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Last Activity:
Sep 30, 2020 at 6:35 PM
Jun 7, 2008
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Aug 2, 1986 (Age: 34)
The Big Apple


Number One, Male, 34, from The Big Apple

Tayimus was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Sep 30, 2020 at 6:35 PM
    1. Claudio Swiss
      Claudio Swiss
      Happy birthday
    2. Blade
      happy birthday lad, have a good one
    3. Milliardo
      Told you bro one of the mods deleted that shit and of course edited mine. Didn't think the MHA section was that strict til recently. I don't agree with it but whatever.
    4. butcher50
      Have you by chance encountered a short one-shot series "No Hero" by Warren Ellis ? (somewhat comparable to The Boys in concept and themes)

      it's pretty brutal and at times disgusting (the artwork is pretty cool though) but IMO it shows pretty well the kind of fanatical masochists or tyrannical narcissists who will sign-up for the superhero-for-life business bloody seriously, even if they themselves don't realize it.
      1. Tayimus
        Ah, no, I don't think I've heard of it. I have heard of Warren Ellis, though, and The Boys (before it became a series). The premis sounds interesting, so I might check it out.

        In return, may I suggest a web serial novel called "The Zombie Knight Saga"? It's an action adventure series that reads like a battle manga. I've made a thread about it in the Reader's Corner.
        Apr 28, 2020
        butcher50 likes this.
    5. SoulFire!
      I appreciate all rep! :owosmirk So glad I could bring you a smile in this time of corona! :afo
    6. ~VK~
      you heard about xiammes? :(
      1. View previous comments...
      2. ~VK~
        he recently passed away. he had stage 4 lymphoma and apparently died only weeks after being diagnosed. tragic :(
        Aug 25, 2019
      3. Tayimus
        Fuck, man. I was hoping it wasn't that he passed away. You're right, it's tragic. Did he have kids?
        Aug 25, 2019
      4. ~VK~
        not sure but i don't think he did, he was only 27. there's a stickied thread in the BNHA section if you want to come pay your respect.
        Aug 25, 2019
    7. ~VK~
      yo you still alive or what?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Tayimus
        I guess I was also disappointed that Dabi's backstory got pushed back yet again.

        I didn't have much hopes going into the arc, so I guess that's why I was just whelmed by it. Actually, it was during this arc that I realized that I enjoyed debating BnHA more than I enjoyed reading it. That, along with real life, just had me take a break.
        Aug 21, 2019
      3. ~VK~
        Man don’t even get me started on re-destro :tiredpepe

        I stopped caring about dabi a long time ago.
        Aug 21, 2019
      4. Tayimus
        Hah! I might go hunting for the chapter thread of ReDestro's quirk reveal. I can imagine a few other users were salty about it too.

        I was going through some of the threads, and I'm surprised that people are STILL getting into heated discussions over Deku being a good character or not. Wow...
        Aug 21, 2019
    8. Katou
      1. Bontakun likes this.
      2. Tayimus
        Feb 9, 2018
        Bontakun likes this.
    9. Dayscanor
      Lol thanks for the rep.
    10. Sanguíne Symphony
      Sanguíne Symphony
      Hell yeah she's a dime.
    11. ironherc
      Concrete revolutio is the name of the anime.
    12. Amol
      Just read your old post in Pairing discussion thread of The Last.
      You talked about how JKR regretted writing Ron/Hermione.
      So misconception no 1 : JKR never said that. Her half interview got leaked and her words got twisted.
      All she said that they will have rough edges in their marriage and maybe will need some counseling.
      Misconception no 2 : She only talked about Ron/Hermione. Notice how she didn't talk about Harry/Ginny ?
      Because even if Ron/Hermione wasn't supposed to be together, it automatically doesn't mean that Harry and Ginny stops loving each other. Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny are not dependant on each other.
      So yeah Harry always thought Hermione as sister and vice versa.
    13. Revolution
      Who is in your set?
    14. Hamtaro
      The emote you have in you sig changed from : ohpek to : ohyou.

      > :ohpek
      > :ohyou

      Didn't know if you knew that change was made.
    15. Addy
      well, now you know so enjoy your new nightmares for the next few days :edu
    16. Addy
      since this thread was taken down, i will reply to your post here


      yes..... search online for fanart, fanfics........ lets just say a fan approached me and asked me why i ship sasukushi and argued why narukushi is far better...... i am not joking :psyduck
    17. MadmanRobz
    18. izanagi x izanami
      izanagi x izanami
      its not my, just found it on internet
      1. Tayimus likes this.
    19. Roman
      Oh I know exactly what you mean :hurr

      I merely posted that article because it's to show the beginning of such a thing as full-dive VR :33
    20. Tayimus
      That awkward moment when you don't remember half your friends
    21. Blade
      The battles and the artwork in Seikon No Qwaser are very good.

      Also, yeah it's been a very long time since i recommended you this series.

    22. Blade
      it's from Seikon no qwaser.u are gonna add it in ur fav with instant:awesome
    23. Maris
      :lmao :lmao

      I told you, Senjougahara will wreck your shit up with basic school utensils :gar

      She's from bakemonogatari. She once stapled the guy's mouth to make him shut up; she uses them as weapons (especially the stapler) :LOS
    24. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      Tay, it's been too long :argh

      How've you been?
    25. Nash
      heh, I get what you mean..I dun really feel like posting either. Glad that you're lurking tho..that means you aren't gone for good :hurr

      Damn, I shudn't have told you who I am. Would have been fun to troll you a bit :hehee
    26. Nash
      Last Activity: Today 10:06 AM :omg

      I thought you was deaddd..where are you? the gantz thread sucks without you :D:

      this is nash btw :D :hurr
    27. Taurus Versant
      Taurus Versant
      So I was going through my colourings, found this:


      liked it, added a background and uploaded it.

      Long overdue for ya, but here you are. Hope you like it.
    28. tom
      so, you gonna join the better one, then? :iria
    29. tom
      hold up. don't spread the word just yet, I'm realizing lefora sucks. No smilies or image signatures. And it's very hard to customize. I'm making a different one. I'm still calling it the witch's maw.

      here's the one that's gonna be better: http://witchsmaw.forumotion.net/index.htm
    30. tom
      hey, I'm making the claymore site now, got name suggestions? If possible, give me at least 3

      what do you think of "The Witch's Maw" or at least naming it after some place in the claymoreverse?

      edit: oops I accidentally pressed return instead of shift so it's witchsmaw.lefora.com
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    Aug 2, 1986 (Age: 34)
    The Big Apple
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