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Jan 8, 2007
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Hidden Sand
    1. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      We did not. :cry

      And we did not get it tonight. :cry

      We'll get it Thursday, tho'. :)

      I'll have to try and check out those fics. I haven't read any DBZ fanfics, yet, so I'll start with those. If my Tainted recommends them, they must be good. That is all.

      I'm especially eager to read the one your sister caught you reading. :hurr

      Triple glomp inc:

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    2. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For senior members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 500 (Height). This includes space taken up by closed spoiler tags, text and images."

      Your image (572 x 235) is over the allowed width and needs to be removed, resized, or tagged.
    3. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Oh yeah, right now I'm studying out a new fight which we're gonna go tackle tomorrow night. Here's one of the instructional videos on that fight.

    4. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Hehe. I guess Tainted does need to be able to get things done. :maybe

      Thanks for sharing! :ohpek

      I agree, I can't fathom playing with the sound off. It's not just the music..it's also all the other sounds, of battle, of background stuff, etc.

      And I'm happy that your fanfics were updated. Which ones?
    5. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Eheh. Once I get started talking about the things I love it's hard to shut me up. :p If you played the game 24/7 I'd always be able to find you when I need my Tainted fixes tho'. :hurr

      It is a happy song. I wouldn't mind the mp3 if you wanna share it. I could use more happy. Well, hell...everybody could use more happy. It's one thing you can never have to much of.

      Yeah, like I said...most people think that zone has the best music in the game. A lot of the music in that game is really good tho'. I know a few people who play with the sound off and I think they're crazy. They miss out on all the great music!
    6. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Yep, that is a pretty awesome song. I'll have to save it into my favorites. It'll be a good song to listen to when I need a pick-me-up. It just makes me want to :naruko

      Here's one for you, since I was just talking about my beloved game. It's the soundtrack for one of the areas in the game called Grizzly Hills. It's widely considered the zone with the best music in the game.


      Don't be put off that you won't hear anything at first. For some reason the music doesn't start till 20 seconds in.
    7. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Oh, and I'm going to listen to that song you linked right now. I'll let you know what I think.
    8. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Hehe. I'll be careful. I don't want my Tainted Sweets to worry. :quite

      Guilds are a bunch of players in a game that have like a little club within the game. If you join a guild then you can participate in that guild's chat. It's...a bit hard to explain to somebody who has no idea what mmorpgs are like (mmorpg = massively multiplayer online role playing game). See, WoW is a game that you play at with a bunch of other random people. You move around the game world doing your own thing either by yourself or with other people at the same time that other people and groups are doing their own thing. There are various chat channels where anyone can talk to anyone who might be in the area, you can talk to one person privately, you can make a group and talk to the people in the group, and if you are in a guild you can talk to people in your guild.

      There are all kinds of guilds made for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it's casual guilds who just want to make friends and talk to each other. Sometimes it's raiding guilds who get together for raiding. Mine is both...a casual/raiding guild.

      Raiding is when a group gets together to go fight enemies one person could not take on on their own. In the current content there are two types of raids...10 man raids and 25 man raids. My guild puts together 2 10 man raid groups 2 days a week.

      It's a lot of fun, I assure you. :lmao

      Tainted should try out the game with me sometime when she has the time. :hurr
    9. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      I knows. :cry I'm a bad, bad Mello.

      I don't love meat, I've just been eating it because I'm a lazy ass and it's easier to just eat meat than go through the trouble of making sure I'm getting enough protein through a vegetarian diet.

      I know I should have sent you a brb, message. :( I don't know why I didn't. I was kicking myself later. Send me a message if you think you'll have some time in advance and I'll try to meet up with you. :)

      Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:30pm and midnight are no good because that's when my guild raids. I must bless my lucky, lucky guildies with my leet healz during that time. :quite

      But yes, the MT chronicles must live again. I have spoken, it will be done.

