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Oct 16, 2018 at 9:46 AM
Aug 21, 2005
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Your mother's, wife's, and daughters' bedrooms.
Senior Digital Marketing Executive


God Killer, from Your mother's, wife's, and daughters' bedrooms.

titantron91 was last seen:
Oct 16, 2018 at 9:46 AM
    1. Yin
      I had to put on my glasses to confirm this but... Is it just me or is your avi supposed to look like Michael J. ???
      1. titantron91
        Yep you're right. It's Oro Jackson right there.
        Apr 20, 2018
      2. Yin
        You had the courage that not many have to think of, that thought was in the back of my mind as well.
        Apr 20, 2018
        titantron91 likes this.
    2. Dayscanor
      Thanks for the rep. :catspaz
      1. titantron91
        No probs. NNT giving me hypertension with all those hot plot moves hahaha
        Dec 8, 2017
    3. hbcaptain
      Thank you for the rep, my friend
      1. titantron91
        No probs. I support people who punks back punks. Hehe.
        Nov 3, 2017
    4. Gohara
      Well, with all due respect to the Mod who did it, but I think that Mod is kind of pro Admiral in the sense that they rank Admiral as being basically equal to the Yonkou. So the Mod deemed it a one sided thread and locked it.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Moira
        Holy shit, this is dumb.
        Oct 8, 2017
      3. titantron91
        @Pharah how is it dumb?

        @Gohara I actually respect Katakuri's abilities feats-wise. It's so refined. I don't want him to get raped in threads but I also want to gauge his limits. I understand if the mods are tired of dealing with trolls and shit but I wasn't trolling. Maybe just an old noob in the Battledome but not a troll definitely. And thanks for the compliments. I'll think of better matchups next time lol
        Oct 8, 2017
      4. Gohara
        I say post whatever match ups you want. One can't please everyone. Like I said though I'm loving the match ups that you're posting so far.
        Oct 8, 2017
    5. Gohara
      To answer your question, the Yonkou Commanders in The Big Mam Pirates seem to rule different Islands almost like they're Kings themselves, and characters consistently refer to them as Ladies and Lords so I tend to call them that as well. Awesome avatar by the way. One of my favorite Espadas. :p
      1. titantron91
        Ahhh now I get haha thanks for the eloquent response :) I'm still butthurt over Kubo having done my boy dirty by offing him via Shikai :(
        Oct 5, 2017
      2. Gohara
        No problem! And yeah, I'm butthurt about the way that Kubo handled a lot of characters. Stark's still one of the best characters in the series though. That's even more impressive when you consider that he doesn't appear as much on screen as so many other characters do in a series with a lot of awesome characters.
        Oct 5, 2017
    6. butcher50
      Really not sure, there is supposed to a new movie or a series of new naruto movies but that's all i heard.
    7. butcher50
      Oh i'm okay, doing odd jobs and stuff.

      you ? yeah it's been quite some time.
    8. butcher50
      hello ?

      TitanTron91 ?
    9. Hero of Shadows
      Hero of Shadows
      It's going to get harder for them in the future.
    10. ThunderCunt
      balalaika from black lagoon.
    11. Markel
      Yo! Happy New Year!
    12. manidk

      By the same person who did Hellsing.
    13. Tsunami
      Thanks for the rep
    14. Itachі
      Haha. No Problem.

      I used to see you around a lot when I first joined but not so much anymore.

      Probably because the Summer ended.
    15. Itachі
      Hey, Brah.

      You welcomed me here when I first joined.

      And like a Derp I posted on my own Profile.

      Came to say thanks haha. Late as fuck.
    16. Sifus
      Dude, I can't afford to wait till Oro arrives. I honestly don't care about Sasuke at this point. I've waited three years to see EMS only to get disappointed with the Kabuto fight and now this one. I'm done.Fuck Naruto Fuck Kishi and fuck this manga.
    17. Muah
      You are awesome.
    18. Stannis
      feng shen ji
    19. zuul
      He always looks fat, even in his 'supposedly' cool modes.:hoho
    20. zuul
      Sasuke also has some of the best expression panel. Kishi puts a lot of care in drawing him.
      And his background is also better than Naruto... Naruto is just the typical orphan MC.
    21. kratos184
      I was negging you because of your arrogant sig that's all. It kinda gave the message that you wouldn't care anyway and here you are messaging me.
    22. zuul
      Sasuke is so effortlessly cool :datass (those one liners and that trashtalking:datass:datass),I also like his backstory the best and seeing his moral struggles.
      I just feel he's better written than Naruto.
      Nice avy. :hurr
    23. zuul
      The spoilers were so uninteresting I didn't even bother reading it.

      I have no investment in Naruto (the character) so I only read the part with Sasuke/Madara. The rest I fastforward.
    24. MS81
      no problem bro!!!
    25. Lord Valgaav
      Lord Valgaav
      Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.
    26. Rai
      Noblesse :)
    27. Magician
      From the new OP. Someone made a gif for it in the Naruto Gif's thread.
    28. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      He's Amon from the series Magi.
    29. Last Rose of Summer
    30. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thanks for the rep, bro. :chainer
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    Your mother's, wife's, and daughters' bedrooms.
    Senior Digital Marketing Executive
    Favorite Character(s):
    Escanor, Fujitora


    Neg Diff: Super-bad matchup, enemy actually makes him stronger AND cannot counter him AT ALL.
    No Diff: Bad matchup, enemy cannot even match his basic fighting skill.
    Low Diff: Enemy gets beaten by some basic techniques and tactics you're known for.
    Mid Diff: Requires a bit complex tactics, more techniques, and at least one ace technique that seals the kill.
    High Diff: Requires a bit more complex of tactics than mid-diff but definitely more ace techniques needed, should guarantee the kill.
    Extreme Diff: Lots of complex tactics, lots of ace techniques needed, cannot guarantee victory despite.
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