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Last Activity:
Jan 20, 2019 at 11:50 AM
Apr 7, 2008
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T.D.A was last seen:
Viewing forum One Piece Telegrams - Latest Chapter Discussion, Jan 20, 2019 at 11:50 AM
    1. Canute87
    2. Zabuza
      :lmao your avatar
    3. Addy
      ofcours, green tomatoes always taste better then red ones.
    4. Addy
      you know, i always wanted to ask you something.
      why are the sharengans in your sig green?
    5. Sarry
      Lols, of course :iria.

      Btw, the new site is up and running. Just use the old wed address
    6. Sarry
      I asked WildG about the Tidha site
      He says we had an overflood aka ddos

      He is transferring the site to a new phpBB forum.
    7. Sarry
      Hey TDA...

      Did something happen to the new site?
      I can't access it.
    8. frijole
      I dunno what was going on, but for like the past three days, anytime I would check the site, I would get a blank screen. I thought maybe it was just where I was trying to connect from. Nope, at work, other computers, screen still came out blank. So I thought the site had to be down. It dawned on me to try a computer I'd never used to see if it would work there, and guess what? It did. So I logged in, and after I hit submit or whatever, the next screen I got was a blank screen. My paranoia concluded that I must've been banned. Mysteriously, last night I was allowed back in....
    9. frijole
      So...what, I'm banned from tidha now?
    10. T.D.A
      nah haven't tried it yet.
    11. Sasuke
      You been playing Ultimate Team for Fifa?
    12. wes
      i guess lol

      sometimes i see em on tuesday mostly on wednesday

      just wanna try anc catch em before work u know since we always have to wait before they open te thread
    13. wes
      im not japanese :ano
    14. wes
      if i copy pasta that in google it sends me to some asian site lol :awesome
    15. wes
      m8 where do u always get the spoilers from :ano

      i see u post em a few times
    16. Sorin

      i miss the old times when the spoilers came out on mondays.

    17. Sorin
      btw...do you happen to know when those damn naruto spoilers will arrive?lol :pek
    18. wes
      is scholes injured?

      i dont follow the EPL alot so idk whos injured :ano
    19. wes
      he is :uwah for how long :ano
    20. Addy
      karin must know where akatsuki hideout is so your right.
    21. Addy
      lol, im joking about the spoiler translation thing. it was a an accident int he spoiler thread.
    22. Krombacher
    23. Krombacher
      Did you read The breaker 55 already?
    24. Cardboard Tube Knight
      Cardboard Tube Knight
      Yeah, it was a pretty epic quote in a pretty dismal thread.
    25. ninjaneko
      Of course. It's not even mine ^_^
    26. Hibari Kyoya
      Hibari Kyoya
      hitman reborn and no not the main one but one of the main characters
    27. Scholzee
      It was great but lets no forget the defense he has before him :LOS, vds in 08 JC in 09 for me.
    28. Scholzee
      In my openion he was best in 09 :quite
    29. Freedom rulez
      Freedom rulez
      I made them. Well, My ava is yondy (found the original art on deviant), and sig is from an ecchi artist. And the one that is tagged is from Shin angyo onshi manga (character name - won sul).
    30. Luiz
      Yep. As strong as Goomoonryong is,soloing those higher ups would have been too much to ask. But still,i guess it was humiliating to call them for a showdown and then have to run away.
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