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Dec 7, 2010
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April 7
female body inspector
    1. Mongolia
      thanks for the rep on the "most Godly moment evurr thread"
      When Itachi pulled that Susanoo is totally invincible thing I litteraly got chills when reading down to thatt, especially when I knew that he was actually a good guy acting all baddd:WOW
    2. Vash
      Thanks for the rep :amuse
    3. Mistshadow
      I posted my reasons, but the main one is the kunai is in his pouch so its not really activated, notice how everytime he uses his hiraishin on a kunai or his seal it is in an open space, and most of the times except for twice he is making a hand seal to do hiraishin. I also have my suspicions that it was that movement that rin was talking about his shunshin rather than when minato actually used hiraishin to get to enemy. On top of that people don't realize just how much of a speed beast he is. Keep in mind that he got his yellow flash moniker from more than just his hiraishin, but shunshin too as we see what madara says at that one moment when he did shunshin and we know raikage is in a similar speed tier as him and we saw how beast that was with his shunshins. it's not hard to put 2 and 2 together, he's fast and he used his speed to save his student.
    4. Mistshadow
      yup I'm done with the topic again now. I don't know whats worse, this one or people thinking minato used hiraishin to save kakashi chidori charging in kakashi gaiden when obviously he used shunshin
    5. Mistshadow
      i give up they removed the last 750 posts of mine on searching back lol
    6. Mistshadow
      lol oh trust me i have argued that Sasuke has tsukuyomi to no end, i'll show you some of my past posts.
      One thing to note is that he NEVER used the enton/kagutsuchi until AFTER he already released susanoo, so the genjutsu and amaterasu must be what he used to awaken susanoo.
    7. Addy
    8. Chibason
      i think that is what made Rikudo so amazing. He was able to do it. BUt, we'll have to wait for more info from Kishi :amuse
    9. Chibason
      True, you gave good reasoning. It's funny that you and I agree on that and also about the EMS eye fusion, which are both controversial ideas, but we disagree on Rikudo :amuse
    10. Aeiou
      thanks for the rep bro
    11. Aeiou
      Lmao you know I was thinking about that too. 'How Do You Want It' would go good with Killer Bee :maybe
    12. Aeiou
      Episode 204. Pretty sick, hurrrrr? :hurr
    13. Ryuzaki
      Thanks for the rep! lol, glad it made you laugh, I think it's a funny sig too!
    14. Judecious
      You do have a point but I doubt I read madara is the creator/all things evil which could be sasuke.
    15. PikaCheeka
      I just find it comical that people actually WANT the hero to be stronger than the final villain.
    16. PikaCheeka
      Thanks for the rep. :edu
    17. Canute87
    18. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "Normal Members - Your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your signature (540 x 734) is well over the allowed height and needs to be removed or resized.
    19. Hexa
      Hi, yeah, I one of the bosses here.

      Check out this thread:
    20. SageRafa
      yes , but your truth is a little different than mine :laugh
    21. SageRafa
      try starting speaking the truth or being a little less biased ..
    22. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      Kid?dumbass?lol tell me you aren't that desperate :lmao

      I responded to you and you responded back to me.Obviously we both contradicted ourselves however im well aware of that and i only meant at as a joke, while you.. :lmao

      As for the provoking and the hate Faildara comments, what do you expect?You come to a topic where everyone praises Pain and is made just to wank him and you come here and talk about how he doesn't come near Faildara's badassness.. what did you expect?You were the one provoking people so don't cry to me about provoking you :lmao
    23. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      Make me look even worse?:lmao You are funny :lmao You didn't do anything that would make me look bad :lmao

      And yes you didn't ignore and made the effort to respond to me not once, not twice but three times and than you say you don't care?Are you acting stupid or you just are?NEWSFLASH when you don't care what someone says you actually ignore him and not just say you could have.

      I was rep sealed two months after i registered until middle of January.I got to paragon of hope in two months and then to bastion of truth in one month.You don't have the excuse that you registered later.

      And people always respond to me to all my posts no matter what but obviously they don't care :lmao
    24. Deshi Basara
      Deshi Basara
      By the same logic you replied to me as well.You obviously care as well :lmao And look at how much more green i have compared to you :datass What i have to say>>>>> what you have to say 100% fact
    25. Cyphon
      Man Itachi let Jiraiya live.

      Proof please.

      Kisame was surprised and confused as why itachi retreated.

      Because he thought they could escape with Naruto (which was their goal) Jiraiya even later admits it took a lot of effort to separate them from Naruto. Jiraiya not being able to protect Naruto doesn't mean he is weaker than Itachi :/

      We've even seen the powers of both characters and Itachi's skill set is far deadly and superior.

      Your opinion. I believe they are both pretty much equally deadly depending on the opponent they face. And Kishi lead us to believe that Jiraiya had the skill set deadly enough to kill Itachi just as Itachi had a skill set deadly enough to kill Jiraiya.
    26. Cyphon
      The manga hasn't made anything clear except that there is very little space no matter which side you choose. So to say it is obvious is just bias bullshit. Even if starting something wasn't intentional you should know the way you worded it wasn't appropriate in any case. Calling something common sense that has never even come close to being hinted at as being that clear cut it absurd.
    27. LostSelf
      Thanks for the rep :)!
    28. Closet Pervert
      Closet Pervert
      Thnx 4 the rep.
    29. kisame123
      thanks for the rep! check out the same thread and other posts I wrote!
    30. PikaCheeka
      Thanks for the rep.
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    April 7
    female body inspector
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
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    billiards and cigars
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