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Jan 8, 2007
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Hidden Sand
    1. Jimin
      That's alright. I think I still have one more VM to respond to... I gotta dig it out... @__@

      It is, huh? Mabuchi Kou is one my favorite character ever. I can't help but notice something though. In these shojo series, the male love interest is usually more well developed than the female lead... That's not good writing... @__@ Yeah, some shojos are monthly. As such, chapters tend to be twice as long as your weekly shojos (so you get 12 chapters that are twice as long). It's why a lot of shojo mangas have less chapters. I wish I didn't see that one clip of it online. The thumbnail got me... :catcry A teacher is hitting on a student... If it was something else, I might have been OK. :<

      What are they about? I guess I like shojos overall. I've read a good number of them. How about joseis? I've never actually read a full josei ever. I feel like I should read at least one... >.< I've seen Honey and Clover though. Researched both. Seems like the first one is Attack on Titan (heard of it). The second one seems a bit weird though.

      It's still airing? I don't like things still running. I have to catch up on Bleach. :ippy I have enough things I need to watch atm... I'm still debating whether I should watch part 2 or not of Naruto... @__@ Hey, you can always make more money. You can't get more merchandise. I'm cheap though so I wouldn't buy them personally. :lmao

      I see. I doubt it though. Few animes have actually given me feels... :ippy And that only happens if you get way too invested into it. I don't get too invested these days. :I

      He did die to protect his comrades. It makes somewhat sense. He died understanding why his father did what he did. But still, he didn't need to die. :sag I thought for sure Obito/Madara would have revived him after Naruto talked no jutsu them.

      I like filler arc Gaara. Godaime Kazekage embracing the love. :gaara Yeah, part 2 was a train wreck after Pein's defeat. But it was still our train wreck... :catcry Despite 700 chapters, the ending was still rushed and I can't believe how short the final Naruto vs. Sasuke battle was... :D: I read everything, both good and bad. :I
    2. Jimin
      Yeah, but there are way too many names to remember. I think I got most of the names right. I can't pronounce Hector's son's name at all though. Achilles's son's name too. :lmao He probably is better than us at least. :haha His work (the Aeneid to be precise). His name is quite easy to pronounce, I think...

      Well, you know, I think less serious pairings attract less serious people. Serious FCs are... too tense for individuals such as myself. :catblush It should get a second season. It was really popular. It might be a while though. The manga is far ahead of the anime. I don't like that we only get one release a month... That's too long... :catcry You recommend any other mangas? :catsalute

      What is Free...? What is it about? : O Shipping is fun if you don't take it too seriously. I try not to get too many feels these days. The most serious feel I had recently was Oh Ja Ryong x Na Gong Joo from this Korean show. It had so many feels... :catcry x 1000

      Yeah, I heard it was announced at the end of the Last Naruto movie. : O
      Pretty much. I actually liked the reincarnation idea but it does destroy the idea that Naruto was a failure. I liked him better when he was a failure than a genius in disguise. :tomasulk And yeah, Neji was suppose to take over the Hyuga clan and reform them. And we needed to see Lee vs. Neji as well. So much fail... :nejimad

      You can still love Gaara as is. Why fanboy/fangirl so extremely? : O
      Don't take it so seriously, TR. :< I'm sure it's just to look more professional. :lmao I wasn't really a fan of Gaara's portrayal in the latest episode... :ippy
    3. Jimin
      Well, there was a guide in the back for my two Homer translations. It helped a bit. I at least pronounce the more important one respectfully and can pronounce the easier ones fine. XD Boy, did I have a lot of trouble with Biblical names though. :I Also, how do you feel about Virgil? At least the Latin names should be easier to pronounce (I do know some Spanish cause of school in the past).

      Really? Most of the ones I've met were quite chill about it... DX I would imagine most of them never really thought it was gonna happen. I mean, I don't think I would have even if I loved the pairing. :I I don't take ships seriously anymore though. I think my most serious ships at the moment are Kou x Futaba from Ao Haru Ride (guy in my set) and Kodaka x Sena from Boku wa Tomadachi. : O You got any serious OTPs atm? :catblush

      Yeah, we only have a few pages about him so far. Did he really earn his own movie already? @__@ Kishi... the man who gave up on his own manga after about 400 chapters... :sag Part 2 killed most of the main messages about part 1 (ex. we choose our future, a dropout can beat a genius with hard work). The ending was so rushed. How could Naruto vs Sasuke only last 5 chapters... >.<

      You are such a Gaara fanboy/fangirl. :lmao You know, he could always get his older hair back. It's just hair. :haha
    4. Jimin
      Happy New Year's to you too. :hug
      I see. Well, Greek is not my specialty. I only know about Homer and the New Testament. And I read both of those in translation... :geg I probably pronounce many of the Homeric names wrong. :lmao

