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Jul 24, 2015
Mar 15, 2012
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May 11, 1998 (Age: 21)


I am the six paths of tobi, 21

Tobis6PathsOfpain was last seen:
Jul 24, 2015
    1. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      can u go to Xat.com/ancientkillers
    2. raizen28
      nope. unfotuantely I still cant.
    3. raizen28
      internet is still crappy:laugh it has its days. been wacky for almost 2 weeks now though.
    4. Tsuchi
      lawl, thanks for the heads up ^^
    5. Tsuchi
      Stalking I see :p
      lolz relax I dun wanna live there, I just wanna see my team play in person then I'm off
    6. raizen28
      nope. Gotta keep looking
    7. raizen28
      I knew a place but I forgot. gotta see for another one
    8. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      do u know where people find others to help wit there manga
    9. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      1 got the first part down i know where its going u read my idea
    10. raizen28
      try this
    11. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      anyway do u have a site where i can better my story writing skill
    12. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      its just its annoying refreshing
    13. raizen28
      sorry I dont have a steady enough connection for that. if you wanna discuss your manga or whatever just do it here
    14. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      here raizen28 go here its an old chat i use for my cod clan http://xat.com/ancientkillers
    15. raizen28
      its times I wish I was homeschooled. Going to school can be a drag and get boring. and yeah Japanese is a nice language to learn. I just know some random japanese stuff like suigetsu mean water moon or kuro meaning black
    16. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      no i dont cus im homeschooled i dont get to meet creative people much but im sorta smart and im gonna learn japanese
    17. raizen28
      yeah. the drawing can be a really frustrating thing though. do you have any friends who know how to draw?
    18. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      if wanna we could make xat chat
    19. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      tbh i never was good at art i mean once i was like for 6 years practicing and i never got any better
    20. raizen28
      nah I dont got all that stuff. if you wanna ask some stuff you can send me a visitor message or a private message
    21. raizen28
      i see. I would help but im in no position as of now. thats why I kinda took a break from mine everyday to just think of new stuff without stressing myself. the best I can probably do for you now is give you some tips or whatever. but nothing serious like drawing. Plus if you end of learning to draw it'll benefit you much better
    22. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      tbh i wanna be proffesional and im gonna be going to japan in 6 years so if u would help u u can get stuff in order and shit
    23. raizen28
      I see. I respect your dream. but I wouldnt say its impossible, more like difficult or not for everyone. Im from the U.S. and yeah I would help you but Im in no position now cuz I dont even have the stuff to upload some of my own drawings and stuff. plus I was pissed when I hurt my hand one time and I took a break, kinda lost some of my flare so I gotta refine my ability again. but I'll just casually sketch anything from time to time so I can refine later. btw click on my name and go to my profile to send me a message so I'll know
    24. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      yes i wanna be a mangaka its my dream but im english so almost impossible
    25. raizen28
      so you wanna be a mangaka
    26. Tobis6PathsOfpain
      Okay i saw after i wrote it
    27. Patchouli
      The NF Cafe is a section for news articles. Said articles do not need to be anime-related in the least.

      Just telling you for future reference.
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    May 11, 1998 (Age: 21)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto and pain/nagato
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
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