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Apr 5, 2016
Sep 28, 2005
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Don't Judge Me, from Canada

syrup was last seen:
Apr 5, 2016
    1. Ra
      Someone smart would come across it and absorb the story presented, it may not be many, but by releasing it you're fulfilling your fundamental goal of someone viewing and understanding it. It may not be as much people as you expect, but the point is you published your thoughts and it reached people. I'd actually like to hear your story, you're not an average person.
    2. Ra
      Your posts are interesting and it's really different from the norm concerning real life issues. It gives me wisdom and another outlook to a human. You post from experience and provide much more of an understanding to things concerning personalities.
    3. Mithos
      Thanks for rep :heart

      And Mithos is awesome!
    4. Dark Kiva
      Dark Kiva
      good for you. now chew on this :fu and be a good boy.
    5. Dark Kiva
      Dark Kiva
      it will be, when you you fly, do you have memory loss? you don't remember me? or was my username changed? lol, when i was a newb you negged me for no reason, and for some reason i was upset, maybe it was cos my rep was low...

      anyway look at your self, you're a noob now, low rep, not saying mine is high.

      anyway chew on this. :fu
    6. Dark Kiva
      Dark Kiva
      i hate yo noob ass.

      it's true. :)
    7. Soichiro
      Princess Lover :)
    8. Dark Kiva
    9. Icegaze
      No problemo. :kthumb
    10. Icegaze
      Those 5 people young adult Jiraiya met during his trip are 5 of the bodies Pain will use as his Rikudo killing machine. The puppet master was Asura (Demon Realm) Pain. The rest, I'm sure you'll find out yourself. :LOS
    11. Z
      thanks but im changing it :hurr
    12. dummy plug
      dummy plug
      thanks for the rep :amuse
    13. Tranquil Fury
      Tranquil Fury
      Karas, great anime. Also thank you for the rep.
    14. Beastly
      thanks for the rep, you have a cool sig too.
    15. RivFader
      That's a big spoiler :awesome
      Dont read further in this sentence, if you don't want to be spoilered:The character's Pride, a homunculus who took the form of Selim Bradley, the Fuhrer's son.
    16. RivFader
      The series is called Full Metal Alchemist. There're 2 animes and a manga in existance, but I prefer the manga. You may visit the FMA Anime subforum or FMA Manga Thread. I hope I could help :)
    17. Red_Blueberry
      Thanks for the rep ^^
    18. Mashy
      I imagine syrup being poured onto the naked body of my prime minister.

      All the time.
    19. Dark Kiva
      Dark Kiva

      What's up ?
    20. Zaxxon
      I don't really hate you. :zaru

    21. Judge Gabranth
      Judge Gabranth
      Thx man, My sig is Albert Wesker from resident evil series.
    22. fightoffyourdemons
      Most are, but there are some great ones out there to. I used to be really cynical about it until I met this girl a few months ago. I still think most girls are rather heartless, but I know there are some who have their feet on the ground.
    23. fightoffyourdemons
      I like classy girls. That girl was trash in every sense of the word.
      Your profile says you're 20. I have a hard time believing that.
    24. macdelz
      dat was cold...
      i don't get ur point though..
      hehe ^^,
    25. Dark Kiva
      Dark Kiva
      Hello there.
    26. sheena
      Thanks for the rep:)
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