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Jul 19, 2015
May 5, 2005
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All Nite Diner
    1. drache
      ah well you know me, I won't rock that boat ;)
    2. drache
      just do what i did and take a long break :p what is happening in the cafe?
    3. drache
      I am back :D
    4. GodOfAzure
      Making me blush :hurr
    5. GodOfAzure
      Thanks for the rep broham
    6. IBU
      Thanks for the rep mang.
    7. Toby
      Fixed your vote in the Cafe political demographics listing. :)
    8. Kyuubi Naruto
      Kyuubi Naruto
      Same thing will probably happen as with the other arcs. Sasuke wastes them and then Naruto saves them and beats down Sasuke for good. I hope not but that's what Kishi likes to do with Naruto's fights. He's always the last one to arrive.

      That's why I hate a lot of Sasuke's fights. They pit him against characters like Raikage who really should have had another fight to show rather than having 1 fight so far against Sasuke. It's bad for the character. Sasuke will only be taken down by Naruto so anything he does now won't affect his character. The least Kishi could do is give Sasuke an abnormal power-up like a speciality from Madara so that way there'd be a reason for his improved strength.
    9. Kyuubi Naruto
      Kyuubi Naruto
      He makes up parts as he goes along but yeah he hasn't thought everything out completely and I wish he had because if he had we would be having a far greater manga in our hands. Unfortunately this isn't the case. He's either going to have to introduce some new characters so the side-characters can take them on or he'll have to negate them. I think we all know Sasuke will win but hey it's what's supposed to be believable that counts. That's one reason why I dread anyone who fights Sasuke. We know they won't win unless they are Naruto so their story is essentially ending in that fight.
    10. Kyuubi Naruto
      Kyuubi Naruto
      Kishi focused to much on Sasuke rather than what he should be focusing on. He needs to flesh out Naruto and the side-characters like before. He needs to get his act together. Since Naruto was said to be stronger than Sasuke before Sasuke got his latest set of power-ups I'm going to say that through the next training session and Itachi's gift he'll be way more than enough for him. It's not really about that to me though but mainly about what he's going to do to get Sasuke out of the limelight.

      The boy needs to be beaten now.
    11. dreams lie
      dreams lie
      It is awkward going between defending the motherland and bashing it for their rabid stupidity.

      God, it sucks having parents from the Cultural Revolution. :(
    12. biar
      nice avatar :D
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