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Last Activity:
Aug 9, 2020 at 8:16 AM
Feb 3, 2010
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Jan 15, 1993 (Age: 27)


Well-Known Member, 27, from usa

tnorbo was last seen:
Aug 9, 2020 at 8:16 AM
    1. DarkShift
      Tnorbo is back?
    2. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      Happy Birthday tnorbo, even though you do not post anymore.
    3. Last Rose of Summer
    4. Ernie
    5. Ernie
      Hey! There is currently a "Miss 'Naruto' 2013' ongoing (just started) and the first 2 polls are already up. Just letting you know since maybe you would like to vote.

      Mei vs Konan
      Anko vs Ino
    6. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer
      Thanks for rep.

      Still have hope, that Sasuke was lying to Hokages...
    7. Ernie
      The Telegrams is full with butthurt from haters... I approve! :lmao
      Yet, Naruto's birthday is coming up, so I made a pre wank thread already. They can ban me from the Telegrams, but they shall never ban my wank! :maybe
      Be sure to 5 star it, my friend. And comment of course! :bow
      The haters shall be even more in despair! :LOS
    8. Amanda
      Thanks for the rep.
    9. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Hey, check it out and post what you think.

      You always got some nice insights.
    10. Last Rose of Summer
    11. titantron91
      Thanks for the rep, brother.

      I fucking hate how Kishi treats Sasuke. Now he's outright implying that Naruto is miles superior to Sauce... and even Sauce notices it in those sad panels. Sauce never had that kind of glory streak at all. What's up with that? I really hope Kishi gives him a powerup or I'mma fucking stop reading this manga lol :))
    12. Querix
      Thanks for the rep son.

      Sasuke's character has gone too complete shit.
    13. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer
      Thank you for rep. :)
    14. Kusa
      Thank you for the rep.:)
    15. Last Rose of Summer
      Last Rose of Summer
      Yo! Thanks for rep.

      Serioulsy I hope Sasuke is faking it. :D: Like ha lied when he said he was going to give his body to Oro, if it meant he can kill Itachi.

      He can let Hokages beat Madara and Obito, then outmaneuver them by stabbing them with "Thanks for doing the dirty job - now die" art.

      Sasuke shitting all over the deaths of his people, because there were other Konoha maniacs like Itachi is just... :D:
    16. Zlad
      beast ava lmao. ty for rep
    17. Revolution
      I got drawn in by the story. In part 3 I fell in love with Sasuke's character for the wrong reasons (I thought he was after justice). I got the impression that the big twist was Konoha is evil. It didn't happen. This chapter made me realize this is nothing more then a shounen, even a twisted moral shounen, its still a shounen and it is not about the story but about the fights.

      I am going to finish it and never begin an unfinished story of any medium again. This Naruto wait is torture.

      What I want is to have Naruto achieve his dream, but higher; become the sage of 9 paths, and most importantly for Sasuke to restore his clan and its' honor.
    18. Revolution
      what keeps you coming back to Naruto?
    19. Thunder
      Appreciate the rep man.
    20. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep! :33
    21. Bontakun
      Thanks for the rep!
    22. Usurattebayo
      Thanks for the rep ^_^
    23. GKY
      Thanks for the rep buddy
    24. Shadow_fox
      Thank you for the reps. :)
    25. balboass
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    26. Last Rose of Summer
    27. LilMissAnko
      !!haha Thanks for the rep! I swear I repped you before I realized you had repped me!
    28. Last Rose of Summer
    29. Unlosing Ranger
    30. LilMissAnko
      Rep thanking!
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    Jan 15, 1993 (Age: 27)
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