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Jan 19, 2019 at 8:06 AM
Apr 7, 2008
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    1. Indignant Guile
      Indignant Guile
      Just trolling a bit
    2. PoinT_BlanK
      Same here..1st day buy..Might even buy 2..one for my brother..to show support..

      Hopefully it will be a classic or close to it..but i've heard better music on his mixtapes than the music I've been hearing that supposedly made the album..

      I still have high hopes since he's my fav rapper and all..
    3. PoinT_BlanK
      Yeah it's dope. I prefer this one than that 'work out' one..

      I haven't checked the reaction to it though? What are people saying about it?..

      Hopefully it will do well..have you posted it in the hip-hop thread yet?
    4. wes
      FIFA Tournament Thread
    5. Al-Yasa
      i had important exams and dissertations to do lol.
    6. Al-Yasa
      how have you been man?
    7. BVB
      thank god.
    8. Dan
      Looooooooooooool, when I saw it I said no way would that be our away kit.

      Seems like Arsenal has really gone to the dogs now.
    9. wk3313
      LOLOLOLOL best avatar ever
    10. Addy
      looooooooooooooooong time no see

      what's up?
    11. Al-Yasa
      Nice .

      How are you finding it ? wat yr ?
    12. Al-Yasa
      Nah brother

      I go University of Leicester but i knew one or two who go Nottingham. Plus Nearly all Islamic Societies are connected

      how about you?
    13. Dan
      Fair enough, must have got mixed up.

      The period I was thinking about was 04-05 when you won nothing but then in 05-06 you won the Carling Cup.

      Which speared you onto winning 3 EPL's and a CL.
    14. wes
      and i thought i was lazy :maybe
    15. wes
      u want me to resize your sig so mods wont spoilertag it? :hurr
    16. Deathgun
      nah, i completed everything possible in ME2, all loyals, main missions, DLC's and side missions. I got just about every upgrade and lv.30 in one playtrough.

      I'm set for ME3 for now, unless there's one more DLC.
    17. Irishwonder
      On the 360, why?
    18. kisame123
      ha, what's up dude? yeah, I got banned a while back, but I haven't visited that dump ever since. I don't know anything about the trolls though, as there are plenty I have to take care of here :p
    19. ashher
      Except for flash i remember the rest of you...i used to lark back then. So how are you doing these days? I didn't see you being much active on konoha library section...disenchanted with naruto?
    20. ashher
      Don't sulk...new gen will always surpass the previous one :D.
    21. kagegak
      i would love to meet you in real life and dare you to say that i my face and lol why are you leaving a comment on my profile page nothing better too do
    22. Lord Potato
      Lord Potato
      Well, it sounded like you were a real madrid fan.
    23. Lord Potato
      Lord Potato
      Eh you said:

      so let's name and shame the idiot barca fans wanting pep and villa to leave shall we?


      Again, you mad?
    24. Lord Potato
      Lord Potato
      ehm, calling other ppl idiots?
    25. Al-Yasa
      are you from leicester
    26. Hibari Kyoya
      Hibari Kyoya
      had no idea you did watch it :haha

      when i saw you posting in that young players thing i was like

      TDA english? :quite
    27. Hibari Kyoya
      Hibari Kyoya
      ohh i always thought you lived somewhere in asia :haha
    28. Hibari Kyoya
      Hibari Kyoya
      since when was you english :haha
    29. Addy
      yeah, it is. i go there for berzerk now. other then that, it's almost dead.
    30. Addy
      what!!!!!!! i thought you were only banned for a month. why a year?
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