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The Prodigy
Last Activity:
May 22, 2018
Aug 18, 2011
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Oct 11, 1994 (Age: 25)
New Jersey

The Prodigy

A glorious death ;), 25, from New Jersey

The Prodigy was last seen:
May 22, 2018
    1. Addy
    2. Itachi Uchiha
      Itachi Uchiha
      Hey dude, just passing by!
    3. Jon Moxley
      Jon Moxley
      Yep :gar

      He was a good talker :datass
    4. Chibason
      Haha all you young bucks around here still in college...makes a fella feel mighty ancient. :amuse

      I can't complain, man. Are you up to date with Naruto btw? Liking it and shit?
    5. Chibason
      Its been a while, bro. :brofist

      How ya doin man?
    6. T-Bag
      minato's friendly fire is off the charts.
    7. T-Bag
      they don't learn from experience.
    8. T-Bag
      thats the life man, good for u :] same here, but i've been active everywhere, from school/work/life/NF/bullshit lol. im off from school till Jan 28th, so ill be goofing off a lot for a while. visit us more man, i miss ur input here in NF
    9. T-Bag
      happy new years my man, but its not bday, i had that shit set up wrong lol, i forgot to change it.

      where u been?
    10. Zenith
      happy new year to my 1st nf friend :)
      that emote is gay, but that's how my face is right now as i'm typing

      the one and only Lt Iceman
    11. balboass
      boo you still exist ? i dont see you no more..what up ?
    12. Scarlet Ammo
    13. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
      Are you watching the condit fight? :gar It's live right now
    14. Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro
    15. Scarlet Ammo
    16. Scarlet Ammo
      Scarlet Ammo
      But but

      Hidan is a Sharingan user :maybe
    17. Scarlet Ammo
      Scarlet Ammo
      And what might that be? :hurr
    18. Klue
      If you want the set, use it, we'll be brothers. :LOS
    19. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      I was like, a second from replying. :noworries
    20. Doctor Lamperouge
      Doctor Lamperouge
      I like how everyone's taking that thread seriously and we're just trolling each other with :lbj emoticons. :lbj
    21. Scarlet Ammo
      Scarlet Ammo
      Nah, I didn't actually mind. I just fell asleep. :zaru
    22. Revolution
      cute avy :ohpek
    23. Krippy

    24. Krippy
      no idea brah, they are all anonymous to me :maybe
    25. T-Bag
      aii good lookin out. ima check it out rite now
    26. T-Bag
      yeah i hope they do fix that it, in the manga madara looks fking epic in that particular scene, but the anime got it all fked up and lazy.

      hahaha yeah man u gona encounter ppl like that all the time
    27. T-Bag
      i just saw the preview. they fucked up madara's look, wtf.
    28. T-Bag
      finallyyy yess. cant wait to to hear his voice. i bet u it's gona be BOSS
    29. Annabella
      I'm glad you liked it :hurr Itachi doesn't need hands to play table tennis :blinditachi

      and thank you for repping me with that adorable picture :wtf It's seriously cute, makes me smile every time I look at my user control panel :33
    30. Annabella
      Is it possible to be dedicated for the wrong reasons :hmm
      That?s a good way of putting it, I suppose there are different ways to be a perfectionist. You?re more easy going then, while I just like to get stuff done.

      That?s a great compliment, if only I could be as perfect as the king:blinditachi

      That makes a lot of sense actually, since you are used to speaking the way you do and people around you also speak the same way so you don?t see it as an accent. But if someone from a different country were to hear you, they?d hear a jersey accent while you?d pick up on their accent.

      I?m sure you do a great British accent:33 I live in England so I do have a British accent. even so, in London people from different parts of the city have slightly different ways of speaking (e.g South London accent is a bit different to East London)

      I wish I could speak French fluently, I agree it?s a very nice sounding accent, even if the speaker is saying mean things, it sounds good:lmao

      Thanks for giving me the link of that song xD it?s awesome and it?s currently stuck in my head :D

      Yeah, this always seems to happen. You may not get on very well with teachers in the beginning, but eventually you start to respect them and they also become nicer.

      That?s a really interesting concept for a movie. Only 12hrs to vent your frustrations, I bet people went on rampages that day. films that show a Utopia type of world are always so fascinating..

      Ah so he was asking for it :maybe still, I feel sorry for the boy, even if his flying sidekick failed, I?m sure he tried his best :lmao

      I agree so much! It?s a hugeee improvement. This way we wont get any of his and Naruto endless loop izanami speeches :argh and no more repetitive panels of rin!

      I hope so, MEP was Madara?s plan after all, Juubito probably doesn't even remember the plan so I would like if Madara proceeded with it.

      yeah he should definitely revive Itachi:blinditachi only his Tsukuyomi is powerful enough to cast an illusion on such a grand scale :gar people in the Itachi FC give me so much hope!

      or Madara could possess some OP power that is yet to be revealed:hmm or perhaps it's some secret he learned from the Tablet. We know he has read it and it was even brought recently in Hashi?s flashback..
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  • About

    Oct 11, 1994 (Age: 25)
    New Jersey
    Favorite Character(s):
    1. Itachi/Shisui
    2. Madara/Sasuke
    3. Kakashi, Lee, Neji
    4. Gai
    5. Kisame &Hidan
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Everything Uchiha.
    Well, it is the basics

    lifting. boxing. dancing.
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