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    10. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      My reply to your PM was, unfortunately, delayed. :ano

      It's too bad, I miss going back and forth with you. It was the best part of NF. I miss Tainted convos. :(
    11. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      To long has it been since I gave my Tainted a good glomping:

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
      :glomp :glomp :glomp
      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    12. lolitaninja
      Kankuro needs more votes!
    13. Ace
      You're welcome.
    14. Gaawa-chan
      Junjou Romantica... I only really liked one pairing in that (I didn't read the whole thing). It was... oh, who were they...?
      Hiroki and Nawaki, that's it. I really liked that pairing. Was that Egoist? I can't recall. But I really liked that pairing.
      The other two pairings, eh... meh.
      Oh, if you're looking for yaoi, I have a small list of series to look into. I'll get back to you about them as I check them out. :nod
    15. Angevelinka
    16. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      The MT Chronicles have been on hiatus too long. It saddens me. Deeply, so deeply. :cry

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    17. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      I did. I've been meaning to join it since you mentioned it, but I kept forgetting to hunt it down.

      It was your post in the DB FC that reminded me that there is still one place you went that I did not follow. :(
    18. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Happy Easter, sweets! :hug

      Re: Virus
      So far so good. I couldn't find anything malicious. I'll have to keep an eye out and keep poking around, but everything is running fine so far. I didn't download anything...it was just a link I followed and my screen filled up with all this "YOUR COMPY IS UNDER ATTACK!!! :argh 1...2...3...4...5...6 BLUE MEANIES WANT TO EAT YOUR COMPY!!! Download this now to stop it. :hurr"

      But it's looking (so far) like it was just a page set up to try and get you to download something that would, no doubt, kill your computer and steal your identity in one fell swoop. The little "Windows Security" window it had even looked fake. So I'm guessing that it's a fairly amateurish hacker.

      Anyhoo, here's hoping that this is the end of it.

      Here's you're glomps:

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    19. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Welp. By doing nothing terribly innocuous, I just got some virus, crash alert thingie. I believe the alert was actually the attempt to fool me into downloading something nasty, but just in case....

      If I disappear again...I got burned. :D:

      I'm off to do what double checking I can...

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    20. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Ugh. My daddy managed to blow up the router, somehow. We got a new one, but now I lost my place in DBM and gotta go looking for it again. Damn, I shoulda bookmarked. :D: I just have this habit of leaving the net up all the time with a gazillion pages open.

      I didn't like the first bit of GT at all. Once they were back on Earth and joined up with everybody else again, I liked it better. The only reason I watched through the space race with kid Goku, Boring Trunks and Stupid/Bratty Pan was the sheer stubborness of a die-hard fan.

      Once they got rid of Vegeta's mustache they did alright with him, I thought. I liked Baby Gohan (or was that Baby Goten, I can't remember...it's been too long) telling Vegeta, "If you kill me you'll kill your friend's son." And Vegeta answering, "So?" That's so Vegeta, lol.

      Glomp machine:

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    21. Air D
      Air D
      Thanks for welcoming me into the Vegeta Fanclub! :)
    22. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Yeah, Vegeta with a mustache was epic fail. :mad GT managed a few amusing parts, but overall it was blerg.

      I'd like to read DBM in one shot, but I've been busy lately...for that same reason I haven't gotten a chance to see DBZ abridged yet, either. I will, however, and will let you know as soon as I get a chance.

      Some glomps for joo:

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    23. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      I've been reading a bit of DBM. You were right (of course), it's quite good. I just read the Pan v. Bojack fight. :cry Scuze me while I go find a huge box of tissues.

      Obligatory glomp session:

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    24. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      I agree that the good FCs are mostly spam. To be honest I haven't seen any activity out of the DB FC since I've been back, but for a while we where having tons of fun.

      As Tainted trusts Mello's judgment, so Mello trusts Tainted's judgment. Therefore, I will check out DBZ abridged and DBM. :quite

      Jury duty was just dull. Must have been a slow week in my county. Nobody got called in to be screened for a trial during the days I was there. I just went there at 9:30 am. Sat around in a big room till 11:30. At which point a dude came in and told us to take a 2 hour lunch. Came back and on most days sat there for another hour or so, at which point the dude came back and dismissed us for the day. Blergh.

      I don't know what "Mater warcraft-er" means, but if it has anything to do with being psycho obsessed with the damn game, then yes.

