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The CybaSnipa
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Jul 29, 2013
May 8, 2012
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Your interwebz

The CybaSnipa

Cyber Sniper, from Your interwebz

The CybaSnipa was last seen:
Jul 29, 2013
    1. Rinoa
      Closed your Tobi/Danzou thread since you already got the answer to that. :3

      Any doubt please feel free to PM/VM me.
    2. Forlong
      Cool. Now I know someone on the internet that might understand my jokes about schools.
    3. Chuck
      rep thanx :amuse
    4. Revolution
      Good god, those histories and back stories (about episode 206 or 207, maybe 208) are what turned me away from the show. Just two weeks ago, I tried to watch the rest of the Hueco Mundo arc after those couple of episodes, so I could see Ichigo vs. Ulquerra. It was three episodes long (I fast forwarded through it), and Ichigo DIES, then the QUINCY guy shows up out of no where. I just turned it off and nodded my head thinking how the plot drags so much it takes away from any "SHOUNEN FIGHTO" there is :giogio I will just take peoples word when they say whathisname is the biggest troll in all of anime&manga for the "you becoming a soul reaper is playing right into my hand" and that he is really a good guy even though he set up Ichigo's mom's death. I don't care anymore.
    5. Mider T
      Mider T
      Are you a retard?

      Tell you what, look at the posts of members who've been here longer, have more rep, posts, etc. Then compare it to those who just joined.

      Learn your place noob.
    6. Mider T
      Mider T
      Did that look like the right section? Anime is plural and singular btw, not "Animes". The way you typed in the OP. It was all a noobish mess.
    7. Revolution
      Also, Bleach is good only until the conclusion of the rescue Rukia arc. After that, it drags so slow that I personally lost all interest. That's why you like it now, cause its still good and fresh
    8. Revolution
      You would love it. Just start at the 9th episode if you want to speed run the show, assuming its even possible. Nami has a pretty tragic backstory and honestly it was episode 50 that things get epic. While the drawing style is ugly, it is a story of going around and experiencing the wonder of the world. Give the 9th episode a try. If you don't care to see more, then don't. To me, this is a defining episode for the viewer to determine if you will maintain interest or not.
    9. Revolution
      One Piece will keep you occupied for a while.
    10. FallenCloud
      1) It is from people repping and negging it. I think the post count affects how much you can rep and neg people, but I'm not sure.
      2)There is, some where on the forums, but I'm not sure. Have a nice wild goose chase. Sorry.
      3)Yes. Click on User CP and that list is on the first page you see.
    11. SasuNaru Monomaniac
      SasuNaru Monomaniac
      Sweet heart I'm not :hug
    12. raizen28
      Ninja Gaiden check
      Naruto check
      Bleach check
      Rurouni Kenshin check
      Watches Anime with some sort of meaning check
      Welcome to NF
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