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Last Activity:
Apr 24, 2015
Apr 15, 2011
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October 7
In My Own World


Bedroom G, from In My Own World

TaskMaster was last seen:
Apr 24, 2015
    1. Yoshioka Seijuro
      Yoshioka Seijuro
    2. Admiral Hakuryō
      Admiral Hakuryō
      Just now got to reading your thread, sorry for taking so long. Not my type of story but you seem to be putting a lot of effort into it, so I respect that. Give it your all and keep it up!!
    3. CA182
      Oh I remember you.

      You're the story guy. :O
    4. CA182
      Did you?

    5. shippofox
      it may seem simple in screen but it hard to read for the reader. you should save the screen writer for your illustrator. when reader read they want to feel like the characters. best way to write like that is to act out the scenes. if your character had his wife cheat on him then act out how you would feel and write it down.
    6. shippofox
      three things.
      1. don't include the stuff for your illustrator in with the copy you give to the reader it makes it hard to read.
      2. when talking as a character talk in first person and when the character not speaking talk in third person.
      3. try saying so of the things you have the characters saying out loud or to someone. alot of things you typed are things people don't say or wouldnt say is that way.

      example: bill wakes into the living room with a angry look, he says to his wife: " JILL", why isn't dinner ready when i get home. she snaps back with a shrew voice of hers," cook it your damn self".
    7. Suigetsu
      I will read it when I get the chance. Thank you for sharing it.
    8. Suigetsu
      Taskmaster as in the comic book character that is Deadpool's rival?
    9. Fujita
      You know, I think I started your story back on Mangastream, come to think of it

      Well, at any rate, I can't really promise in good faith to read it now or anytime soon. Sorry about that.
    10. Furkhit Singh
      Furkhit Singh

      Erm where did you see me from? Just out of interest.
    11. Azzuri
      Sure thing.
    12. Captain Snow
      Captain Snow
      i believe you sent me this very same VM during january of 2013
    13. Master Sephiroth
      Master Sephiroth
      I'll take a look at it.
    14. Bluebeard
      Who is that in yo sig
    15. Bansai
      I'll try to do so when I find the time.
    16. Shikamaru (howtroublesome)
      Shikamaru (howtroublesome)
      It would be Prince Sanji :datass
    17. Adagio
      I'll give it a try. :)
    18. WolfPrinceKouga
      I will get around to it I suppose. This just a random selection for someone to VM?
    19. Qinglong
      I'll try and take a look at it later
    20. Tian
      Its Ao No Exorcist. Its not as good as it used to be since weeaboo fans have gotten there hands on it, so feel free to have a look at it, but get ready for all the fandom
    21. Mikon
      I am really sorry on the delay!
      and about that..im not the one who is drawing our manga dude..im the one who is thinking about the storyline/dialouges and co on.. :)
      i will talk with my friend about that ok? :D ( btw sorry on my poor english haha )
      and i will come back to you ok?
    22. Kings punch
      Kings punch
      Thanks for the good post!
    23. tenshi143
      Awesome, I guess we're in agreement then. I'll do it if I have time.
    24. tenshi143
      Ehh if it's illustrations then well maybe I could give it a try, just don't expect too much. I'm not gonna have it any time soon since I'm really busy right now, if that's fine with you.
    25. tenshi143
      I'm not up to that level yet man :psyduck

      For now, I can only do illustrations for characters and that's about it.
    26. MCTDread
    27. tenshi143
      What is this,"So Called Heroes"? you speak of?

      http://tenshi143.deviantart.com/ <My DA, I don't know if I'm up to your standards and all, I'm not sure if I can fulfill your expectations :psyduck
    28. tenshi143
      Hmm? Need something from me?
    29. Bontakun
      Sorry I'd check it out, but I don't know you. Best of luck!
    30. Mikon
      What kind of project? tell me :)
      right now we are little busy with chapter 2
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    October 7
    In My Own World
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    If I Told You That A Flower Bloomed In A Dark Room, Would You Trust It?

    It Should Be A Crime To Be This Sexy...:hearts

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