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Apr 19, 2010
Feb 17, 2010
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May 24, 1993 (Age: 24)
Ha!!! Like I would tell you!
No job. See above "LAZY"

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Purple Sunset; Blue Moon, 24, from Ha!!! Like I would tell you!

Tiena was last seen:
Apr 19, 2010
    1. Cooli
      Who is that in your avy?
    2. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Ello :hurr The Keisha vid has yet to be made, but there are two me and a few friends made that are hilarious if you'd like to see them :hurr
    3. Norngpinky
      Aww, hope she's feeling better by now.

      I don't like it either when I can't cheer a friend up when they're down, but sometimes all they need is someone who's there. :)
    4. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Mmk, that's fine :hurr
    5. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Glad you like :hurr
    6. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Hows this look?

    7. Sayaka
      hmmm fair enough
    8. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      No prob :hurr
    9. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Yea, but it'll be a lil later today if that's okay.
    10. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Very long. We weren't given a specific amount of words.
    11. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Eww. I have 2 papers I'm supposed to write.
    12. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      What's it of?
    13. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Nothin much here, what about you?
    14. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      No prob, and thank you. I'll be sure to send that vid whenever it's made. :hurr
    15. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane

      There you go :hurr and whenever Tik Tok gets made, I'll link it to you like Party in the USA :hurr
    16. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Okay, can do :hurr

      I have a shop if you ever want anything else made. You have to get at least 100 posts though before requesting. The more posts, the likely the more rep we get :hurr

      I will. I'm gonna be in that one :lmao Both their names are Andrea, but the brown haired one that portrayed Miley was the one dubbed "Jimmy" lol
    17. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      Yea, they're two of my friends. I think the next one they're gonna make is making fun of Tik Tok by Keisha :lmao they like her though, but the song is easy to make fun of.

      Depends on how big the original pic is, but yes, I can most likely make it bigger. Can give it a border too if you'd like. Just upload the original on like photobucket or somewhere and send me the link. Do you want it focused more on her face or what?
    18. Norngpinky
      Aww, thanks! I'm totally rooting for SasuSaku. My day is going good, but a lot of school works that need to be done asap lol. How about you?
    19. *Kiri Amane
      *Kiri Amane
      I noticed in your sig that you didn't like Miley Cyrus, so I thought I would send you this.


      It's a few friends of mine making fun of her to that song and it's pretty funny :hoho
    20. Jashinnn
      Oh yeah. Badass Sasuke is cool. And hawt :ho
      Ah, Madaraaaa. I hate this guy :argh
      Do you think we will get the former Sasuke back later? I mean, he sure will never be the same, but he has to at least get down from that evil-horse he's riding at the moment! :argh
    21. Jashinnn
      Indeed! It's amazing! Waaah, I want that Sasuke back ):
    22. Jashinnn
      GAH!! :argh
      Sorry to interrupt so suddenly O:
      Well, I just read that you noticed the blushing Sasuke from chapter 4 (yeah, yes, I read other visitor messages, I'm such a stalker :ho).
      When I first saw the ''blushing Sasuke'' I thought it was just my weird imagination or the LQ scan cuz no one ever mentioned that scene, then I buyed the manga and poof - there he was, definitely blushing :awesome
    23. xCherryBlossom
      OMG SAME. I really thought this would have been the end for SasuSaku, but after reading it, I actually loved it. <3 This is my favorite Naruto manga chapter now. XD I also read at the FC that Kishimoto probably did this, to show how far Sasuke has gone, with his evilish character. Sounds logical to me. o: There is still hope for us~ 8D

      Omg, the laugh. D: Scared me to hell too. Poor Sasuke. I'm sure there is a reason for this. Sasuke isn't like this. T_T Com'on Sakura, do something about this. D: I'm hoping she won't go next chapter, that'd be so dumb.

      Aww, I loved Kakashi in this chapter. He was so sweet to Sakura. ;//////; And I was so glad he was there in time. Though I love SS angst smex.
    24. xCherryBlossom
      Lawl, yeah, I saw~ :'D Sasusaku is just too cool. XD
      Read the new chapter? It was sooo amazing. *Q*
    25. Sayaka
      yup because it makes sense either way
    26. Scizor
      lol, what you do with the information, is up to you. :zaru

      Maybe I shouldnt have bothered, lol :zaru

      Alright, goodbye. :)
    27. Scizor
      Girl, that's a slutty state of mind you immediatly must forget.

