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Toddler Naruto
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Oct 27, 2017
Sep 15, 2008
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Jan 18, 1989 (Age: 31)
Home Page:
Fair Oaks, California
Burger King Employee (Crew Member)

Toddler Naruto

Playful Explorer, Male, 31, from Fair Oaks, California

Toddler Naruto was last seen:
Oct 27, 2017
    1. Toddler Naruto
      Toddler Naruto
      Today's my birthday, I'm officially 27 years old now, woo-hoo :)!
    2. Toddler Naruto
      Toddler Naruto
      I recently got hired by Burger King themselves, I'll be officially on their payroll tomorrow.

      I was hired before by PRIDE as a paid intern, but I was still a BK employee.
    3. Zaelapolopollo
      Well we have to at least wait for Zexal's dub to be done airing. I'm not sure if they are done recording the dub though.... If they are done with recording Zexal's dub then they could be staring Arc-V's dub sometime soon.

      Even still though, we prob ably won't see it for a year or so. Zexal won't even be done airing until the end of this year. Also with the TV block it airs on going away in September, they'll hav eto fin a new home for Zexal and the future Arc-V dub.

      What are your favorite YGO series? Is Zexal as bad as some say or do you like it?
    4. Zaelapolopollo
      I've not seen ZeXal at all actually. I'm just about to start it after I get done iwth 5D's. I hear da lot of not-so-good things about it but it looks very cute and fun to me. I love the dub opening song.
    5. Zaelapolopollo
      Do you belong to Kametsu Forums? It's an anime download board with a poster named "Todder Naruto" liked a post containing Yugioh Zexal dub DL links. I was checking it out and saw Toddler Naruto and wondered if it was you. It's not that common of a name but probably not unique either.
    6. Zaelapolopollo
      You're a fan of Kyo Kara Maoh then?
    7. Sassy
      Happy V-day >3
    8. TenshiNeko
      Thanks, but I don't really need a list. Most of the games I've bought are Japanese otome games, like girly dating sims. They're only hard because of the Jp language. I have a J Blood+ fighting game that's cool too

      I have a big bunch of regular PS2 games somebody gave me, but there are no instructions, they're just in 2 multi-DVD holders. I keep getting killed or crashing before I can figure them out. .... I never had a console until I was an adult because my batshit crazy sister was rabid against them
    9. TenshiNeko
      LOL, I probably need kiddy games. When I play stuff I always feel like a total spaz. I only have a PS2, so I have to get old games anyway

      I only understand a bit of Japanese. I can follow a plot like St Seiya Omega, but with random stuff like Gintama I'm lost. I link in some RAW streams because I try to get them first, but I only watch a few
    10. TenshiNeko
      I'm too terrible at games to bother with many. Right now I'm just checking the no sub site for new raw eps I can link in to WAO
    11. TenshiNeko
      Hello. What's new? :)
    12. Rax
      You can PM me now :distracted
    13. Synn
    14. Saishin
      oh I see :33 me too,I got some anime in dvd so I watch them dubbed.
    15. Saishin
      I know but the sites where I go have the anime with english sub and to me it's okay to watch them subbed never mind :)

      anyway I'm watching Kenshin on youtube and it's in english dub.
    16. Saishin
      I watch anime in english sub not dub because I watch most of them online :)
    17. Saishin
      Sorry I mistaken with the writing I meant not pm but vm,I set the vm to contacts and friends for the privacy.
    18. Saishin
      I did set the pm to contacts and friends for the privacy.
    19. Saishin
      Thanks for the rep :iria yes Sai is awesome :)
    20. Shurnai
      To be honest with you... I'd rather not participate in a private RP. Sorry...
    21. Animeblue
      Happy New Year :party:party:party

      May you have an blissful year
    22. Suigetsu
      who are you? do I know you? howdy.
    23. Yakushi Kabuto
      Yakushi Kabuto
      Never had any marbles to begin with.
    24. Yakushi Kabuto
      Yakushi Kabuto
      Aw, that's not a good reason. :p
    25. Yakushi Kabuto
    26. eriuchiha
      just dont hav tym !!!
    27. kingbayo
      wat are those links , mane :LOS
    28. KohZa
      probably 7 or 8 years old i don't rember.i'm 18 now.
    29. KohZa
      i was like 6 years old i think when i first watch digimon.
    30. KohZa
      i just re watched it.bring back my childhood memories.
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  • About

    Jan 18, 1989 (Age: 31)
    Home Page:
    Fair Oaks, California
    Burger King Employee (Crew Member)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Naruto and Sasuke
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode 135
    Chapter 238
    My name's Ryan, I'm a 28 year old guy, and my favorite anime genres are shounen and shoujo.

    As for how I listen to/watch anime, I prefer English Dubs, but I will watch an anime with Japanese voices and English subtitles, if there's no English Dub.

    I'm also a gamer, but I only play Action/Adventure, RPG, and Shooter games (all 3 genres must have third-person view).


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