      Yeah, the NaruSasu FC was safer too because it's more of a fun pairing than a serious pairing. Besides, having fun is much better than all the tension the serious FCs have... :I Still, Nanadaime Hokage x Godaime Kazekage... :nice

      Gaara's hair did get worse. XD So far, Bolt isn't interesting enough to get his own movie, that's for sure. I hope part 3 answers some unanswered questions that part 2 didn't. Kishi really got sick of Naruto towards the end... :geg
    5. Jimin
      Well, I think necro is short for necromancy. What does mancy mean? : O And how do you know all this stuff? :uwah

      I don't think anyone really thought Naruto x Gaara was gonna happen though. :I I mean, it's more a fun ship than a serious ship, right? XD

      Hopefully part 3 is nice. :>
    6. Jimin
      I don't think you know what necro means. Necro means bring back to life. XD I guess I failed to bring the NG FC back to life. :(

      Happy New Year to you too. :occa
    7. Jimin
      Merry Christmas. :kloff

    8. Gaawa-chan
      It takes the sting off the lack of activity in the NarutoxGaara fandom, tbh. With all the NarutoxGaara bits going on in the manga right now, it's pretty disappointing, but I've delved into the Sherlock fandom with gusto to make up for it. They write more GOOD fanfiction a day than I can read, and I'm one of the fastest readers I've ever met! It's insane!
    9. Gaawa-chan
      I'd almost forgotten how great it is to be part of a thriving fandom. Thank goodness for Sherlock Holmes.
      LOOK at this T_r. They're making an online video series based on a fanfic based on the BBC modern version of Sherlock Holmes:

      O MAI GERSH. This fandom I've rediscovered. This fandom is fucking amazing. :faint
    10. Gaawa-chan
      Hey, T_r, I found something on DA that amused me:
    11. Mochi
      Thank you, same to you :33

      I watched the Gaara episodes and I was disappointed =_=
    12. Mochi
      Happy new year Tainted!! :33
    13. Gaawa-chan
      I'm still around. Message me tomorrow-er later today- and I'll try and get you caught up on why I'm not around as much as I should be beyond the obvious. :sag
    14. Ninja Shadow Warrior
    15. Xeogran
      Thanks for that rep =)
    16. Gaawa-chan
      *Snorts* True.
    17. Gaawa-chan
      Don't worry about it; I've been busy, too.

      Heh. I don't even know what to day about it. This chapter and the last one have been so mind-bogglingly bad that I've been rendered speechless.
    18. Gaawa-chan
      My cats like to think they are the Uchiha ninja cats. :hehee
    19. Gaawa-chan
      Coincidentally, one of my cats is being an ninja right now. Trying to sneak up on some bugs that got inside somehow. :ninja
    20. Gaawa-chan
    21. Gaawa-chan
      Oh, yes, when I first saw the CGI intro to FFIV, I practically had a heart attack... and then I found out that the in-game graphics are like this:
      They released the CGI before showing game footage, got my hopes way, way up, and then... >_>


      Bobble-head chibis. BOBBLE-HEAD CHIBIS. GOD DAMN IT SQUARE ENIX. :arg
      Still, the game is fantastic. But I wish IV, V, and VI would get GOOD graphical remakes. They are some of the best games I've ever played and they deserve that kind of treatment.

      Especially VI. IV may be my favorite, but VI is... well, VI is special. I mean... just watch the first few minutes of this video:
      www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUI1uJ65YQs (ESPECIALLY the part that starts around 1 minute 50 seconds in, which is the part I want you to hear. XD I love this youtuber; his videos are obscenely long but I love listening to him. He actually starts tearing up multiple times in this video; he's easily the most passionate game reviewer I've ever seen.)

      Yes, I'm hopeful about this ALttP sequel... and also nervous. If it lets me down, I'll be let down HARD. Because it's one thing to love a game's characters, story, and presentation; but I fell in love with ALttP's design. Its world. Even today I look back at that game and am just in awe of the utter genius that went into the game's design. Another game that does that for me is Super Metroid.

      The thing about FFIV and ALttP is... they helped me get through a dark time in my life, and they are the first games I played that made me realize what games were, what they could and were going to be. Or to put it differently, they are the first games that actually managed to bring me to tears. There are very, very few games I've played that have done that to me. One that never fails to do it is Final Fantasy VI. There's not a single main character in that that does not have an utterly heart-breaking story, and as much as I love IV I can admit that VI is the superior game, and it is inexcusable that Square Enix has not given VI a proper remake because if any game could bring back the spotlight to the RPG series, it would be a completely visually re-hauled FFVI. I would pay twice what they would ask if only they would do this to their older games.