      I used to play hardcore years ago. "Hardcore" means raiding most nights of the week trying to push progression as fast as possible. And I was good at it. Then a combo of real life problems and in-game drama caused me to stop playing the game much anymore. Basically, I skipped a whole expansion.
      It was due to a combination of getting out of the habit of the game and not really caring for that expansion very much. I like a challenge, and I had heard complaints from people I trusted that it was too easy. You get gear you just had to show up for raids and roll your face across the keyboard a few times and the boss drops of his/her/its own accord. Did not appeal to me at all.

      However, this new expansion interested me. The storyline behind it, interested me. Not only did they add to the game, by tacking on new zones and raising the level cap and giving us "something else" (two new races, one for each faction, this time) they also completely redid the basic part of the game. The landscape was reformed, in a huge way in some cases, the 1-60 quests where completely redone. Many, many changes.

      So A week before Cataclysm was released I reactivated my account, leveled my main toon to 80, and waited for the xpac to hit. I've been hooked ever sense. :sag

      As you can see, even when I start talking about it, I can't shut the eff up. Eheh.

      As for the new episode, it was pretty good. It was more of a "bridge" episode. It was where the leaders agreed to form an alliance and that A would be in charge. That shot of Gaara's little smile is at the point when they all, even Onoki, agreed and they became united. They to everybody and everybody has at least a little smile...including, of course, our Gaara. Very sweet. :ohpek

      It also had the part with Sakura's "Confession". Stupid bitch, lol.

      I spy with my little eye triple signs of affection:

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    25. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      I did not even know we have a Vegeta FC. :argh

      I joined the DB FC. You should join that one as well.

      I have not seen DBZ abridged and I have not read DBM. Am I missing out? Do I need to put on the Mello Must Check Out list asap? If you say so, I shall. Cuz I trust my Tainted on such matters. :hurr

      In other news, it's the same 'ol same 'ol in Mello-land. I got my huge check for $32 from my jury service today. It's a bit sad when that much money seems like a windfall.

      I've been playing waaaaay to much World of Warcraft. That game is soooooo addictive. Especially when you're good at it. And I am. :hurr

      It's just a good thing you don't know anything about that game or I'd be babbling incessantly about it. :p

      I haven't watched the new Naruto episode, yet. I plan to do that after I finish up with my NF roaming.

      Triple glomp inc:

      :glomp :glomp :glomp
    26. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Aw,poor Tainted. :hug
      It sucks to miss your family, but its good that you're close enough to them to miss them.

      The inspection thing is just...creepy. :sag
      What do they just randomly pick bags to poke through, or do they pick ones that look "suspicious" to them somehow?

      These security crackdowns make me feel like we're marching into on of those novels like 1984. Careful to avoid thoughtcrime, dude...careful...

      And, I want to know why they are not liable for any lock breaking?

      Oh well, try to hang in there, summer will be here soon. I hope. The weather is not doing much to convince me that it's on it's way...but that's Chicago for you.
    27. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Time is an especially elusive little thing when one does not have a job. :argh

      Re: Mello Disclaimer
      Yeah, something like that. It should be of little surprise to anyone that if I had my way Kankypants and Gaara would be sand surfing in their birthday suits. :druul
    28. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      Yay! Tainted forgives me! :naruko

      I'll get back in the swing of things, it just takes time. It's just that time passes by faster than I can keep track of it. :argh

      No worries, my Tainted is ever in my heart. :ohpek


      LOL! That IS the best disclaimer ever! :lmao :rofl :rotfl

      I swear, right now I'm trying to think of ways I can ninja that for other purposes.
    29. Mello Yellow
      Mello Yellow
      I iz sowwy. :ano

      I'm out of the internets habit, having been without for what seems like months and months...but was actually only about one month.

      I shall do better at checking in, I swear. Cuz I wuvs my Tainted. :ohpek
    30. Cozza Frenzy
      Cozza Frenzy
      Hey, sweetness. Will be MIA for a whole lot longer than usual. I am not even shitting you. Longer than usual. Am back to tutoring again ? against my better judgment. Work is? well, let?s just say I get emotionally off-kilter when I carve the kiddies, being that I also work with the kiddies. Won?t say more than that.

      Also your 18... is Android 18. Innit? If it's not her then you're just fucking with me.

      Love you. Off to drop MelT soft serve a line. Laterz. :<3
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