      I'm not here to lecture you, but I'm gonna anyway: (:zaru)

      Having that which you desire comes with alot more negatives than positives. First off all, this world is not about what other people think of do, it is about what you think, do and, ultimately, feel.

      Also, boys are not as narrow minded as they are made out to be, especially in situations as you just described. Boys, or rather, guys, are after either one of these things:
      A relationship, or sex.
      The latter beeing it, in most cases.

      Having 10 sex driven dogs at your feet is hardly something to celebrate over, in fact, it will make you unhappy to a degree you cant imagine. It'll hurt your selfasteem, even though you possibly cant imagine that now, and it will hurt your overall look on life, along with other people's look on your life.

      Wishing for more is human, but not justified. Be glad with the people who care about you, not about your body, or your wishes.

      You should keep your eyes open for love, preferably unconditional, not for attention.

      I could go on, but I'm probably annoying you already :edu :zaru

      Just tryin' to help though. I do know this world. I've been through enough to almost fully understand this world, and a big chunk of the human psychology.

      So, I hope I didn't annoy you too bad. :zaru
    28. Sayaka
      fine but havent even told mira this yet

      first off sakura she and i have a lot of similarites ever since i was fourteen my BF who was my bestfriend back then called me SAKURA he said to me every time he does something stupid or pervy i hit him. and i have quite an temper and a punch

      well when i finnaly got fed u with the idiot calling me that i started to read NARUTO. when i read deeper into the story she was going though the same thing i was we both liked an sasuke. mine was a friend but not close nothing more nothing less was the friendship. i confess one day and he just left walk away while i was standing their.

      i have a bestfriend when i was 14 he was alot like naruto hyperactive as hell annoyes me with pervyness but he a very kind being and would do anything for me. we have always been together and he was my support since that rejection(2 years it took me to get over the guy) he was always beside me. when i leaned that i kissed him when i was drunk during an party when we were 15 i cried because he always told me he was never interested in me and makes up excuse for his date ivitations always proclaming them as friend dates. when i told him i loved him in college he rejected me thinking i was being delusional well i smacked his cheek yelling telling him i was in love with the idiot, after a week or two we talked again and settled it.since then we started dating and i fell more deeply in love with him. we both go to the same college^^

      the idiot is now in turkey for studyabroud but sends lots of letters sometimes i complain about how much he sends filling my whole mail box in college xD

      i was a nuertal in narusaku they were my second otp when i was a sasusaku fan but after sakura confession to sasuke lets not go their, i be came neutral untill KN4 chapters ^^

      hes still the charming idiot but sometimes i wonder why he loves me because when we were younger even though hes my best friend i was mean to him, but as we grew older i started to feel somthing torwads like sakura said to naruto he makes me feel at peace and safe and hes not distant hes right their i can hold him in my arms. he saved me from almost getting sexualy abused by someone in that party when we were 15 i was soo scaired and he took me home piggy back, i kissed when he had to leave(forgot most of what else i did but i was sad and sacred that night) and i fell in love with him, i think it became deeper each year but i fell for him at 15(just didnt know it)

      i only told a few people this it really made me uneasy with men after that incedent.
    29. Scizor
      You shouldn't. Especially not at your age.
      Just an advice, though.

      I see.. You'll find Mr. Right one day :zaru
    30. Sayaka
      mine is way more complicated

      i dont want to talk about it unless u really want t know

      maybe it will change your oppinon on narusaku

      and u wont hate it
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  • About

    May 24, 1993 (Age: 24)
    Ha!!! Like I would tell you!
    No job. See above "LAZY"
    Favorite Character(s):

    Crush: Itachi xD
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Whatever chapter has Sakura/Hinata fighting ^^

    Or has Itachi.
    Smart, Sexy, and very Outgoing and Energetic!

    Being Lazy xD Soccer


    **I love Itachi! :<3:<3:<3

    Spoiler: Manga's reading

    Naruto-Chapter 483
    Rosario+Vampire-Chapter 4
    Vampire Moka FTW!

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