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Jan 20, 2019 at 11:36 AM
Apr 7, 2008
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T.D.A was last seen:
Viewing forum One Piece Telegrams - Latest Chapter Discussion, Jan 20, 2019 at 11:36 AM
    1. Addy
      i was on MH searching for some manga and you are banned?
    2. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Yes, I am why?
    3. Arachnia
      Faggots are just jumping on everything that involves Rooney now. Assholes
    4. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      Yeah, what gave it away?:wink
    5. Majin Lu
      Majin Lu
      What are you speaking about? :capc
    6. Damaris
      oh god i'm slipping! :uwah

      i don't care anyway, i don't like either of them :pek
      although that just makes my point better
    7. wes
      i was referring to both cantona and pele :hurr

      i like making a reply about 5 people at once but cant be arsed to make it look like a proper post :lmao
    8. wes
      and not 1 goal in europe was in reponse to yakuza and pele :apathy
      quote from yakuza

      Apart from his awesome Utd career he has done nothing internationally.

      Pele, won 3 World Cups and scored over 1200 goals in his career.

      No need to argue.
    9. wes
      i dont need wiki for stuff like that i know my football history

      he played for santos and some yank club which no one gives a damn about
      and hasnt played for a single european club

      theo nly time he could have scored a goal in europe is a intertional game located in europe and i dont count those goals as european because there not made in a european league

      Me 1-0 You

      nice try
    10. MarkDurocher
      GOOF! LOL. What happened to you on MH LOL
    11. kusachu
      You should, I've been standing right behind you for 2.36 years.

      Yeah, that's right. Look for me. You can't see me. But i can see you. MWAHAHA!
    12. kusachu
      Be my friend!! Or I'll kill you. :D
    13. Sasuke
      who handles the prize give outs in the football section

      do i have to contact someone hm
    14. Sarry
      NVM that lol.
      I think my internet was bad at that time.
    15. Sarry
      Yo, is the new site working with you?
    16. wes
      my city has a population of 60k
      we have 8 churches and 1 cathedral
      20% of the population in my city is foreigners (including german etc)

      we have 5 mosques here they built a extremely huge one last year with the city's tax money

      the muslim community pressured the city council into building a mosque on that location instead of a retirement home which was desperately needed
      i dont know if extremeist preach there ido know they preach in rotterdam

      i dont hate islam in general alot of points i dont agree with tho

      u know PSV is my club and our best player Afellay is moroccan and a muslim but he does social work in bad neighbourhoods telling those youths not to cause trouble

      but hes also theo nly muslim im aware of thata ctually tries and help the situation

      but when i say that no muslims here work im not lying
      i have to drive alot for my job and the only people u see on the streets are arabs and the occasional housewife

      anyways watching holland - ghana
    17. wes
      no skilled muslims here just freeloaders and parasites if u know any who dont shove there religion down our throats and demand mosques,where extremeist imam's from inside and outside the country may preach there anti western hatred

      there welcome here
    18. Scholzee
      Okay :quite will foward it to her
    19. Scholzee
      :quite what words excatly do you want? ill foward the message to JJ.
    20. Scholzee
      1 of course:lmao
    21. Scholzee
      Big ava, sparkels custom title, all I guess, from what JJ told me when we agreed it.
    22. Scholzee
      What do you want as a prize :hurr?
    23. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      "So you became a mod of this section, congrats. "

      Thank you, I hope to be of good service to us and the community. :)
    24. Narutaru
      I can't remember exactly. If you search for Unicode characters you can find stuff similar to it.
    25. Attor

      People need to get on it!
    26. Attor
      Do you know when the next Breaker volume is out?
    27. Il Diavolo
      Il Diavolo
      Yeah, nvm, same here xD
    28. Il Diavolo
      Il Diavolo
      Wanna play FIFA? =D
    29. Scholzee
      cant atm m8 :( hopefully latrer
    30. Kagawa
      i'll add you later, taking a break atm
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