      Really the only thing I really like about his style are some of the monsters he designed for Dragon Quest, like the iconic slime:
      So cute! So cute! :ohpek

      I was paying attention to Chiyo's character so I was hopeful that he would be revived, which is why I kept reading until he WAS revived. XD

      About Evangelion, I watched only a snippet of it years back. Maybe I'll try it again sometime, but my general impression of it was "Huh... that was... weird."

      Sebastian is awesome. XD Right up my alley. And if you like that series, you might try Demon Detective Nougami Neuro. The style isn't as good but the characters are great; Neuro is awesome.
    22. Gaawa-chan
      Not Castlevania (I wish the old CV canon would get a new game; I'm so worried it's been abandoned forever. That would make me so sad). While Castlevania is my favorite game series, my two favorite individual games are Final Fantasy IV and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. FFIV was remade for the DS and PSP some years ago and given a CGI intro, as well as a sequel. You can see the CGI here:

      But ALttP has never been truly 'remade' or given a sequel that takes place in the same area; there were the Oracles games and Link's Awakening, which are all great but they were not very connected to ALttP, even though it was the same main character you were using. Anyway, it was just recently announced that ALttP is getting a direct sequel:
      Oh, I hope it will be as good as ALttP. That game is amazing. Threadbare story, sure, but some of the best world design in gaming history. Tons of extra content, rewarding exploration, you can do the dungeons in over sixty orders, there are multiple ways to kill most enemies, and lots of little details that even games made today lack.

      "@Aoshi Kenshin
      Hmmm... looks alright. He reminds me of Mustang."

      XD Fair enough. If you don't like it you don't like it; I don't like Akira Toriyama's art style. And don't get me started on One Piece. >_>

      "@Unusual game presentations
      That's a good point. Seeing the same thing over and over again makes one lose interest, but when something different pops up that's when we pay attention."

      It was one of the things Castlevania really had going for it. The unique music and art style gave it a feel no other series had... and then Konami stopped using Ayami Kojima's art and Michiru Yamane's music, and went uber mainstream. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow looks and sounds like a generic Lord of the Rings video game rip-off, and while that isn't BAD, it's not what Castlevania should be, imo.

      "Exactly. I lost interest in the series right after."

      I can still remember reading that part for the first time. I actually stood up out of my chair and shouted "NO!" I think the only other anime death that compares is Gaara's but it was pretty obvious to me that he was going to be revived so that mitigated the impact a little. To me, L MADE Death Note. Without him, it was just... :arg

      "@Darker animes
      I need darker animes. Not something that is going to leave me depressed, but something that will keep me on edge. I'll check the anime you recommended whenever I get a chance."

      Cardboard Tube Knight is fond of Evangelion. I've seen a few episodes of it and I thought it was... really, really weird. You might like it, but I couldn't get into it at all.

      Oh, have you tried Black Butler? That series has nice art and it's rather... gay-ish. :awesome
    23. Gaawa-chan

      "Yeah, and I bet I can guess the pairing."


      "That's another thing that keeps me away from gaming. When I have time I like to catch up on all the reading I have to do. I've been wanting to read The Emperor of Maladies for years, but so far no go."

      "That is a pretty good narration. Although the art looks pretty simple. My idea of video games are games like Halo and Mortal Combat."

      The older I've gotten the more interested I am in unusual game presentation be it visual or audible, so games like Journey, Limbo, Bastion... even Lollipop Chainsaw, lol... all those tend to pique my interest more than games like Halo/Call of Duty/etc, which have more or less established what they are and are not likely to do anything much different at all anytime soon.

      "I can't see the picture of Aoshi."

      Eh, just google "Aoshi Kenshin" and he'll pop up.

      "I loved Death Note in anime. Until L died. After that I stopped watching it. So I'm guessing the manga will also disappoint me. I never got used to Near or Mello."

      ou learn a lot more about the characters than you do in the anime (especially with Near and Mello, actually, because they really cut out a lot after L's death in the anime). The problem is that when L died, the most interesting driving force in the series was lost: the dynamic between Light and L. While I like Mello (Near, eh), they just can't compare to something that was so intense and interesting from start to finish.

      "Will try those anime/manga sometime. I like Liam's voice acting a lot!"

      They're both very good, though they're definitely darker than Naruto- Darker than Death Note, for that matter. On a side note, Ergo Proxy has one of my favorite anime intros.
    24. Gaawa-chan
      Uh, as I recall I wrote it before I even got into NarutoxGaara, so... :sag

      Yeah, it's sad. Mega sad. I even abandon ONE-SHOTS I've tried to write. :lmao

      "I know I have the potential to be a gamer. I know it. I just don't have the time."

