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Jan 20, 2019 at 12:22 PM
Apr 7, 2008
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T.D.A was last seen:
Viewing thread OPT Convo Thread: Break Room, Jan 20, 2019 at 12:22 PM
    1. Klue
      When did you learn to translate? :pek
    2. Klue
      Rikudou Sennin will look like herpes on George Foreman's cock. :hehee
    3. Shinigami Perv
      Shinigami Perv
      Thank you, sir.
    4. Shinigami Perv
      Shinigami Perv
      Awesome avi.

      Who is the artist?
    5. Sasuke
      Sexy ava sir

      Have you seen that newish show on BBC3 - Harper's Island?

      Pretty kewl
    6. Seiko
      Thank you, mister.
    7. Seiko
      That's a nice avatar.

      Show me the full colouring please.
    8. HPTR Fangirl
      HPTR Fangirl
      My apologies regardin the Taka-dattebayo merger news. Didn't realize it was a troll. I've deleted that post from the hangout. Seriously, when I learned and saw this news from the chuunin community @ lj, and I was happy. Seriously, why the heck do they post such troll? :mad

    9. Silvermateus
      my apologies, ill pos rep you to zero out my neg :) i get over emotional with fifa, its one of the two games i get a year :zaru and im a bit of an erm.. freak :) no hard feelings?
    10. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      ermmm....Are they paying you well?
    11. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      you're running ads now?
      short for cash I see.

      I'll take a look at it after I bury myself with work :).
    12. Sasuke
      You need to check out those chapter 75/76 spoilers that guy posted for Veritas =O

      I mean it's not like people read Veritas for it's epic plot, right?

      It shouldn't affect your enjoyment of the chapters ~__~
    13. αce
      Lol, sorry if I flaamed at you:lmao
    14. Sarun
      Is this a smart move?
    15. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      is that all you have to say.
    16. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      I'm not a noob, I just don't to find threads that bash mods..

      And by the way, you better vote for me :yell ...16 makes me feel useless and unhated as a mod.
    17. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      which polls?
    18. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      dunno, I've never seen an active hater.
    19. Tomato Sauce
      Tomato Sauce
      Just randomly saying hi.
    20. Addy
      that's the more prof that naruto will save him.
    21. Addy
      i know what you mean, but karin seeing his hatred, the cover, adn sasuke killing the samurai from no were doesn't look like sasuke, does it? even siugetsu questions it.
    22. Addy
      i did believe that before but after seeing the spoilers, he is beeing controlled so naruto will save him from that control, and the kages will forget all the crap he did to them like what happened with konan. also, kirrabee surviving is a sign that the raikge will forgive him.
    23. Addy
      i see, good reason to read. i must admit that i would like to see the fights but the ending is obvious for me. naruto brings sasuke back, then he brings world peace then he becomes hokage. though i do think that is order to bring peace to the ninja world, he will unite them into one nation, and he will be the kage of it.
    24. Addy
      why do you keep on reading naruto T.D.A?.
    25. Sasuke
      I have indeed, looks pretty sweet.
    26. Recal
      Thanks for the rep! :awesome
    27. Ina
      Yea, you could say it's a reward ... for being friends with one of the admins :lmao
    28. T.D.A

      also gonna sleep now
    29. Tyrion
      Then get a job based on your qualifications. Because A's and A* is excellent. What the employers want unless you are lazy. :p

      Have you been to college? Uni? What?
    30. T.D.A
      lol of course I've got qualifications, and there were good, I aint dumb you know lol. I got msotly As some A stars and a few Bs.
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