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T7 Bateman
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Aug 2, 2018
Apr 10, 2008
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February 7
Back to Back with my TEAM 7 Babies

T7 Bateman

Keeper of Team 7, Female, from Back to Back with my TEAM 7 Babies

T7 Bateman was last seen:
Aug 2, 2018
    1. basedadtos
      Este ser? el primer a?o que siga las procesiones en Espa?a: creo que ir? a San Lorenzo de El Escorial.
      Un abrazo Zucco: siempre te leo, lo sabes.
      Ernesto Rea?o | 13-04-2006 10:24:32

      En un recorte de peri?dico que guardo con afecto, est? Bu?uel con su tambor caland?s.

      Es emocionante el sonido r?tmico de los tambores. En esa resonancia se siente una soberan?a en la que una se expande y goza.
    2. Catalyst75
      Thanks for the rep.
    3. Immortal
      Word, thanks mate.
    4. Immortal
      Yo, from now on just always assume you're doing the second 10 picks, including this week, okay? That way you guys can send me results as soon as you can do them instead of after I send the PMs.
    5. Immortal
      Oh yeah dude, its fantastic.
    6. Registered Sex Offender
      Registered Sex Offender
      Hello, I am your friendly neighborhood Registered Sex Offender.
    7. Keino-kun
      lol, if the Pats made the SB, I would be rooting for the Niners hard. :lmao
      Either team winning is fine by me but I guess I'll root for the NFC team.
    8. Keino-kun
      Awesome! Hope you get to go. :amuse

      Not sure yet who I'm going to root for though. Just hoping its a good game.
    9. Keino-kun
      Too bad the Texans didn't make it from the AFC side. You would've been able to go to the SB right?
    10. Hero
      what ending is your ava from
    11. Klue
      Let's do this. :LOS
    12. Klue
      Marry me. :sanji
    13. Klue
      I didn't know you were a female.

      Read manga and watch football - my God. :sanji
    14. Cyphon
      Steel Curtain
    15. Cyphon
      Hey I wanted to change my pick from the Eagles to the Panthers for this week. I will post in the pick em thread as well.
    16. Zach
      Nah I'm done, or else this will be an every week thing lol.
    17. Zach
      Dammit:argh Fuck this, I'm done lol. Wasn't gonna win anyways. Hard to remember picks when Vikings/Bucs are playing:pek
    18. Zach
      At least they won even though it was ugly. I hope at the least you guys step it up in the playoffs. 49ers are my second favorite team. My Raiders sure won't be in the playoffs so I'll be all for the niners. Texans and Lions are close 3rd and 4th. Yeah the reason Alex was good last year was because Harbaugh came in and told him that he was his QB and he believed in him. Going after Manning plus constantly putting in Kaepernick has killed his confidence. Yeah it would have been ridiculous having a QB like that with the best defense and a good running game.
    19. Keino-kun
      Wow, that would be awesome! Going to the SB is on my bucket list... of course only if the G-Men are playing. :p
    20. Keino-kun
      Agreed, though I think only the NFC side will be good. If Houston stays injury free they should coast to the SB.
    21. Keino-kun
      Yup, the cuts on his 1st TD was typical AP. Sick.
    22. Keino-kun
      Though he played lolbuffallo, you have to give him credit. Hopefully this is the confidence boost he needs.
    23. Keino-kun
      Don't remind me :D:

      Not sure how I forgot to start him. William POWELL was in his place :giogio
    24. Zach
      At least you guys are doing good now. I was really happy to see Alex do good last year. I always thought he had it in him. This year he's kind of reverted back:sag Kaepernick has looked good at least. I wish Peyton had went there instead of going to my division. With Peyton you guys would have been unstoppable.
    25. Zach
      Yeah it really is, also having thursday night football from week 1 is new. Also I think it's because there is so little time between the monday night game and the thursday night game. It just kind of sneaks up on you.

      Your 49ers are off again:(
    26. Zach

      I always seem to forget to do them on thursday. If it was sunday I'd never forget:lmao
    27. Zach
      Buffalo over Tennessee
      Indy over Cleveland
      GB over St. Louis
      Minnesota over Arizona
      NYG over Washington
      TB over NO
      Dallas over Carolina
      Houston over Batlimore
      Oakland over Jacksonville
      NE over NYJ
      Cincinatti over Pittsburgh
      Chicago over Detroit
    28. Zach
      You mean post them to you here? Because it won't let me do the picks on the program.
    29. Zach
      Damn I was too late :(
    30. Scizor
      No problem.
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    Back to Back with my TEAM 7 Babies
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