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Apr 7, 2018
Aug 19, 2006
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wouldn't you like know


Grazie Paolo, from wouldn't you like know

The_Unforgiven was last seen:
Apr 7, 2018
    1. makeoutparadise
      TUF how are you man?
    2. Sarun
      You have played in my previous mafia game (WWE Mafia Game). I am hosting a 2nd one, so I would invite you to join if you are interested.
    3. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      Convenient indeed.

      Although I do have a couple of hard core Utd fans who yell and scream at the screen if they start to do something wrong. If they lose their entire day is messed up.

      What's the point in that?
    4. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      I don't even know who all the United players are...:zaru
    5. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      I've never really been a big follower of football, which is why you never see me in the football section.

      I'll most likely only watch the semi's and the finals.
    6. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith

      Though I'm not going to go into a law job. I want to start my own business.

      I'm still looking for a web programmer.
    7. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      Bored shitless and looking for a job again.
    8. Black Wraith
      Black Wraith
      How's it going my friend?
    9. ~Avant~
      Is this the correct spelling for it?

      إن شاء الله سوف أجد الحب
    10. ~Avant~
      Hello, I was hoping you could give me the proper way of saying and pronouncing "God willing, I will find love" in Arabic. I think I know everything except for the word "find" something like - "Inshalla, ana shta ___ beheb"

      Will definately pos rep you. Please and Thank You
    11. Kelsey
      sets finished ~
    12. Cocoa
      Gave you little debrief on page 81.
    13. Charlotte D. Kurisu
    14. Spirit
      Yep. Name was changed. Uchiha Sasori>7th Revenant>Tokyo Jihen>This

    15. Al-Yasa
      Ramadan mubarak :)
    16. Spirit
      Hi hamoodi. Long time no see. Ramadhan is here so you can't have sex during the day now.

      Anyways, ramadhan mubarak, bro.
    17. Scholzee
      Cool cool if im here ill join!
    18. Scholzee
      Just saw this now :lmao opps
    19. wes
      bud can you alert me if theres a sign up thread somewhere?

      i never seem to find them unless its to late
    20. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      No problem, glad to lend a hand!

      and if I happen not to be around (which is theoratically possible of course), feel free to ask another Super Moderator or Administrator to close it, tell them I've sent you. :>
    21. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      So, tomorrow quarter to eight PM forum-time? Sure, I think I could do that, if I won't forget. Should I happen to forget, send me a reminder!
    22. wes
      you in the comics one?

      i got killed off within a hour or so from starting through a day kill i didnt even post yet
      and i couldnt have been caught lurking since im on invisible

      now my role in that troll game well i wont tell u now but u wil understand when u see me dead in a day or 2 then il show u but im 100% sure i wont make it to day 3
    23. wes
      dude you should see which rolesi ve gotten in the last 2 games :lmao

      i thought the lover role u gave me in yours fucked me over but u should of seen the 2 games after that
    24. wes
      i hate mafia :apathy
    25. wes
      i highly doubt your famour or awesome :maybe
    26. wes
      jesus where the hell do you find these sign up threads everywhere i look there is none but just active games
    27. Commander Red
      Commander Red
      My pleasure! :>
    28. wes
      ur modding 4 games or playing 4?
    29. wes
      idk because else we dont have a mafia game? :giogio
    30. wes
      anybody volunteered to be mod for the football mafia game after this one?
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    wouldn't you like know
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    Episode:How the hell should I remember
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