you're in. :distracted
    2. Judas
      Informed everyone in the quality convo. Now just you have to wait for an admins approval. :noworries
    3. Judas
      The server tends to act up at times. You have to keep fighting, bro. :-(
    4. Judas

      What happened?
    5. Judas

      Do you have an account on the quality site already?
    6. Judas
      Bowing out of the obd, with no regrets.
    7. Judas
      We do what we can to make sure all events are as historically accurate as possible. :maybe
    8. Judas
      Did you notice us documenting EM's life in the convo? :maybe
    9. Judas
      Real refs tried screwing Green Bay. :lmao

      Guess they wanted to show them how proffesionals do it. :maybe
    10. Judas

    11. Judas

      The irony behind his statements are just mindnumbing. And in the meantime, TJ Lang's amount of twitters followers is now higher than DB powerlevels.
    12. Judas
      Let me know when they confuse the Ravens with the Orioles. :lmao
    13. Judas
      Tate in particular is making himself look more and more like a douchebag.

    14. Judas
      @the image

      Didn't even take the chance to properly evaluate it. :facepalm

      If this isn't the back breaking straw between whatever shit that's between the real refs and the owners, I don't know what is. It's a shame it came to this, but I gut feeling things were going to bad with that ref fucking up the Ogletree with his hat.
    15. Judas
      I almost want to strangle some of the people on youtube

      "There wasn't enough evidence to overturn the call on the field. Also, if a receiver AND a defensive player both have the possession of the ball when they are down, possession goes to the receiver. NFL rules ... love or hate them, they're still the rules."

      "ellaborate? clearly both players caught the ball at the same time. it only looks as if jennings has more of the ball because he jumped higher and has the ball against his chest, but theres nothing in the rule book saying a reciever officially catches the ball when he brings it to his chest."

      "I can't believe you cry baby's It is a shame you cannot see Seattle make this catch, You are all in denial."

    16. Judas
      Did you see that MNF game man?

      Jesus fucking christ...
    17. Judas
      The same thread where everyone except him could tell that Attez was Zetta?

    18. Judas
      The recurring thing in my mind was why would people even bother debating with him on the matter. Seriously the fucking sig that he's wearing right now already depicts his stance on the matter. And lol, at his attempts to move the goalposts.
    19. Judas
      Viewing that thread where shit doesn't get resolved per usual? :maybe
    20. Judas

    21. Judas
      I must've made about 3-4 boards before getting to that. :lmao

      Quality was in high demand. :maybe
    22. Judas

    23. Judas
      I like how he tries to act like he's trolling the obd, but everyone knows he's a toy. :maybe
    24. willyvereb
      Alright, since Ulti is temporally banned from threadmaking you're taking his place.
      You're allowed to create the next convo thread.
    25. Naruto
      The extra hours was definitely a mistake. There was like an hour left on your ban, right? I just lifted it.
    26. Black Leg Sanji
      Black Leg Sanji
      Me too. It will take quite a few years though since they are working on a Batman-project :maybe

      Oh well, atleast we can look forward to Sea of Dreams :awesome
    27. Black Leg Sanji
      Black Leg Sanji
      While i agree about the story and the scary atmosphere its still a fun game

      But yeah, preferably Monolith should make their own sequel once again

      Edit: What could explain that it lacks in the singleplayer department is that it was developed mainly for MP and Co-op this time around, without Monolith being the main developers

      For the record, it was because of those two elements mostly that i purchased the game (And well, i am a F.E.A.R-fan)

    28. Black Leg Sanji
      Black Leg Sanji
      So, have we tried F.3.A.R yet? :maybe

      FYI, the gameplay is :datass
    29. Castiel
    30. Kamen Rider Ryoma
      Kamen Rider Ryoma
      Might wanna come online on MSN so that you won't miss the start.:LOS
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