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Aug 29, 2010
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    1. Freechoice
      hawkeye13 is the worst :catflower
    2. Fruit Monger
      Fruit Monger
      Check this out: http://imgur.com/r/reactiongifs/8VnvfUO

      Can't be a coincidence can it?
    3. Aries
      Hey there not to bother you but would you like to join my yugioh mafia game thread?http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=1043546
    4. rajin
      SHAMAN KING FLOWERS has ended i think 28 chapter maybe is the end .
      it should end in this month or next month
    5. Cordelia
      Your post can be separated, but the responses that your thread originally had won't be there anymore. Unless you remember all of them, then we can select each one of them to be moved separately along with your original post.

      But I advise you not to do that please. It has already been merged and it will be merged again even if you were to create another thread for it.
    6. Cordelia
      Were you referring to this thread? We don't have the option to unmerge threads, I'm afraid.

      I'm assuming they got merged because your threads cover the same topic: Kakashi's Sharingan being temporary.
    7. Cordelia
      What thread is that? I don't remember merging any threads today.
    8. rajin
      oh yeah. i only keep the threads updated bro like others do. yeah i have asked them about it and will come up with an answer for you
    9. MrCinos
      It's from extra chapter of KURO.
    10. Kenneth
      I'm sorry for that... I don't know why the others kept them opened for longer, but, they must have had a reason. A reason I might not know about either. Maybe they felt that in some way, the discussion was kind of justified considering Sakura's statement and Sasuke's ignoring her? I don't know. Ask them yourself and I'm sure they'll give you an answer.

      Ok I probably won't reply for a while. Should have been asleep an hour ago! :(
    11. Kenneth
      I'm trying very hard to understand how you believe admitting it to be a spite thread would be beneficial to your argument as making spite threads is just another form of baiting/trolling... :(

      Moreover, I already mentioned you're more than welcome to go and ask any other telegrams staff member to take a look at this case - I'm not arrogant enough to believe any and all actions I take can never be reversed despite input and opinions of my peers

      Also I really don't give a shit about pairings anyways that thread was intended as a spite thread anyways since certain people like too twist the manga too fit there delusions even when the manga emphasizes a certain point over and over again.
      Look, I totally, totally get that, dude. I hate that shit myself. Fact of the matter is, I saw a thread while I was checking the 'grams, it goes against a few rules, I took care of it before the others did and more importantly, before it escalated. I'm not a guy that's gonna OH NOES ban you for having a laugh, but I will close it before things become too much. And with pairings and pairing people, things become too much at around... The second post. To prevent a shitstorm is better than to deal with one afterwards. For everyone.
    12. Kenneth

      Speaking of thinly veiled, opening a thread with "if some some delusional people" would be bait, and that which followed is just more pairing nonsense which, if memory serves well (it does) is frowned upon in the telegrams and library save for possibly major moments

      Even then I'm sure a more carefully worded opening post would have faired better than what you produced

      But hey, don't let that stop you from asking any telegrams staff member to unlock it
      If they ask me to, I'll even unlock it myself and delete my post
    13. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Replied to your post:)
    14. Luiz
      Watching the new Godzilla movie's trailer sent shivers through my spine.

      The fucking theatre trembles when it roars.
    15. Gaawa-chan
      Ah, I see it now. Thanks.
    16. Gaawa-chan
      Pardon, but what is the gif in your signature from?
    17. Sarun
      You played in my previous mafia game (WWE mafia game) which is having a 2nd version (Link).

      If you are interested in playing the mafia game, please sign-up!
      Thank you.
    18. Shukumei
      where do you get the Naruto raws? :hmm Narutoverse only has up to 597.
    19. ueharakk
      Don't take shadowdemon1 too seriously. In the argument I had with him, he said Ei knows kage bunshin since it is taught at the ninja academy.
    20. Francesco.

      Lol at Avatar-verse beating FT-verse, Alabasta Luffy from One Piece can smash Avatar-verse himself, you can protect FT-verse by that downplayer? Thank you.
    21. Synn
    22. River Song
      River Song
      Are You still Up for a replacement in the Digimon Mafia Game :noworrries
    23. Ishamael

      You know you want to join :tomaflirt
    24. Big Mom
    25. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      Please pick a different character than Zoro in the favorites game[outside of OP].
    26. Big Mom
      Big Mom
      I'll get you my pretty, and your little fox too!
    27. Savage
      Do you want to join my mafia game?
    28. Sarun
      I see, If my current game and upcoming game ends soon, I'll make one myself. Otherwise, we could get someone else to do it.
    29. Sarun
      If u are interested in mafia gmes,

      try a One Piece one. Check OP if there are any upcoming games in Ohara Library. If not, ask a mod there to let u open one.
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