      It is a big time investment. All other hobbies tend to take a backseat when you're a gamer, which sucks because I love to read, but if I have to choose between reading a book and playing Bastion, I'm gonna play Bastion:
      Dat narration. :datass

      "Nope, I've never tried the Rurouni Kenshin manga. Let's see... *click*
      The main guy has long hair. The main guy has long hair. The main guy has long hair. Alert. Alert. Alert! Me no likey.
      Hmm... I might give it a try someday. I'm not too crazy about the art style. But we'll see."

      Lol. My favorite character was Aoshi:
      No long hair, see? XD
      The manga is a redemption story.

      "I've read a little bit of Hikaru No Go. I remember the main character being really young (10 or 11?). Maybe I'll give it a try. I don't remember liking the plot though. But we'll see.

      I've been thinking of catching up with D-Gray man. That's a manga I liked. But I don't know if the author is still on hiatus."

      Oh! I started reading D-Gray Man a while ago. That was very good, yes. I'm not sure if you liked Death Note or not but if you did you might like Monster (Liam plays the lead) and perhaps Ergo Proxy (again, Liam plays a lead). Also I haven't watched Trigun, Gurren Lagann, or much of Cowboy Bebop but people keep telling me to so if you haven't you could try those out.
    25. Gaawa-chan
      Come to think of it... I think I've only ever finished ONE fanfic, and it was a completely crack fanfic that I wrote with someone else. Now that's just sad. :sag

      If you were into video games I could give you a plethora of fandoms to get into. I bet you would LOVE Metal Gear, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. Those games have stories good enough that I've actually watched them online, especially the last two mentioned because those two have branching story-lines depending on the choices you make in the games.

      T_r, have you tried Rurouni Kenshin (manga, not anime)? I haven't read it since I was in high school but I remember liking a lot of the characters. You might like it, too:
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/rurouni_kenshin/v01/c001/

      I read part of Hikaru No Go and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I expected it to be really boring but it was quite good:

      You can try those two out if you haven't already.
    26. Gaawa-chan
      Deidara isn't a character I feel too strongly about either way, despite what he did. Turned out all right in the end, I suppose.

      Ah... Triptych. Was that fic ever continued? Not that I have any place complaining about people not continuing fics. >_>

      I'm sorry to say that it almost feels like I've moved on, too. The thing is that my interest in Naruto has dwindled so much, and as a video gamer I'm introduced to some great new fandom almost every year or some game in an existing fandom from my childhood rekindles my interest. It sucks because years back I remember being so excited over all the potential the series had.

      I'll always have affection for NarutoxGaara, but... it's like the fire's gone. Especially considering how much Naruto's character has gotten on my nerves. Sometimes I just wanna throttle that idiot. :sag
    27. Gaawa-chan
      Well, all the major villains are candidates for heel-face-turns. XD

      How about Deidara?

      "No, no, no. You misunderstand. I wanted Gaara to change. I wanted him to find his own path in the world. But I wish (sometimes) that he hadn't become Kazekage because he must remain in his village to protect it. I think that as a jounin or ANBU he would have been able to appear more often in Part II. And I would have loved to see him fight more with Shukaku, to direct his basic instincts against the enemies of his village. Sorry I didn't explain that very well. Not to mention that if Gaara hadn't changed that would have affected my NG, and we cannot have that."

      Oh, I see. XD

      Yeah, that would have had potential.

      I miss it, too, but you and I are barely keeping the Gaara FC afloat, let alone the NG FC. A fandom of two (and a few others) is not made to last. It's sad that so many posters have left.
    28. Gaawa-chan
      I love all the people in the Telegrams freaking out at the mere suggestion that Sasuke has been TnJ'ed. "NO IT WAS SASUKE'S CHOICE!" as if the other characters who were TnJ'ed were mind-controlled or something. >_>

      Mizuki. Gato. Hidan. Other minor villains... Orochimaru, but... I just have no idea what Kishimoto is doing with him right now. He'd damn well better still be evil or I might just rage-quit this manga. I don't even like Orochimaru but that would be the last fucking straw. :facepalm

      But if Gaara had remained as he had, Chiyo and the others would have left him to die. He was a fantastic villain but I'm glad he improved his life.
    29. Gaawa-chan

      Ugh, it's true. At least with Kabuto, you had the edo tensei'd enemies. The wasted potential in this series drives me up the wall sometimes. XD

    30. Random
      Thanks for persuading me to stay. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to spam the GFC. Hope you make it back safely :)
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