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Oct 29, 2020 at 8:28 PM
Aug 20, 2012
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Mar 28, 1995 (Age: 25)


Legend^3, 25

Tacocat was last seen:
Viewing forum Outskirts Battledome, Oct 29, 2020 at 8:28 PM
    1. ChaosTheory123
      So Unknown in BBS was kind of bullshit to fight with Terra. I got lucky and won after 6 attempts, but I could see that having gone on a while given his dodge doesn't have Ven or Aqua's I frames.

      Should have just played on Critical so I could start DDD now. The Super Bosses shred you to no health/1 HP regardless of difficulty mode, so it was silly to play with anything else. :hmm
    2. ChaosTheory123
      You know how you said the KH1 Plat was a bitch?

      Re: chain of Memories was worse imo. Didn't take nearly as long, but the last few trophies were more tedious.

      Leveling Riku to 99 was a chore despite his boss fights being far more fun than Sora's imo. :lmao

      vs Ansem felt really anime with how back and forth the HP exchange went topped off with a comeback kind of finish with his strongest slate
      1. Tacocat
        I imagine every area being the same rooms reskinned doesn't help the tedium, either.

        KH3's plat was really very easy. Only trophy that took much time whatsover was the one for completing the synthesis section of the Gummi Phone. Haven't looked at the trophy list for BbS, but I have a feeling that might be the only one easier.
        Mar 25, 2019
    3. ChaosTheory123

      These posts should cover some of the bullshit that is NT. Some June 2017 Famitsu Interview is where the information is born from in that other site's post.
      1. ChaosTheory123
        If the links in these disappear randomly, I preemptively blame Mbxx on account of previously half assed citation deletions on their part FYI
        Feb 19, 2019
    4. Blade
      1. Tacocat likes this.
    5. Reyes
      Hey Taco, still have that KH tier list blog or a link to it?
    6. TwulveGaighAutoLodeigh
      Yea just want to ask a quick question regarding Star Platinum punches/s. You managed to get this value but how?

      Is it by converting SP's speed (365c) into punches or something completely different?
    7. Brightsteel
      Did a re-read of Titans Curse, and I realized that Luke was conjuring objects out of nothing. Does the fucker know magic or some shit? :catthinks
    8. Gig
      Also I appreciate you doing these calcs, I'll rep you for them in advance
    9. Gig
      Yeah where he takes out the Mesa, I was wondering if there was anyway to work out the size of the Mesa based on the map information.
    10. magicalsieg
    11. Gig
      also is there anyway to calc the size of the mesa Etemon destroyed based on map information we get from episode 19 ?

      We get a good look at the continent the arc is set on and there is a really good shot of Australia on the earth comparison map, we also get to see the digital world slowly zoom out from the mesa to show where it is on the map.
    12. Gig
      Thank you, I plan to do a feat thread and using it too reinforce the lake feat (annoying when people claim the lake feat is a outliner)
    13. Gig
      Are you able to calculate what it would take for Meramon to cause a drought in south east Asia. (Feat is mentioned in episode 21 of Digimon adventure)

      In South East Asia, the paddy fields have dried up from drought.
    14. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      The games last for hours though :noworries
    15. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Stop lurking and join the Hunger Games :goose
    16. Brightsteel
      What are Carter's stats? I'm guessing he'd be somewhere in the massively-hypersonic range normally by virtue of being able to at least sort of keep up Percy, and maybe in the island-level range due to (IIRC) harming him with his magic? As Eye of Horus, maybe moon-level and sub-relativistic depending on how you think Egyptian Gods stack up to the Greeks?
    17. Galo de Lion
      Galo de Lion
      What episode is your hypersonic Avatar calc from?
    18. ChaosTheory123
      I'd say so, yeah

      Thought it was a given already with the tweet detailing Triforce Heroes was the Link from ALBW though
    19. Vicious
      Hey Taco, why does it keep doing this?

      My edits seem to be jumbling words..
    20. Vicious
      Thanks Taco.
    21. Vicious
      Hey Taco, have you asked yet?
    22. Brightsteel
      So....something I was wondering after replaying 358/2 Days, was Roxas weaker with just one Keyblade after he started duel-wielding? I mean, the fucker went from pacing more or less evenly with Riku with just one, to overwhelming in a few moves when he got both back. :catthinks
    23. MusubiKazesaru
      There's actually some quest you can do to redo the character creator, I haven't done it yet but it's one of the ones on my list. I like my guy so I'll just leave it, probably.

      I'm done with chapter 9 and I'm level 37 and I plan to grind before the next one. After 6 you can do the skell test and get one and after 9 you can get the flight module. It's fun stuff, I miss jumping around a bit though. The running jumps are amazing in this game and sadly when you get flight you can't jump in skells propetlu which I don't know if I like even if flying is amazing. I've got some 50 hours, but a good 5~ or so are probably from me leaving the game running a while to get cash.

      Let me friend you on miiverse and maybe we can be on the same squad or do co-op if I ever figure that shit out.
    24. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Yo Taco, VS Babies Wiki is up in arms against your Power Rangers calcs

      CTRL+F "Iustit" http://vsbattles.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:145059

      Figured you could have yourself a laugh, or lay the beatdown yourself if you want :maybe
    25. MusubiKazesaru
      Took a pic of my character

    26. ChaosTheory123
      Being fair, they've been flip flopping on what the fuck is up with Triforce Heroes, so I can't blame you for missing that *shrugs*

      It is, yeah. That said, Nintendo hardly cares over the sound of all the money their IPs make them :defeat
    27. ChaosTheory123
      As long as its better than FS, I'll be happy with the single player I suppose.

      You sure? :hmm
    28. ChaosTheory123
      Is it at least better than Four Swords single player? You know, the limited release on the Nintendo store for the game that was originally exclusively multi-player from the GBA ALTTP remake?

      If so? I can dig it. Just a shame multi is clearly the better function when I don't know too many people that play Zelda and own the hand held :hmm

      Also, how bad's the bag of spilling trope hitting Link? I ask given this is supposedly ALBW Link. Suppose its somewhat justified so long as he has no Triforce, Master Sword, all his weapons were rentals, and he just decided to fuck off with the Hylian Shield and Armored Tunics :hmm
    29. ChaosTheory123
      You play Triforce Heroes yet?

      How is it if you have? :hmm
    30. KickingxAnime2324
      Yea. Here you go.
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