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Dec 7, 2010
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April 7
female body inspector
    1. balboass
      everything's fine. it's christmas break, all is good.

      i liked chapter 699. 700 was forgettable. it was like the harry potter ending, everybody's happy with da kids, and it was unnecessarily rushed.
    2. balboass
      yoo what up! i ain't see for a long time! did you like the ending?
    3. Mongolia
      ^ (use bro)


    4. Punished Pathos
    5. Punished Pathos
    6. Monster
      It's from Mortal Kombat X
    7. Bloo
      Agreed. Even the fact that all he did was a clever hand distraction, coupled with an insanely fast execution of hand seals, a suiton, and then an exploding bunshin feint. However, he pulled it off so well that it was polished to the point where he had complete control of the battle against three jounin. Truly badass.
    8. Weapon
      I mainly read Seinen outside of Naruto but yeah BOTI easily a masterpiece. I hate how people try to compare Vagabond to it. What was better, Shira's character or Habaki vs Anotsu lol
    9. Weapon
      Blade probably my favorite manga of all time, it's good aint it?
    10. PikaCheeka
      It's funny because I can't see a single negative post in that thread unless someone quotes it. I have gotten so good at IL-ing all the shitty Madara haters.

      It was a pretty good ending. I'd have liked more to it, and there are some minor details, but overall, it was the best ending for him possible given the circumstances. No Naruto, TnJ, RT, "I just wanted to be Hokage", "it was all Izuna", "I was used I'm so sorry" etc... Just him and Hashi, not even an apology. :lmao
    11. PikaCheeka
      I saw the last page on tumblr and am now eagerly awaiting the damage control from Kaguya fans, especially because I have never met a Kaguya fan who didn't obsessively trash on Sakura. :cat
    12. PikaCheeka
      I tried to explain what had recently happened to someone who dropped the manga at the Tobito reveal and their reaction was pretty epic. :lmao

      Same. I actually get upset every Tuesday night now, knowing more shit is coming, whether I read it or not. I really had fun with this manga, and this forum, for 5 years, but now the manga is garbage and the forum is a ghost-town. Even a lot of my favorite Japanese fanartists packed up and quit the fandom. :(
    13. PikaCheeka
      If you read them carefully, you'd still get a 0.

      There's literally nothing to comprehend. I did actually try to read a couple of them but the manga is pretty much an acid trip now. Maybe half of what happens makes sense, and even then it only makes sense as much as Alice in Wonderland makes sense. Mad suspension of disbelief is required, as is your sense of logic. Like I can comprehend that Rin randomly appeared, helped Kakashi and Obito defy gravity, killed Obito, etc... then Obito came back to life as a 12-year-old to give his ghost eyes to Kakashi who then grew a PS. I know that happened but if you ask me how or why I will have no clue what to say.
    14. PikaCheeka
      I think I'm skipping chapters again until Mads returns.
    15. PikaCheeka
      Five years of my life on this fucking website as of yesterday. :lmao
    16. Klue
      I have no answers for you bro. :catprone
    17. PikaCheeka
      678 was the worst. The manga's been trash ever since but that was the chapter that killed it for good, not this. This is trivial.
    18. PikaCheeka
      :lmao I think people are over-reacting.

      Yea it was unbelievable shit but after 678, I stopped having any expectations. This is just comical by now. I'm surprised this is the breaking point for so many people but Kaguya and her slime child weren't.
    19. Veo
      The moon is an artificial construction, mark my words
    20. PikaCheeka
      The damage control should be fun.
    21. PikaCheeka
      I can't believe people argued that she would be a badass villain. All she's done is cry and get KO'ed by SnJ.
    22. the real anti christ
      the real anti christ
      When I roll up bitches pay heed. Yeah I am totally a chick. The user name throws people off.
    23. the real anti christ
      the real anti christ
      You know I love dat gif yo, your rep is much appreciated :blinditachi
    24. Klue
      My fear is that Kaguya's defeat will also mean Madara's as well. They ripped the Tailed Beast out of her, leaving both her and Madara helpless.

      Epic troll.

      And lol @ aliens. :lmao

      Jesus, it's gonna happen. :oh
    25. Klue
      Fuck bro. :geg

      I would have loss that bet too.
    26. Klue
      What was the bet exactly?
    27. Prince Vegeta
      Prince Vegeta
      ya lol i guess he is one of those fags who came up with the Madara and Hashirama bromance shit.
    28. Prince Vegeta
      Prince Vegeta
      Thanks for the rep

      some fag neg'd me for that post lol
    29. CyberianGinseng
      The bet said you'd be gone for two weeks. Yet here you are.
    30. Weapon
      Was meant to go on a repping spree for Madara fans because despite being neutral about the current situation all that shit aside the Kaguya fanbase is pretty stupid. Was meant to rep you with this but I failed, so here it is anyways.
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    April 7
    female body inspector
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
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    billiards and cigars
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