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The Faceless Man
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Jun 11, 2020
Apr 23, 2012
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Jun 10, 1992 (Age: 28)
Yes i have a job.

The Faceless Man

__ஜ✦Valar Morghulis✦ஜ__, Male, 28, from Europe

The Faceless Man was last seen:
Jun 11, 2020
    1. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      Happy Birthday the faceless man!!!
    2. Amanda

      I repeat, don't flame. Don't get personal. And leave the word "retarded" be.
      1. NO
        Don't piss off Amanda, TFM. -.-
        Jul 6, 2016
    3. Amanda
      Stop flaming other users in Café. Don't call them retards etc.
    4. Klue
      You're a Tenseigan supporter too? How are we friends? :psyduck
    5. Lucaniel
      what up shin, your croat buddy @Seraphiel told me to tell you to hit him up on skype
    6. Amanda
      I won't trash it, and even if I did, a new one would be created.

      However, Faceless, you really need to control yourself, or else we need to ban you. I can't spend my time editing the thread, so the sources of the problem will have to go.
    7. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      It was majorly sad that Naruto never went further with Hinata's feelings after the confession, all that vanished into thin air and kept showing like almost lots of NS teased, hints and moments like Yamato's unfinished line, Sai observing Naruto's love for Sakura, then Minato thought Sakura to be Naruto's girlfriend after that epic hand holding moment. Especially that I assume that Hinata missed everything what Naruto's journey he's been through since Team 7 was forged, and before that Hinata was completely sad that she wasn't on Naruto's team, she could've been lot stronger when she is with Naruto. I mean lets recap with Team 8 they were the most ignored team in manga series what did Hinata learn from Kurenai? Nothing! What special bond we have seen Kurenai and Hinata, So very very little compared how we seen with other master student bonds we seen. I was also hoping for Hinata vs Konan during the Pain invasion, that could've been a starting development prior to her confession.

      I know that NaruHina is canon now but that was until the end of the manga, the end of the manga without having Naruto's side of his feelings towards Hinata and beyond. SP had been throwing more of NS moments due because Kishimoto couldn't make the obvious with NaruHina especially after he knew they would be canon from the start.

      All that stupid so-called Love triangle between Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto was a total waste.
    8. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Why are seeing gifs and sigs where is all about Sasuke being Minato Wannabe or he is the true main character of the story?

      Kishimoto said he did the Boruto story which in other words made Sasuke steal the show over Naruto, the bond with Naruto and Boruto was minor where Sasuke takes Hero role.

      Its sickening how Kishimoto always put favors with Sasuke and not Naruto. He wouldn't allow Naruto to fight alone where Sasuke has to fight alone.
    9. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage

      here are the underused characters

      and you seen this thread where how Naruto's Ninja Storm battles were more epic than how Manga only gave him short, poor opportunity to show a mix with his taijutsu and ninjutsu.
    10. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I don't know if I will enjoy Boruto, I mean how is this supposed to make up for all the lack of development with Naruto that didn't involved Sasuke this and that. Or about all other characters like Hinata and her team to which they never had once in part 2 to shine for their battle. All of that during find Itachi arc was a complete waste for their opportunity to show their growth.

      And Naruto had not given one on one battles compare to how Sasuke had loads of major battles. I don't care if he is supposed to be his equal can't make up from all where Part 1 battle that Naruto lost to Sasuke and their fight ended in tie only allowing for Sasuke to give up where Naruto gets pissed that it wasn't a real battle. Kishimoto just likes to favor Sasuke and Boruto movie was his masterpiece which is why Sasuke had all spotlight stealing again.
    11. Zyrax
      Merry Christmas
    12. Ernie
      yes my friend
    13. Ernie
      man long time ago
    14. Addy
      have fun :D
    15. Addy
      no info on it as of now :catwave

      rabbit aliens.
    16. Addy
      i know but that thread has more activity than you think every week :catwave
    17. Addy
      how do you like the movie convo thread? :catwave
    18. Zyrax
      Nah the forums is kind of dead :catcry
    19. Zyrax
      Your back :hmm
      1. Mider T
        Mider T
        Oct 10, 2017
    20. LesExit
      ....um....sounds terrifying. I'll look into it :33
    21. LesExit
      Are bad things gonna happen to the rats :0?
    22. Kenneth
      That's actually a global thing and no section mod can do that
      Hell, only a few admins can actually change it
    23. Mariko
      Be a countryless man... :LOS
    24. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      It feels rather strange, that ever since the Rinnegan appeared it wasn't about Uchiha at first and been debate about EMS is stronger than Rinnegan. Until the Rinnegan now been reduced to the favor of Uchiha.

      And ever since Pain, I had hoped for Hinata playing a role just like in the movie, I'm hoping that we will have part 3 anime only with characters in their Last outfits.

      Plus the Naruto Gaiden series is not the offcial Part 3 its a spin off.
    25. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Why is it there no appreciation on Toneri as a villain or the Tensaigan?
    26. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      You watched the last right?

      I don't know because he seem to put much favor with Naruto but Sasuke had stolen most of the manga. Its bullshit that Kishimoto does in his manga was all in favor of the Uchiha, the Sharingan, and Sasuke.

      I hope so but I have doubts because he has Sarada to focus and the mini series may not have time to focus on the other kids or Hinata and Himawari at this point.

      Its why its bullshit, Hinata shouldve been part of the Kaguya plot instead of being sealed up like an unimportant character or has nothing to do with Kaguya despite that they both carry Byakugan.

      The last made up for it, but not enough for Hinata know the origin of Kaguya, which it has to be "Its all about me" Sasuke.

      You have to notice the anime team has given much important roles for the Hyuga clan and Rookies like Lee and Tenten than the manga. I more wanted the origin of Kaguya to be unfolded during the Blank Period rather than the new generations, I mean the kids cant be on the level of Naruto Sasuke or Hinata instantly.
    27. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Also Hinata should'd've been part of the Kaguya battle because of she is tied to Hamura as she now carries Hamura;s chakra that should awaken the Tensaigan. I don't see to where Kushimoto will let us know behind Kaguya and how Hinata would get involved.

      I can tell he only favors Sasuke and Uchiha clan being the central of all things in the manga that Naruto was never focused on his life.
    28. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I would rather have Naruto and his friends before the kids to deal with Kaguya and the plan behind it rather than having kids be on the show.

      I'm glad though Naruto isn't taken back seat for Buruto.

      Kishimoto wanted toneri to be in the next movie but the editors don't want it too.

      I don't know knowing kishimoto putting favors on the Uchiha and Sasuke I don't know how will the Hyuga clan will be put out to the story in the manga.

      I think it would be better just to have Anime only part 3 series to be much like the new Dragonball Super, I doubt many info wull uncover during the mini series since its gonna be like 10 chapters or 15.
    29. Mariko
    30. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      I hope Sasuke mission about Kaguya was past tensed I rather like seeing what happened between spaces of the series before Naruto has children. Because Kishimto won't I mean won't seem to add Hyuga or Hinata to the story connected to Kaguya. The last was not done by Kishimto it was approved by him because the anime team noticed how he didn't give muc exploration with Hamura and Hyuga clan connection.

      Why did every manga has to fit in with the Sasuke boy?

      I'm all confused is Sasuke on a mission about hidden enemy of army of shin aka sharingan warriors or zetsu army?
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    Jun 10, 1992 (Age: 28)
    Yes i have a job.
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    Naruto Uzumaki
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    Intelligent cocky bastard !

    Jooging , Relaxing
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